Sagittarius Man & Taurus Woman Love Compatibility – Can it work?

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  • Sign: Taurus
  • Dates: April 21 – May 21
  • Ruling planet: Venus
  • Planetary principle: Production
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Quality: Feminine

What the Sagittarius Man Likes about the Taurus Woman

Her feminine beauty and charm. Her sensuality and quiet strength allure him, and her stable, earthy nature pulls him in. A masculine Fire sign himself, Sagittarius appreciates the polarity of the highly feminine Taurus women.

Her listening skills. Sagittarius is a man of ideas. He loves to wax philosophical and discuss his goals and dreams. Taurus woman might not have the same penchant for philosophy as him, but she’ll patiently and steadily listen to him for hours.

Her down-to-earth perspectives. Sagittarius is a straightforward guy, but he can also get his head stuck in the clouds envisioning ideas too grand to come to fruition. Taurus is imminently pragmatic and brings him back to earth when he needs it.

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Her dedication and faithfulness. Taurus is very devoted, and if she sets herself on the Sagittarius man, he’ll appreciate being on the receiving end of her commitment and loyalty.

That she thinks things through. The Taurus woman is a meticulous planner, while the Sag man prefers to take action without hesitation. He appreciates her thoughtfulness and learns to heed her cautionary advice when he might not have otherwise.

That she’s on top of practical duties. The Sagittarius guy doesn’t like getting bogged down by practical concerns. He’s much keener to spend time galavanting or working on his grandiose projects. So it pleases him that Taurus is a skilled homemaker and is comfortable doing the more mundane tasks, like dishes and bills.

What the Sagittarius Man Dislikes about the Taurus Woman

When she isn’t very excitable. He needs a lot of abstract stimulation, which Taurus women can struggle to provide him with consistently. Her nature is far more predictable and routine than his. She’s not big on spontaneity, so he will have to bring it into the relationship.

That she’s a homebody. Travel and adventure call to the Sagittarian man. He wants to roam, hike mountains, and see the world. He wants to experience distant cultures and meet all types of people. Taurus is more focused on the homefront and making it as comfortable as possible. Her home is her base, her bedrock. Sagittarius certainly likes a lovely home – and he loves how cozy Taurus makes the home feel – but he’ll start to feel restless spending much time there, as Taurus prefers to do.

When she’s stubborn. Taurus is a fixed earth sign, making her stubborn and not highly malleable. She can be the most stubborn girl in the zodiac when she wants to be, aggravating Sagittarius. He may feel that her stubbornness and resistance to new experiences block his flow and freedom-loving nature.

When she gets stagnant. Slow-moving, earthy Taurus can get stuck in life at times. It takes a lot for her to change course, even when she’s fully aware that her energy is in a place of stagnation. Change is always a slow process for her. This is unfamiliar territory for Sagittarius, who constantly changes and throws caution to the wind. He may try to push her to change, and even if it’s a change for the better, she could resist him simply because she hates being told what to do.

When she’s demanding. Taurus is calm and patient, but she can also be demanding with friends, family, and partners. She knows what she wants and likes to plan for the future. She may become agitated with Sagittarius with chores and domestic duties, as he can be a bit lazy. She might also be demanding of him concerning relationship direction, which he tends to be aloof and non-committal about.

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Her slow and methodical decision-making. Taurus takes her time making decisions and hates to be rushed. She likes to weigh and analyze options before taking action or making a decision. This is important for her because her decisions carry weight. She won’t change paths or give up when she puts her mind to something. She finishes what she starts. Consider the childhood fable of the tortoise and the hare. She is the tortoise, through and through. Slow and steady wins the race. So making the right decisions is essential to her because she’s in it for the long haul.

On the other hand, Sagittarius prefers to make his decisions on a whim. His ruling planet Jupiter bestows him with good luck and makes spontaneous decision-making work out well for him most of the time. So there’s a good chance he’ll be a bit disgruntled waiting for her to make her choice about things.

That she needs plenty of romantic reassurance. Taurus seeks frequent affection and romantic assurance from her partner. Sagittarius can have a hard time accommodating this type of partner. He typically treats romantic partners more like friends. Many partners of Sagittarian men will bemoan that their Sag man treats them like ‘one of the guys’ more often than not.

Her desire to control him. A darker side of Taurus energy is controlling nature. Her tendency to be controlling mostly crops up when she is insecure (which Sag man is more than capable of making her become). Sagittarius is like a wild stallion; he hates to be tied up or tied down. He does not like this. He needs to be able to leave the stable and roam the mountains for a while before coming home and cozying up before bed with his lover. This can be hard for Taurus to grasp, and she might try to tame or subdue his wild ways.

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What Taurus Woman Likes about Sagittarius Man

His persistent optimism. Sagittarius has a happy-go-lucky attitude and infectious nature. All earth signs can get a little sullen and somber at times (looking at you, Capricorn!). How refreshing, then, for earthy Taurus to be around the fiery Jupiter-ruled Sagittarius! He is a fountain of fun and eccentric optimism. His contagious energy helps pull Taurus out of her complacency, encouraging her to grow and expand.

His intellect. Sagittarius is both the student and the teacher of the zodiac. He is constantly learning and sharing what he’s learned. He never holds back his opinions and loves to share what he knows with others. He appeals to Taurus’s mind. She appreciates the fresh, new perspectives on life that he provides.

His boyish charm. Sagittarius marches to the beat of his own drum. He has a unique, entertaining, and sometimes caustic approach to life. This quality can be a double-edged sword for Sagittarius, as his charm sometimes comes off as irritating immaturity. Nonetheless, Taurus enjoys his childlike nature and enjoys nurturing and taking care of him.

That he uplifts her. Sag is enthusiastic with his love and affection for her. He brings a glimmer of light to their relationship and helps lift up her heavy, earthy nature. This is precisely the medicine Taurus needs at times.

That he’s a dreamer, and he encourages her to dream, too. Taurus isn’t known for dreaming too big, herself. It’s not that she doesn’t have big goals; she prefers to stay very practical about them. When it comes to achieving, she focuses on what practical duties are in front of her. While this is effective, it might prevent her from truly reaching for the stars.

On the other hand, Sagittarius lives for big, lavish dreams and goals. She appreciates the fresh air of new ideas and encouragement. He gets her excited about going out and trying new things. And he will bring this quality into their relationship as he assesses her and offers plenty of inspiring ideas for her future.

That he appreciates her down-to-earth nature. The Sagittarius man lives up in the clouds much of the time. But he comes back to earth and listens to Taurus intently regarding practical matters. He recognizes her down-to-earth practicality and defers to her often.

That he’s sincere and honest. Taurus appreciates that Sagittarius is honest and outspoken. Sometimes he’s too blunt – which can create problems of its own – but she prefers this to him being a deceiver.

That he provides her with plenty of focused attention. Sagittarius man lives in the moment. Because of this, when he’s with Taurus women, he’s truly with her. He focuses all of this attention on her and makes sure she’s having a good time. She appreciates this.

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What Taurus Woman Dislikes about Sagittarius Man

That he needs constant stimulation. Sagittarius gets bored quickly and needs a continuous stream of excitement. Taurus is not this way, instead preferring the calm control of a predictable routine. Because she’s more stable and predictable, his spontaneity can be a welcome jolt to her status quo, or it can annoy the hell out of her. She’ll likely enjoy it early on. But as the relationship progresses, they’ll probably need to make adjustments.

That he gets restless at home. Sagittarius thrives most when he’s out in the world. He loves discovering new experiences and learning new things hands-on. This contrasts with Taurus, who prefers to stay home and be a homemaker. His roaming nature may tire her.

His aloofness. Sagittarius is typically aloof and looking for pleasant fun. He will keep things light and playful at all costs. He avoids topics or conversations that are mundane or involve uncomfortable emotionality. Taurus is not aloof and instead prefers to dive into any and all topics. Especially if they are about emotionality, commitments, future plans, he sometimes continues to act flippantly about these things, even when pressed. This aggravates her.

That he avoids responsibility. Sagittarius hates being tied down by anything. This includes mundane things like paying bills, cleaning up the kitchen, and taking out the trash. You know, those not-so-exciting but essential requirements of life. He just can’t be bothered by such things; he has big plans and projects that need his attention. It can be a bit of a compulsive thing for him, and he might not be so aware of it.

On the other hand, Taurus is incredibly responsible with monotonous daily tasks. So she’s capable of picking up any slack that he leaves. But does she want to?

That he can be a huge flirt. The flirtatious nature of Sagittarius is notorious. Similar to his opposite sign, Gemini. Sag can be a player, or at least come off as one. He is incredibly social and loves mental and verbal jousting. This playful nature makes him a natural flirt. Taurus can be jealous and possessive, irking him to no end. Even if his flirtatiousness is harmless, it can still be an irritant within the relationship.

His impatience and hasty decision-making. Sag doesn’t always think things over, choosing instead to dive in head-first and lean into his Jupiter-bestowed good luck. Taurus is a more careful planner and can resent his lack of caution. Even if he ends up succeeding, her eyes may roll.

His reluctance around commitment. Most Taureans take their relationships seriously. Taurean caution and reserve dominates their relationship decisions. She wants to know if her love interest feels serious about her because it’s hard for her to open up romantically or sexually without commitment. Sag loves his independence and freedom so much that it’s hard for him to commit. He might evade the matter, though he won’t lie about it if pressed. Taurus must remember that commitment is tough for him, even when he really fancies someone.

His fiery personality. At times it can be a little overbearing for her earthy tastes. Sag is direct, expressive, and loud. He is a fire sign, after all, and subject to all the boisterous energy which that element brings. Taurus, being of the earth element, is much more subdued. There can be some friction here.

That he can be careless with his emotions. Taurus is cool, calm, and collected. She is cautious in all her actions, especially if they concern the heart. Sagittarius can be a little reckless with his emotions, making things slightly chaotic and dramatic at times.

That he can be inconsistent. Taurus is the perfect example of making a plan and sticking to it. When she decides to do something, she sees it through. Sagittarius can be a little more finicky, true to his mutable sign nature. If he flakes or backtracks on plans, it could irritate her.

Sagittarius Man & Taurus Woman: Values

Score: 5/10

Taurus’s earth sign nature makes her conservative in her tastes. She has a practical and straightforward value system that dictates her actions.

Sagittarius, by contrast, is fueled by a more hot-headed fire sign nature. He’s somewhat wild and untamed.

Taurus values stability, practicality, and comfortable home life. In contrast, Sagittarius values spontaneity and adventure above all. He can be evasive around practical duties and emotions while she thrives on the stability they provide. He’s more interested in the excitement and unpredictability of the unknown.

She likes creature comforts, while he grows bored with them. Sure, he enjoys time on the couch with her watching a movie. But only so much. He’d rather be out on the town. It’s out in the world that he looks to create novel experiences. Socializing and indulging in philosophical conversations with strangers is his comfort zone.

These differences no doubt create excitement and intrigue between Taurus and Sagittarius. Curiosity about the other and the potential for friction excites the two. Though, this initial intrigue and fascination for one another’s style may fade. As time progresses, these can start to wear on them.

One way to patch up their differences could be to cook and enjoy a meal together. Sagittarius’s ruler Jupiter, famous for his feasts, and Taurus by Venus, the planet of pleasure, love to indulge in a nice meal.

Sagittarius Man & Taurus Woman: Communication

Score: 6/10

They’re both honest. Neither sign is deceptive, and they’re likely to be straightforward with each other. This is important for them, as there’s likely to be difficulties that come up for them that need to be talked out and worked through with care.

Both can have tempers. Sagittarius, being a fire sign, can be quick to anger. He has to cool his fiery temper and learn to be more patient with the slower-moving Taurus. If he isn’t cautious, he’ll bring her rare but potent temper, and things can get rough.

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Sagittarius Man & Taurus Woman: Emotions

Score: 6/10

This can be a rather tough pairing emotionally.

Taurus woman, known for her patience, may spend her time hoping that she can tame her wild Sagittarius man. Unfortunately, it will rarely work out that way. The Sagittarius man often has other things on his mind, places to go and people to see, and causes to help along the way.

On the other hand, Sagittarius may grow frustrated at the calm, measured emotional nature of Taurus. He may wish she was more adventurous and unconstrained.

The Sagittarius man is a hot-headed Fire sign, and the Taurus woman has a notoriously explosive temper when pushed. So there will be ample opportunities for these two to butt heads. It can be pretty brutal when it happens.

Compromise is critical for these two.

Even though he’s not particularly focused on stability (and his floaty, flighty nature unnerves her at times), there’s still something that continually attracts her to him.

Perhaps it’s his charm. Even when his antics wear thin on her, his focused attention and charm can soften her dis-ease. Or it could be his aloofness, the fact that he’s hard to catch. Most women like a man who is passionate and focused on his goals and dreams, requiring a bit of pursuit on her part. A Taurus woman can enjoy leaning into a man like this and taking care of him while achieving his goals.

The critical component is that he sustains some level of responsibility around duties. He can’t leave everything for her to manage while he lets his head get stuck in the clouds. She can handle some of his unpredictability, but she will grow resentful if he slacks on responsibilities and acts immature about it.

Sagittarius Man & Taurus Woman: Sexuality & Intimacy

Score: 6/10

Early on, things go well. Opposites attract. She appreciates how sex brings out his wild passion, enthusiasm, and sense of humor. It brings a lightness to her earthy nature. And he enjoys her deep sensuality and how lovemaking fills her up emotionally.

Over time, though, their natural sexual proclivities come more into play.

Taurus women place a high value on regular sexual and sensual satisfaction. Having enough of it is tantamount to her emotional satisfaction. In contrast, Sagittarius men are known for being one of the least sexually deep signs. It’s not that he doesn’t enjoy sex – he does – he enjoys it on a more flippant, fun level, which can be highly frustrating for the profoundly physical and lusty Taurus woman.

His fiery enthusiasm and vigor excite her early on. But to remain satisfied, he needs to provide her with a more tangible sexual experience. For her, it’s not about explosiveness or getting there quickly. It’s about slowness, care, and deliberate, consistent pleasing of the body. He’ll have to learn to slow down to enjoy a more methodical, earthy pace to keep her happy over the long term.

She’ll have to appeal to his fiery nature and step up the passion on her part, too. She also might have to accept that he’s less interested in sex. Yes, this could frustrate such a sensually focused sign. She should remind herself that his potential lack of interest in sex is not because of some fault of hers. It’s because he’s more mentally driven and prefers to bond in ways beyond physicality. She can try to open up more to this and explore his ways of showing love and affection.

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As far as sex goes, this isn’t exactly a match made in heaven. But with work, their sex life can be good and fulfilling. They will have to put effort into understanding each other’s sexual and emotional natures.

Sagittarius Man & Taurus Woman: Trust & Dependability

Score: 7/10

To open up in the relationship, she needs to feel secure in the commitment. To satisfy this, Sagittarius needs to open up with her about his goals for the connection. It’s not uncommon for Sagittarius to be aloof around commitment. Especially when he’s seeing someone that he doesn’t intend to settle down with. He should be clear with her if he’s not after a long-term commitment. This is a girl who doesn’t like to be played with.

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Taurus is a commitment-centered sign. She needs to be assured that they’re on the same page to trust and relax with a partner. If she’s invested in him, she may worry about him flirting while he’s off on his own. So communication is a must, as he demands plenty of independent time to be happy in a relationship.

Overall Score

Score: 6/10

It’s a fun rollercoaster in the beginning. But this relationship needs work, as it can lack overall stability.

If he starts to take things more seriously, and she lightens up a bit, they can meet in the middle. This will take work for Taurus, as her earth nature can make her possessive and jealous. She needs to let him roam free, as he can’t be caged. And he needs to accept that she won’t be as enthusiastic or excitable as him all the time. He must be okay with satisfying his need for novelty elsewhere.

She must adjust to his freedom-loving nature. Things will go well if she remains calm and trusts that she doesn’t need to control this side of him. He needs the freedom to gather new experiences. If she gives him that opportunity, he’s more likely to want to come home to her night after night. He can also help her get out more; camping and backpacking are great options, as both signs are nature lovers.

If he wants to stick with her, he must reign in any inconsistent or non-committal tendencies. When she commits and makes up her mind, she sticks with it; he must offer her the same for things to work.

It will require work and meeting in the middle for these two to sustain, but it can be done.

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