7 Powerful Tips to Make an Aquarius Man Miss You Like Crazy

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Want to make an Aquarius man miss you like crazy?

You’ve come to the right place.

Apply what you learn in this article, and he’ll crave you endlessly.

But, first:

Who’s this guide made for?

  • You’re single, into him, and there’s already some level of established chemistry between you.
  • You’re together, but the relationship has severely cooled off or even ended. You’re looking to get his attention back.

Who is this guide isn’t made for:

  • You’re looking to attract an Aquarius man for an initial date, but you haven’t already built a connection or established a relationship with him yet. I recommend that you learn the fundamentals of attracting an Aquarius man first.

Sure, if you haven’t already established a connection with him yet, some of these tips could still help you out, making him miss you. But it’s best to learn the whole strategy behind attracting an Aquarius man.

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On “Making” him miss you

We all want to make our partners miss us—especially when things aren’t going well, and a spark is needed.

But trying to make someone do something is always an uphill battle, especially when that someone is the notoriously stubborn fixed-sign Aquarius man.

You’ll notice this guide doesn’t focus much on forcing him or manipulating him to miss you.

Instead, most of my advice centers around changes and adaptations that you can adopt to leverage your feminine charms and passively lure him to you.

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Do this first if you’re in a long-term relationship with him

If you’re in an LTR with your Aquarius man, chances are that you’re here because something is off, and you want to add the spark back into your relationship.

Before you go making him miss you with the tips below, you should have an open conversation with him to see if any underlying issues are going on concerning your relationship.

If things are going well overall with your Aqua man and you just want him to yearn for you more when you’re away, realize that some of the tips in this guide might be overkill.

Okay, on to the tips.

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1. Don’t Crowd Him (Physically or Energetically)

When you’re feeling distant from your partner, it’s understandable to want to grab his attention and put yourself back into the front of his mind.

The problem is that your desire could come across as reactive and insecure, making your intense urge to connect only push him further away.

For women, bonding and closeness are natural prerogatives. Men need love and intimacy, too. But the majority of men require ample amounts of space and individual time spent apart, as well.

This is especially true of the Aquarian man. He loves his alone time. He wants independent space, even when he’s deeply in love. His number one pet peeve in relationships is when his partner doesn’t give him enough personal space.

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To be happy in a relationship, his independence must be honored. This is just something you’ll have to accept with this man.

To make him miss you, you should provide him what he needs – space apart. Even more, it would help if you encouraged it.

Ample space and non-clingy energy are essential to this man. This distance will make him want to feel closer to you.

And think about this: how can he miss you if you’re not giving him a chance to? If you want him to miss you, give him the time and space to miss you.

Yes, I know allowing space might feel like the most challenging thing you could do right now. And you might not even trust it. But I assure you – space apart is the most potent and straightforward way to make an Aquarius man miss you.

Top benefits of giving space and not crowding him:

  • It displays confidence and independence.
  • It sets the course for a healthy, positive relationship dynamic with your individualistic Aquarius man.
  • It soothes his concerns about being crowded by a codependent partner.
  • It gives him space to wonder about you.
  • It allows you to develop and establish a strong sense of self that’s independent of your Aquarius man’s affections.
  • You’ll have so much to talk about when you do spend time together again.

TIP: Assess your own need for space. Do you honor your independence, personal freedom, and time spent alone? Do relationships cause you to neglect your friends, family, creativity, or connection with self? Do you rely too much on your partner to affirm your own identity?

If you want a happy, successful relationship with an Aquarian man, you must learn to be comfortable with some distance and have the ability to rely on yourself emotionally. If you need to learn how to establish your own space confidently, I have all the tips you’ll need in the how to attract an Aquarius man course.

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TIP: Never double text! Give him time to get back to you.

2. Limit Your Availability

If you’ve successfully avoided crowding him and embraced your time apart (and there truly is chemistry between you), he’ll start to miss you, wonder about you, and reach out.

When he does reach out, don’t jump all over him. If he texts, don’t respond immediately.

There’s no need to be super calculating about it. Just avoid responding in the first 30 minutes or so. And if you’re truly busy? Don’t worry about getting back to him hours later.

By taking your time to respond to a text, you send the signal that you have things going on and that you haven’t been anxiously waiting for him. That’s attractive.

No shame if you have been anxious to hear from him. That’s okay. You still want to reach out to him and show him you care. You just don’t want to send him any signal that he could interpret as desperate or needy.

If he calls, let him know that you’ve missed him, share a little bit about what’s been up with you, talk about fun memories you’ve shared, and express that you’d like to meet up.

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After that, end the conversation. Don’t try to talk forever. Let things flow for a bit, express your light and fun persona, then cut things off. Leave him wanting more.

If he didn’t miss you already, he definitely will after reaching out and will want to meet up with you after a conversation like this.

Tip: Plan a day or night out with your friends for a change and let them know you won’t be free. This will not only make your Aquarius man miss you, but you will also enjoy a night out with friends.

3. Do exciting things that he’ll notice

Maybe he’s already missing you a ton. But this guy is stubborn, so he might wait it out a bit. He could need some encouragement to reach out to you.

Give him that extra push to reach out to you by having fun experiences and working on personal hobbies and projects.

An excellent way to do this is to leverage social media to your advantage. Do cool things, and update any profiles you know that he follows.

Visual imagery is excellent for men. Post photos and maybe a little blurb about any fun experiences (bonus points if you go to places where you have shared experiences). Dress up nice, different than usual. Have fun, be active, and be social.

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He loves independent partners who do independent things, so this will get him thinking about you and missing your presence.

Try to do things that would impress him. Think unique, fun trips. Go on a quirky weekend trip by yourself or with friends. He won’t be able to resist following what you’re up to.

Top benefits of making him miss you by giving space and not crowding him:

  • He will be intrigued by your go-getter independence and fun-loving vibe.
  • You’ll show him that you’re capable of setting and achieving your own goals and can take care of yourself without him having to be with you.
  • You’ll get him off your mind by getting yourself out into the world.
  • You’ll have plenty of new, interesting stories to talk about when you meet up next.

Tip: Make sure to find interests and hobbies that genuinely appeal to you. A bonus of being active, occupied, and independent is that you’ll start to miss him less. He will pick up on this and fill the gap by leaning into you.

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4. Don’t try to forcibly make him miss you

Aquarius men prize authenticity and dislike manipulation. If he senses you’re being inauthentic or dramatic to get his attention, he won’t like it.

Don’t fabricate social media posts or get caught trying to grab his attention blatantly.

Avoid tagging him in posts, texting or calling mutual friends to see what he’s up to, or staging obvious photos with other guys to stir jealousy.

Remember, the best way to get him to miss you is to give him space. This means being absent. You don’t need to constantly pop up in his feed for him to think about you and make him miss you.

Now, as I said in the last section, it’s okay to do and post fun things that will catch his attention. Just make sure what you’re doing is authentic and not made purely to put pressure on him.

Tip: If you don’t have them already, find fulfilling activities and interests to spend your time with. If you genuinely enjoy what you’re doing, sharing it on social media won’t appear contrived or forced.

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5. Capture his attention with a nostalgic scent

If you’ve followed my advice on how to attract an Aquarius man (guide coming soon), then you should have a scent or perfume that he’s associated with you and the pleasant experiences you’ve had together.

It could be a perfume, a type of incense, an essential oil blend, anything.

To make him miss you, you can expose him to your scent while you’re not around. Find an item that you can imprint with your fragrance of choice. You could return some of his clothes to him, or gift him some new ones. You could make him a card. Or give him some item of yours that has meaning between you two.

Before giving it to him, add just enough of the scent to make him notice and think of you. When he smells it, he won’t be able to resist being flushed with feelings associated with you.

Tip: Don’t overdo the application of your scent. Trust me; he will notice the smell. A little bit goes a long way. Too much, and he will see through what you’re doing, and it won’t be a good look for you.

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6. Leave behind little tokens and memorabilia

You can get a little cute if you want and leave behind small items. This could be in his car, at home, at work, etc.

Small innocuous items are the best, as they’re subtle and don’t send the signal that you’re trying to get his attention too much. Think hair clips, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, etc.

Tip: If you’re not yet in a relationship and hang out, try not to leave behind items that would typically be associated with a relationship—for example, underwear, a toothbrush, or your perfume. You don’t want to make him think you’re trying to move in.

7. Remain a mystery to him

The Aquarius man loves a challenge. He likes his curiosity piqued. He’s a scientist, and everything is a science project to him.

It’s always good to keep a man on his toes by being a little mysterious. This is true no matter the stage or attraction level in the relationship.

Provide him this mystery by occasionally withholding yourself, by teasing, by being aloof, by being playfully vague. Be the project that he can’t solve by constantly keeping him guessing and on his toes.

If you succeed, he will always want more from you and will be constantly curious about you and miss you when you’re not around.

Keeping the mystery alive in your relationship can be simple, but it takes some know-how that doesn’t always come naturally. I’ll show you how to maintain a tantalizing air of mystery in How to Attract an Aquarian Man.

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So there you have it, some powerful tips to make him miss you like crazy.

The biggest takeaway? Take a step back and let him wonder about you.

What did you think of this guide? Do you have any questions or tips of your own?

Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. So, if an Aquarius man tell you “don’t let him not texting back all the time turn you off” mean that he likes you and your text messages don’t annoy him?

    1. Hi, Indi. What I think you’re saying is that an Aqua guy told you to not text him back all the time? I’m not sure exactly what you wrote. Perhaps you could clarify, thanks.

  2. Thank you. I needed this. He usually pulls away a bit a couple days a week but every time we meet up, we have sparks, kissing, hugging, making love, tons of affection. I just need to calm down & stop taking his absences personally. We see each other very often, so I’ll give him time to himself without worrying about abandonment.

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