Taurus Man & Cancer Woman Love Compatibility – Can it work?

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Finding love can be challenging. We often fall for people, only to discover irreparable differences soon after. 

Astrology can help you (hopefully) avoid going through that pain again. Through compatibility analysis, you can get a good picture of how compatible you might be with someone before you dive in too deep.

In this post, we’ll be dissecting the Taurus man and Cancer woman love relationships. We’ll be diving into all the details that make this coupling tick.

By the end of the article, you’ll have a much clearer picture of how these two work together and how well they might fare in a relationship.

Let’s dive in!

What Attracts the Taurus Man to the Cancer Woman

Her nurturing nature. The Taurus man is instantly attracted to her nurturing personality for the sweet and endearing Cancer woman. Known for her love of home, family, and pampering others, he appreciates her home-cooked meals, gentle backrubs, and thoughtful gifts. He admires that she feels at ease in domestic activities. Although Taurus men enjoy cooking and taking care of themselves, he enjoys having someone around to share intimate dinners and moments with. Her caretaking nature balances his desire to protect and provide. 

Her femininity. Cancer rules the breasts in astrology, and Taurus men love a voluptuous woman. This isn’t to say that all Cancer women are well-endowed. Still, most Cancer women are significantly in tune with their femininity – and that’s one of the Taurus man’s biggest turn-ons. Whether it’s her sweet-smelling perfume, elegant yet sexy style, or smooth skin, the Taurus man is attracted to how she carries herself as a woman.  

Her need for security. Ruled by the fourth house of home, family, and emotional security, Cancer women, need to feel safe and protected by their partners. They won’t open up if they do not feel wanted and cared for. Luckily for the Taurus man, he is the zodiac’s loyal protector and provider. Unlike other independent zodiac signs like Aries or Sagittarius, who demand space and freedom in their relationships, Cancer women want a partner who will take care of them. They have no interest in doing the heavy lifting. For the Taurus man, a confident yet submissive partner like Cancer who feels comfortable letting him take the lead is essential for the relationship to last. To him, the Cancer woman seems like a perfect match.

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What Attracts the Cancer Woman to the Taurus Man

His consistency. As a cardinal water sign, Cancer is not consistent. Ruled by the moody Moon, the Cancer woman’s temperament and needs constantly change. This is one of the reasons why Cancer women are easily attracted to Taurus men. Taurus men are naturally steady, grounded, and self-determined individuals. As a fixed earth sign, once he makes his mind up about something, that’s it – there is no changing the plan. The Taurus man’s quiet confidence and loyalty are alluring for the Cancerian woman. She finds his routines comforting. He helps her feel emotionally secure. 

His calm and patient demeanor. Cancer women have big emotions, so they must find a calm and patient partner. Luckily for Cancer, the Taurus man is known for his calm and relaxed demeanor. In moments of chaos and confusion, he mellows out her anxiousness. 

His affectionate nature. Taurus men are romantic, generous, and luxurious creatures. They enjoy spoiling their partner with loving kisses, sensual eye gazes, and surprise date nights. All of this is good news for the classy Cancer woman. As the sister sign of conservative Capricorn, Cancer women have high expectations. She appreciates that the Taurus man doesn’t need to be provoked to wine and dine her. She is attracted to the fact that he knows how to please her intuitively.  

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Sexual Compatibility 

Although they may seem sweet and shy in public, sexually, the Taurus man and Cancer woman are highly compatible behind closed doors. Here are some of the traits that make the Taurus and Cancer dynamic such a delight in bed: 

Openly Affectionate. When it comes to sex for the Taurus Man and Cancer woman, the Taurus man is in for a surprise. Cancer is generally more reserved and shy outside of the bedroom, but the fantasy suite is where the female Crab gets to show her spunky side.

It may take a while for her to let her guard down, so they must be patient with each other as they learn each other’s bodies. But once the Cancer woman feels safe with her Taurus man, both emotionally and physically, there is nobody part or form of affection off-limits. These two lovers feel comfortable demonstrating their romantic feelings for each other.

In the bedroom, they are not selfish or attention-seeking. They like to please. This often leads to hours and hours of kissing, touching, and whispering sweet words of admiration. 

Shared Sensuality. Intimacy between these two gentle signs will be slow, emotional, and deeply passionate. One of the best parts about their sex life is their shared sensuality. As two yin signs, they resonate deeply with feminine energies. Lovemaking may not be wild and fiery but still smoldering with emotional intensity.

They will often spend a lot of time on foreplay activities to keep things hot – feeding each other chocolate (Taurus loves to eat), hot oil massages, etc. 

Post-Coitus, these two do not hurry to go another round or rush back to their daily lives. After a steamy lovemaking session, you can find these two taking a nap or relaxing in a soothing bubble bath together. 

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Is the Taurus Man/Cancer Woman Relationship Likely to Last?

Taurus and Cancer form a sextile relationship in astrology (three signs apart). Sextile relationships are highly favorable in astrology, representing supportive and harmonious partnerships. 

Although this pairing has differences in element and modality (Cancer is a cardinal water sign while Taurus is a fixed earth sign), they sync up and balance each other out. 

This supportive dynamic helps them overcome relationship challenges and hurdles. For example, Cancer is deeply emotional and sensitive, while Taurus is not. Instead of annoying Taurus with their feelings, Cancer encourages Taurus to connect with their intuitive nature and express themselves more. On the other hand, Taurus brings structure and stability to their Cancer’s life. 

On a deeper note, their shared values of home, family, and security easily align. Cancer wants to take care of the home/relationship, Taurus wants to provide for it – both parties are happy. 

Overall, Taurus and Cancer are suitable for a fling, good for a relationship, and great for the long haul. 

Score: 8/10

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Keys to Success

Independence. Although these two make a great match, things can become strained when maintaining their independence in a relationship. Cancer should not become overly reliant on Taurus for financial and material matters to keep the peace. Even if Cancer chooses to be a caretaker or homemaker, they should find a hobby or craft that gives them the independence and self-purpose they need to feel valuable. 

Clear long-term goals. Taurus feels comfortable mapping out their plans and long-term decisions, but sometimes this can be overwhelming for Cancer. Future planning should be done together to ensure that all parties feel included. As much as Cancer trusts Taurus to handle all the details, they must clarify their long-term goals and plans for commitment together.

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