Aquarius Man & Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility – Can it Work?

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What the Aquarius Man Likes about the Sagittarius Woman

Her independent outlook on life. For Aquarius, the prospect of dating a fellow freedom-loving partner is hugely appealing to him. He’s immediately pleased to meet a Sagittarian woman who loves freedom and won’t cramp his style.

That she enjoys life to the fullest. Sagittarius women are outgoing and often the life of the party. She’s not afraid to take a risk and has a knack for turning crises into opportunities (thanks to her luck-providing Jupiter rulership).

Her jovial approach to friendship. This is another similarity that Aquarius and Sagittarius share. Like him, she’s frank, open, and lively in friendships. She’s sure to have a wide social circle that Aquarius will be excited to get to know.

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Her changeability. Sagittarius is restless and always doing something fun and adventurous. Aquarius loves novelty and adventure, too, and is impressed by the sheer amount of ideas she has up her sleeve.

That she values honesty and frankness. Yet another thing they share in common. Both signs agree that speaking the truth is important and that it should never be stifled. And to top it off, they’ll mostly agree on all of the honest thoughts that they share with each other.

What the Aquarius Man Dislikes about Sagittarius Woman

When her ego takes center stage. Both signs have firmly defined egos, but fiery Sagittarius definitely has the more pronounced one. Aquarius typically appreciates the Sagittarius personality, but at times he might find her to be braggadocios, pushy, rude, or wastefully extravagant.

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What the Sagittarius Woman Likes about Aquarius Man

His warm sociability. Sagittarius likes that Aquarius is great at making friends and navigating social circles. She also appreciates how much importance he puts on friends and community. He gets along with her friends, which makes her happy.

How accepting he is. Sagittarius women are open and non-judgmental to the people in her life. Aquarius too respects people from all walks of life and won’t be superficial or status-oriented. He’ll be friends with anyone who interests him – no matter what their standing is in society. Sagittarius respects this.

His lack of jealousy. Sagittarian women love to roam and have wild experiences with various people. She’s warm and flirtatious by nature and prefers to be with the kind of man who lets her be herself and won’t try to tie her down or possess her. She finds this in her Aquarian man, as he’s hardly the jealous or possessive type.

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How unique and authentic he is. Aquarian men are incredibly unique individuals. Each one is as unique as a snowflake. One thing they do all have in common is that they’re not afraid to be who they are. The Sagittarius woman absolutely loves how much he stands out from the rest of humankind and that he isn’t afraid to show it.

His brilliant mind and ideas. Sagittarius prides herself on her expansive mind and intellectual prowess. How incredibly excited she is, then, to meet someone who has an equally capable mind and is always willing to dive into any sort of philosophical discussion.

What the Sagittarius Woman Dislikes about Aquarius Man

His cold and aloof moods. Being a Fire sign, Sagittarius is more emotional than the Air sign Aquarius. She notices that it’s hard for him to open up to her emotionally at times. She might have to convince him that it’s important for him to share his emotions, while he might sheepishly try to deny them in a way to avoid being vulnerable with her.

She might struggle to build a strong connection with him, and there could be times that she needs his help or comforting but finds that he’s aloof or away. Too much of this and she’ll pine for a warmer partner.

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Aquarius Man & Sagittarius Woman: Sexual Chemistry

Score: 9/10

Both are basically free from any sexual inhibitions or hang-ups, so they can expect an open and exciting sexual relationship. Experimentation reigns and both validate the other’s freedom and sexual expressiveness.

They should have an easy time communicating their desires since they’re both forthcoming, and emotionally undemanding. This will guarantee that they’ll learn how to satisfy each other with immaculate precision.

Issues can arise if they get easily distracted in life and don’t make the time for sex. Being the fire sign, Sagittarius will be the one that brings the heat and passion to the relationship. But Sagittarius is also a mutable sign that’s easily distracted.

The Aquarius man on his own isn’t overflowing with sexual energy, and if distraction sets in he’ll take the foot off the gas of their sexual relationship, and intimacy can cool off.

Neither is that great at rekindling something that has begun to bore or disinterest them, so they need to watch out for keeping the passion alive.

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Aquarius Man & Sagittarius Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 9/10

This is one of the better pairings in the Zodiac. Aquarius men and Sagittarius women are quite similar yet also different enough to be complimentary.

Their minds and values tend to mesh very well. They’re both independent and authentic individuals, making their relationship is uncomplicated and non-possessive. They also make excellent friends, which is incredibly important for each of them in the relationship.

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If their intellects and energies mesh well they can expect a great union that’s lighthearted and filled with adventure. There should be no shortage of visionary plans and ideas hatched between them. They shouldn’t run out of things to be excited about in their day to day life together.

Neither is super deep or romantic, so a pairing that feels more like best-friends-with-benefits appeals to both of them. Passionate but not too serious, their relationship will develop casually. Neither is obsessed with the idea of finding someone to lock down to a long-term commitment.

If they do eventually decide to marry, they should be able to last as a happy couple for as long as they choose to. They both want to retain their independence throughout their lives, and they find it easy to give each other space for their individual freedoms.

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Aquarius Man & Sagittarius Woman: Keys to Success

Getting on the same page about their relationship. Unlike some signs, Aquarians and Sagittarians can possess wildly different goals when it comes to their relationships. Neither is purely out for flings and neither is purely set on locking down a partner for life. Their goals can vary considerably.

So it’s important for them to be clear about what they’re looking for. This doesn’t have to happen early on, as both cherish lighthearted relationships that develop fluidly. But if they want to grow closer, they should discuss relationship goals so they can get on the same page and start developing trust, which will enhance their bonding.

They should double down on shared common interests. One of the challenges these two will face is in keeping the spark and maintaining interest in one another. Both can have flittering attention spans and drift from partner to partner.

If they can start to share interests and goals together, especially intellectual projects, their connection will crystallize as they form a closer bond by working together.

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Keeping finances and material goals satisfied. While both signs love being carefree, at times their natures can backfire when it comes to staying grounded, especially in relation to accumulating resources. Neither finds it easy to manage and plan out finances, so they should make a concerted effort to be financially scrupulous to avoid future pitfalls.

Remaining emotionally available to each other. Another balancing act will be to keep emotional vulnerability and expression flowing between them, as both are rational and heady by nature. Their minds will no doubt keep connected and thriving, but their emotions around intimacy and closeness can take a backseat. And if they let themselves stay unemotional for too long, passion can fade and their hearts may start to drift apart.

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