Aquarius Man & Aries Woman Relationship Compatibility | Can it Work?

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Loren Elara

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What the Aquarius Man Likes about the Aries Woman

Her unpredictability. The Aquarius man hates to be bored, and lucky for him, the Aries woman is never boring.

The longer he knows her, the more mysteries he has to uncover. She’s a puzzle that he struggles to solve as she’s continually growing and creating herself anew.

Her outgoing nature. Aries women are excitable and rarely shy. She goes out of her way to impact the people around her. As a blunt but somewhat shy sign, the Aquarius man appreciates how she helps bring him out of his shell.

Her intelligence. Aquarius men have some of the zodiac’s brightest and most brilliant minds. He loves anyone who inspires him to think even more out of the box. The Aries woman constantly sparks and inspires him.

Her strong-willed approach to life. Aries women are go-getters. She’s impulsive and rarely backs down. He finds this passion intriguing, and he gets a kick out of the energy she brings to the table.

Her sensitivity. The Aries woman might be full of bluster and bravado, but she’s quite sensitive underneath her flashy exterior.

Also, the Aquarius man is more sensitive than his detached exterior reveals. He’s comforted by her unabashed emotionality and appreciates the emotional rawness she exudes (most of the time, that is).

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What the Aquarius Man Dislikes about the Aries Woman

When she doesn’t provide him with enough mental stimulation. She’s intelligent and charming, but sometimes she bucks the mental side of life in favor of being action-oriented.

She can’t always think as abstractly or broadly as he can, and she doesn’t want to try to all the time, either.

Her Aquarius man can appreciate this, as he likes her go-getter nature, but he can’t help but feel that he’s losing out on mental stimulation, either.

Her controlling tendencies. The Aquarius man is independent and doesn’t like to feel pressured, controlled, or suffocated.

It’s a challenge for him, then, when the equally-independent Aries woman goes on a control trip. Both like things to be the way they want them, but Aries women can be a bit more dictatorial and unreasonable when it comes to controlling other people.

He’ll grow annoyed when she gets into temper tantrums when things don’t go her way.

Her self-centeredness. Aries women are incredibly caring to the people in their life, but they can also be very self-centered at times, as their soul is young, ambitious, and prone to self-aggrandizement.

The Aquarius man can appreciate her self-regard, as he also likes to focus on himself and his projects. But he’ll get frustrated when she comes off as arrogant.

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Her conflict-oriented nature. Aries is fiery and brings heat into her relationships. She often deals with challenging emotions by becoming volatile or quarrelsome.

Too much conflict stresses the cerebral Aquarius man out and might have a hard time coping with Aries’s need to push conflict forward to resolve it.

Her naïveté. The Aquarian man thoroughly appreciates his Aries woman’s youthfulness and impulsiveness, but he can at times grow tired of what he sees as childishness.

Aquarian energy is detached, wise, and all-seeing, while Aries energy is young, pioneering, and impulsive. While she’s happy to live a carefree life of trial-and-error, he might grow tired of her inexperience or lack of sophistication.

Her possessiveness. Aquarius likes that Aries feels passionate energy for him, but he grows frustrated when her passion turns to jealousy and possessiveness.

It overwhelms him and puts him off, as he needs abundant space and freedom to be happy in a relationship. He also needs many platonic relationships, some with the opposite sex, and he needs his partner to be okay with that.

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What the Aries Woman Likes about the Aquarius Man

His charismatic nature. He’s incredibly personable, friendly, social, and loves connections. She likes his unique charm, charisma, and natural magnetism.

She loves influential people, so she can’t help but feel magnetized toward him.

His high ideals. The typical Aquarian man possesses lofty and optimistic beliefs and ideals. He’s inspired by freedom, equality, and universal love.

He champions fair and equal rights for humans, animals, and all life on Earth (and beyond). Though she may be less articulate about it, the Aries woman also possesses an inspiring idealism.

His intelligence. The Aquarian man is a savvy intellectual and has many ‘aha moments’ and revelations every day of his life.

He’s analytical, future thinking, and offers her great advice. She’s pleasantly surprised when he helps her bolster her impulsive ideas with improved plans and options.

She wants to be with someone she can learn from, and her wisdom allows her to trust his intelligence intuitively.

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That he calms her rough edges. She’s fiery and constantly on the go, which can make her volatile and edgy at times.

On the other hand, her Aquarius man is calm and cool and helps soften her up in ways that ground her and help her cultivate a quiet resolve.

His independence. The Aries woman is very independent, so an equally independent partner sits well with her.

He will stand up for himself when he needs to, and he will call her out when she is being childish in a way that makes her feel taken care of.

What the Aries Woman Dislikes about the Aquarius Man

When he’s detached and seemingly emotionless. Aquarius men can become overly cerebral at times and tune out their emotionality.

This aloofness can be challenging for the Aries woman to handle, as she candidly experiences her emotions.

She hates that his feelings seem to come with an on-off switch and gets mad when she confronts him about it, and he turns overly friendly, standoffish, or sarcastic in response.

His lack of romanticism. The Aries woman enjoys romanticism. The Aquarius man likes it, too, to a point. After all, he’s a man of grand ideas.

But when it comes down to the nitty-gritty of a one-on-one relationship, Aquarius often fails to deliver the poignant, loving intensity that Aries craves.

He ends up being just a bit too detached and cerebral to meet her at the level she wants.

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When he’s overly abstract. The Aries woman likes to keep everything in front of her and focus on driving forward at all costs.

The Aquarian man has more of a roundabout process with things. He can come off a little spastic and ADD at times. He sees so many perspectives and has a unique way of thinking.

She may grow impatient with how abstract he is, especially when he doesn’t have a consistent stance on any one thing.

She dislikes when his analytical mind obscures his impulsive, adventurous side.

His stubbornness. Aquarius can be stubborn and determined to a fault like all fixed signs.

As a cardinal sign, the Aries woman is an impulsive, natural leader who wants to take charge of her life and the lives of those around her.

Even though the Aquarius man appreciates her leadership capabilities, he’s still very independent and self-driven.

If she tries to push him or mold him in a way that he doesn’t want, he will hold still, unbending.

He may be easygoing in many ways, but he won’t move for anyone when he doesn’t want to. This can be tough for a girl who likes to get her way.

His lack of actualized passion. Talk to an Aquarius man, and he’ll fill your mind with all kinds of imagery and futuristic ideas.

But when it comes time to take action on these grand ideas, he might become reluctant.

He could instead prefer to conjure up even more fancy plans instead of developing the ones he’s told you about.

The Aries woman is a much more ardent doer and achiever. Sometimes she hardly even makes a plan before taking action on it.

She’ll grow bored of an Aquarius man who’s more of a talker than a doer.

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His wide-spanning sociability. The highly social Aquarius man can be very open and flirtatious.

He’s loyal but needs freedom of connections, and she can feel like he’s too flirty with girls in his social circle, even when he insists on the harmlessness of these interactions.

He may also socialize with people from all walks of life, including outcasts and degenerates. She doesn’t see the point in this and may grow annoyed.

When he’s overly sarcastic. The Aquarius man is highly sarcastic, and the Aries woman is far more emotionally sensitive than she leads on.

This can result in the Aries woman being hurt by his words quite easily. It’s important for Aries not to take things personally when his sarcastic humor kicks in strong.

He doesn’t mean to hurt her, and it will do no good if she bites back with venomous sarcasm of her own.

Aquarius Man & Aries Woman: Sexual Chemistry

Score: 7/10

Sexual chemistry can be high between these two. They’re both flirty, unrestricted, and up for anything. Early sexual contact is likely to be extremely exciting.

Mars-ruled Aries brings passion and an abundance of warm, creative emotions to the bedroom. Aquarius brings a horizon-widening play aspect and introduces kinky novelties.

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Problems can arise as the sexual relationship progresses and the initial spark of animal passion starts to fade. The dynamic needs a solid emotional quality to keep the sexual flames fanned (which isn’t guaranteed with this pairing).

Aries can quickly start to feel a lack of sexual fulfillment, as she has a more robust need to sustain constant sexual satisfaction than he does. Aquarius is prone to ignore his sexual side at times.

She can help him open and express his sexuality more, but it could take work to keep him sexually enflamed enough to crave it over time as she does continually.

If they can keep their sex life consistent, expressive, loving, and emotionally fulfilling, nothing will stop them from experiencing endless enjoyment together.

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Aquarius Man & Aries Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 7/10

Overall compatibility between these two gives them a favorable relationship score. It’s an interesting combo that can bring both passion and volatility.

There’s a mutual admiration between them. Both are often misunderstood, but they understand each other.

Independence, positivity, playfulness, social exploration, and adventurousness come naturally, making the transition from friendship to romanticism an effortless pivot.

They’re both restless and active, so they shouldn’t have difficulty finding shared activities. It’s essential for them to regularly get out and put their Martian and Uranian energies to use.

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While they have the potential for a power-couple type of relationship, it’s possible that Aries could feel let down by Aquarius regarding emotionality and romanticism.

She is a softie and wants to feel passionate and important to her partner. Aquarius, though loyal, tends to love cerebrally. This can drive an emotional wedge between them.

If she feels that his distant nature lacks tenderness, she won’t feel comfortable enough in the relationship to show her true, warm emotional nature.

Both have staying power, particularly fixed sign Aquarius. If they can maintain feelings of tenderness and intimacy, both will surprise and inspire each other daily.

He’ll be happy with Aries’s loyalty and acceptance of his eccentricities.

They have the best chance to succeed if fiery Aries has some air-sign qualities in their chart (to help her keep up with his mind), and Aquarius has some fire-sign energy in their own chart (to help him keep up with her fast-paced, action-oriented nature).

Heavy Earth sign energy between each other is good to keep things grounded.

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Other combinations can work if a formal long-term relationship or marriage isn’t in the cards. Aquarians are capable of having many types of relationships.

Think friends with benefits, polyamorous, long-distance, etc. Alternative relationship styles might not be the best for the Aries woman, though, as she tends to prefer being all-in in a relationship.

If that’s the case, these two should avoid losing their friendship, at least, because it can be a great, lasting one.

Aquarius Man & Aries Woman: Keys to success

Provide adequate personal space and time alone. Aquarius has a deep need for personal time and space. She must allow him to go in and out when he pleases and avoid overcrowding his feelings.

Aries is independent in her own right, but she might feel disconnected if they aren’t a power couple every day of the week.

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Keep romantic tension high. Aquarius needs to make sure that he’s emotionally warm and available to his Aries woman.

If he doesn’t maintain the chemistry, there’s a strong chance that she could feel alone even when she’s around him.

He must remember that she requires abundant romantic attention from her lover to feel fulfilled.

Find patience and common ground in communication. They have different communication styles. Aquarius operates abstractly and with wry intelligence, while Aries is a more direct straight shooter in how she thinks and communicates.

They must be patient and try to limit stubbornness and hard-headedness.

Trust must be firmly established. Aquarius is social and can be a bit more amorous than the Aries might like, but he’s almost always harmless in his affections.

Aries must watch out for jealousy and possessiveness, which she can be prone to. She must let him cast a wide social net and limit her desire to possess all of his attention and focus.

The Aquarius man needs to march to the beat of his own drum. He must feel like he can freely fly his freak flag in all relationships. A

ries can appreciate how unhindered and fully supportive he is of her pioneering ways. Freedom must reign for this relationship to work.

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  2. I am an Aries woman with a gemini rising sign. One of the most intellectual people can ever meet. I find these astrological depictions highly misogynistic. It’s the woman who suffocates men and she is less intelligent blah blah. Never the other way around. I happen to date Aquarius people for some reason. But yet to meet one who outsmarted me intellectually

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