All About Ignoring the Aquarius Man (Why, How and When)

Loren E. Elara

Loren E. Elara

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Can you re-attract an Aquarius man by ignoring him?

The short answer is yes – ignoring him can be an effective strategy.

But only under certain circumstances.

Ignoring him is a delicate process. One that you don’t want to mess up.

In this post, I’ll be teaching you exactly how to ignore the Aquarius man and get him yearning for your presence again.

Let’s get to it.

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Why an Aquarius man starts acting distant or ignores you

Before we discuss ignoring him, let’s cover why he might have started ignoring you, to begin with.

When an Aquarius man goes cold in a relationship it’s usually due to one following reasons:

  • He’s lost interest in you. The Aquarian guy goes where the fun, excitement, and adventure is. He’s easily bored and needs mental and analytical stimulation. He’ll jump ship when things don’t go the way he wants. Try not to take it personally. He gets bored at times and goes MIA in all of his relationships. You’ll just have to plan a little to earn his attention back.
  • He wants you to be independent and not need his help/attention. He’s liable to ignore you if you ask for his help or attention when he thinks you don’t need it. He wants you to be independent and able to solve your own stuff sometimes. He doesn’t want to hold your hand the whole way.
  • You’ve been crowding him. He needs his alone time. If he feels that you’re being needy or wanting to take up the majority of his attention he’ll start to ignore you. Big displays of emotion or prodding into his emotions can make him distance himself, too. Deep emotional exchanges can freak him out.

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Why (and when) you should ignore an Aquarius man

You only want to ignore him if he’s been ignoring you. When he withdraws, you withdraw.

Perhaps you’ve given him too much attention and he’s started to take you for granted. Too much familiarity will make the spark of attraction fade.

Remember, the Aquarius man (and most men) wants a partner who’s not an easy catch. Someone he has to work for. Someone who’s hard to figure out.

The main purpose of ignoring him is to re-establish your value in his eyes.

By stepping back and ignoring him, you immediately up your value. Being distant makes you a challenge and ensures that you don’t come across as needy (a trait he detests).

So when he steps away, you step away.

And don’t just ignore him only to sit around and wait anxiously for him to come back.

He created distance between you for a reason. Something made him want to step back.

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Find out what’s been missing. Do you need to be more ambitious? More independent? More carefree?

Ignore him, and go work on yourself to show him what he’s lost.

Ignoring him for maximum effect

  • Avoid maliciousness. Ignoring him sounds dramatic or aggressive. But it shouldn’t be done out of maliciousness or passive aggression. It’s not about being cold, it’s about signaling attractive qualities like self-respect and independence.
  • Do awesome things. He wants the adventure of wooing a girl who seems like an adventure. Do fun stuff without him, but make sure he notices.
  • Don’t give in to him right away. If you succeed in getting his attention back on you, wait a bit before you indulge him. Make him worry a bit that he might not be able to have you again. You want him to consider you a prize. You want him to work hard to win you over. Like it or not, you will seem more valuable when you make yourself occasionally unavailable.

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Know when it’s time to drop him

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Except when it doesn’t.

Sometimes ignoring him has to transition into forgetting him.

If he wants you in his life, he’ll come for you. If he doesn’t, now you’ll know it wasn’t meant to be. Because you distanced yourself enough to see it.

Ignoring him is a very raw tactic. It makes you vulnerable. Because if he never liked you that much, then creating distance won’t matter. He’ll just stay gone.

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But it’s better to know the truth than trying to reach out to him all the time and hoping for something different.

And if he comes back, only to distance himself from you again… Make a choice. Do you want to keep playing these games? The cat and mouse game shows a lack of investment on his part if it goes on for too long. You might want to pull away and let him go.

Wrapping it up

So there you have it. All you need to know about ignoring him to draw him back to you.

Ignoring him makes you come across as confident, charismatic and independent. All qualities that the Aquarius man values highly.

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Ignore him and he’ll either react by showing up and being involved with you, or he’ll escort himself out of your life.

Either way, you put yourself back in control.

Remember that Aquarian man can disappear for long periods. He might have been super flirty before he stopped contacting you, but now weeks have gone by since you last talked. Don’t be surprised to see him message you flirtatiously again out of the blue.

What have your experiences been like with the Aquarian man? Has he ignored you? Have you ignored him?

Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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