5 Potent Tips to Make a Capricorn Man to Miss You Like Crazy

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Winning over the Capricorn man and getting him to miss you can prove to be quite the puzzle.

It can be hard to connect with these guys. They’re often controlled, reserved, and preoccupied. It takes a special person to breach his well-guarded walls and enter his heart.

Capricorn guys want a relationship that’s built to last. He takes love and courtship seriously and won’t commit to just anyone. 

If you want him to view you as excellent relationship material, and to keep you in his mind when you’re not around, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this article, we’ll dive into the essential strategies you’ll need to get a Capricorn man obsessively thinking about you and missing you when apart.

Let’s dive in.

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1. Showcase confidence and ambitious

Capricorn men are drawn to partners with ambition. Every facet of his life is purposeful, including his romantic pursuits. He’s after a legacy and a well-curated family that’s resilient and capable of facing life’s hardships. To feel satisfied, he needs a partner that’s clearly up for the task.

To get this man missing you, show through your actions that you work hard towards building a life you enjoy. Let him see that you have realistic yet far-reaching goals.

Capricorn is the sign of mastery, and a partner who’s competent and confident in all areas of life pulls this man in fast.

Don’t hesitate to openly discuss your talents, so long as you don’t come across as showy or braggadocious. He wants a partner who holds their head high and doesn’t put themselves down or refuses to take up space. 

It’s even okay to share where you’ve failed in life. Capricorn understands the gritty nature of finding success. They thrive on pushing through the trials and tribulations that life throws their way. So show them how far you’ve come, and they’ll trust how far they can go with you.

In addition to sharing all of your bright spots, ask him about his ambitions and plans. Take an active interest in his goals and passions. This will only fuel his interest in learning more about you and supporting you along the way.

This is precisely the type of dynamic that Capricorn craves, and he’ll miss your conversations when you’re not around.

For an added bonus, highlight future plans you have that hint there could be room for him to be involved with. Capricorn loves long-term planning, and he might start to fantasize about injecting himself into your promising plans for the future. This is a great way to get him thinking about you.

Just remember that Capricorn is the sign of masculinity. He wants a strong, independent partner, but he also wants a partner he can protect, and that’s submissive to him. You may be a Superwoman, but he still wants to be your Superman.

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2. Seek his guidance

An excellent way to get the Capricorn man to miss you is to draw out his protector role. You can practice by asking him for his opinions or a helping hand. 

Luckily, these guys tend to have a lot of expertise and knowledge to share. So you get the benefit of involving him in your life and getting legitimate support & insight.

He’ll likely be happy to help you with any problems you run into (especially work-related ones). The more you make him feel useful, the more likely he’ll feel good around you. 

Just make sure your asks are reasonable and relatively drama-free. If you’re asking him for help on things that he sees as having obvious solutions, he’ll probably see you as fundamentally incompetent – which would be the opposite effect you’d want to create.

Done well, seeking your Capricorn’s advice and guidance will cause him to feel more involved with you, relaxed around you, and into you. The more chivalrous you make him feel, the more he’ll miss you when you’re not around. A Capricorn that feels needed for his knowledge is happy Cap.

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3. Give him space to miss you

One of the worst strategies to get a Cap guy to miss you would be to show your devotion by always being available. Your Capricorn man won’t be able to miss you if you don’t give him the space to!

Neediness is an absolute turn-off for him. He prizes his independence and wants a partner who prizes theirs. Someone who reaches out to him over and over will repel him, especially if they’re interfering with his productivity or work schedule.

So, lead a full life and don’t lean into him anxiously. Show that you’re okay without him and have a healthy need for alone time and space. This mirrors his nature and will make him feel more at ease about you.

It also allows him the space to get curious about you. If you’re busy and can’t always get back to him, he’ll wonder what you’re up to. This is especially true if you’ve already demonstrated your ambitious side. He’ll want to figure out what’s going on in your life, which makes him start to miss you.

Even if you’re not a busy entrepreneur or career person, he’s more likely to miss you when you have at least something going on in your life. Perhaps your availability is limited because you’re deeply involved with friends or family (he’s a family man himself).

Done well, giving the Capricorn man space to miss you will result in him leaning into you and trying to bridge the gap. This makes him feel like the pursuer and will undoubtedly increase his attraction for you. Keep in mind you need to have a spark of interest first if you want this to work.

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4. Brighten up his world

Capricorn men are ruled by the planet Saturn and tend to live pretty harsh and stoic existences. 

These men often want a partner who can throw them a bit of a curveball by bringing levity and color into their world.

The partner who wins over the Capricorn man is often bubbly, outgoing, and confident. The type of person who can break through his barren exterior, penetrate his heart, and soften his rough edges. 

It may surprise some, but Capricorn guys often like a little bit of the zany or crazy in their partners. He loves the yin-yang polarity, and he wants to hold the stoic yang end of the spectrum and act as a stabilizing force for his yin partner’s extra bit of oomph. It balances him out to adore a little bit off-kilter (in a fun way) partner.

You can think of it as a coloring book. Capricorn brings the structure of the lined-in figures, while his partner adds color and creativity. He wants a partner who brings the most colorful expression possible, so long as they remain (mostly) within the lines he provides. If you go outside of the line too much, he gets a little anxious.

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5. Use your appearance to inflame his desire 

Our last tip to get Capricorn missing you is to tailor your appearance. Done well, you can provoke his desire for you almost instantaneously. 

To appeal to his visual desires, you’ll want to employ timeless, classy, flattering styles that ooze feminine grace.

It’s best to adorn your appearance with earthy tones that convey grounded femininity with a traditional, maternal feel. Think greens, browns, mustard-yellows, dark oranges. Elegant yet conservative dresses can do the trick. Earthy perfumes or essential oils can add a great accent as well.

Of course, make sure that whatever attire you opt for makes you feel confident and appealing. How you feel is the most important thing.

You want to avoid any appearance that comes across as loud or flashy. Capricorn men are not impressed by bright and showy modern looks. You want to come across as humble and grounded in all ways.

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There you have it, five tips to get the Capricorn man missing you.

If you want to learn more about attracting the Capricorn man, you can read about signs that a Capricorn man likes you and tips to get him to chase you. If you’re already in a sexual relationship with a Capricorn man, here are some tips to better understand how he operates in bed

To conclude, remember that you’ll often need plenty of patience when it comes to building attraction with a Cap man. These men take a long time to build a commitment. With that said, if your Capricorn is clearly not missing you when you are gone and isn’t showing a willingness to make plans with you, he might not be interested. 

At that stage, you can choose to keep learning to attract him better or move on to greener pastures.

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