Taurus Man & Aries Woman Love Compatibility – Can it work?

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It can be so challenging to find a truly compatible love match.

I’m sure you’ve felt the pain of thinking you’d found the perfect partner, only to realize that you had irreparable differences. 

Of course, you don’t want to go through that again. Before diving in too deep, you want a heads up on how compatible you are.

Luckily, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll be diving deep into the nitty-gritty of the Taurus man/Pisces woman relationship dynamic.

By the end, you’ll come away with an excellent understanding of how these two signs operate together and whether this is a relationship you want to find yourself in.

Now, let’s get into it! We’ll start first with what draws these two signs to each other.

What Attracts the Taurus Man to the Aries Woman

Her ambitiousness. The Taurus man is attracted to the Aries woman’s courage and ambition from their first meeting. Although Taurus men are generally laid-back individuals, he appreciates a self-sufficient woman and doesn’t mind making her own decisions and money. He admires that she is confident. She inspires him to be more self-determined and proactive about going after what he truly wants. 

Her generous spirit. Aries women are competitive, but they are also very generous, and the Taurus man loves to be spoiled. While he is generally the one who likes to take control and court his partner, he’s turned on by the Aries woman’s willingness to shower him with lavish presents and romantic dates. She encourages him to loosen up. 

Her passion for lovemaking. As a passionate fire sign, the Aries woman loves making love; it’s one of her favorite things to do. Because of her stamina and persistence to please, she is one of the most adventurous and fearless sun signs in bed. Taurus is turned on by this, as he is one of the most sensual men of the zodiac. 

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What Attracts the Aries Woman to the Taurus Man

His sensual nature. The Aries woman must have a solid physical connection to her partner in relationships. She does not like someone who lacks affection or is lazy in bed. She wants to feel admired, appreciated, and most importantly, desired. Luckily for her, the Taurus man checks all those boxes. Although he’s reserved at times, he is not afraid to show her what she wants behind closed doors. 

His luxurious style. Aries women are attracted to all that is flashy and vibrant, and the Taurus man is quite the eye candy. Despite his quietness in public, he is quite the dresser. Ruled by Venus, Taurus men take pride in self-care, fashion, and personal grooming. He works hard to provide himself with the best of the best. He brings out her inner style icon and fashionista. 

His loyalty. The Aries woman is turned on by strength and competitiveness. She wants someone who will protect her, support her, and commit to her. With a Taurus man, she finds all of those things. His devotedness to himself and their relationship brings a feeling of comfort, strength, and consistency. In turn, he brings out a more structured and stable side of her. He inspires her to settle down and commit. 

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Sexual Compatibility between Taurus Man & Aries Woman

Although the pacing may be off at first, sexually, the Taurus man and Aries woman can be quite compatible if they agree to work at it. Here are some of the traits that make the Taurus and Aries dynamic such a delight in bed: 

Profound Stamina. When it comes to sex for the Aries woman and Taurus man, they can go for a very long time. Both signs have strong physiques and sexual endurance. Having multiple sexual encounters in one day is typical for these two. With strong erotic appetites, they share a desire to please the other endlessly. They have strong libidos. As a competitive Ram and persistent Bull, neither sign likes to throw in the towel. However, with Aries being the initiator, she’s more likely to get things started, but he won’t hesitate to join the mood. Their differences in temperament and communication could sometimes cause cool-off periods, but both partners enjoy lovemaking, so dry spells won’t last too long. Overall, their sex life is intensely physical and long-lasting. The more they connect mentally outside the bedroom, the stronger their sexual connection becomes. 

Playful and Kinky. As earth and fire signs, intimacy between these two can feel playful, sensual, and kinky — it all depends on who’s in control at the moment. When the Aries woman takes the lead, sexual experiences are most likely to be more playful and physically demanding, but her Taurus man won’t mind trying new positions. In the bedroom, he finds her adventurous spirit pleasing and exciting. She brings heat to his simmering fire. Together, they get to let loose and explore. There is less aggression and more sensuality when the Taurus man is in the lead. The Aries woman enjoys his slow kisses, intense eye-gazing, and occasional hair pulling. They both appreciate their willingness to please the other without judgment or harm.  

Post-Coitus, Aries likes to get moving again, and Taurus likes to chill out and relax. This may be a challenge if Taurus feels rushed or Aries feels rejected and left out. To improve their post-coitus connection, they should be intentional about spending time cuddling together and enjoying the silent closeness of each other’s bodies. 

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Is the Taurus Man/Aries Woman Relationship Likely to Last?

Taurus and Aries form a semisextile relationship in astrology, which means they are one sign apart. It’s an intense love or strong dislike type of relationship; it can go either way. Semisextile relationships have differing opinions, behaviors, temperaments, and desires. 

To make this pairing last, it all comes down to pacing. As a cardinal fire sign, the Aries woman has an extroverted and restless personality that is unsettling to the grounded, fixed earth Taurus man. 

Because of their fundamental differences, they may frequently run into explosive challenges with timing, expectations, and fulfilling each other’s needs. Aries must learn to slow down and practice more patience to overcome these breakdowns. On the other hand, Taurus needs to learn to take risks and open up. 

Although this pairing shares an explosive sex life and exciting initial connection, overall, Aries and Taurus are suitable for casual dating and best for a fling. If they want this to go for the long haul, it will take a lot of compromising, clear communication, and inner work. 

Overall rating:

Score: 6/10

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Keys to Success

Patience. Taurus needs to be more patient with Aries as she learns how to become focused and consistent in her actions and personal ambitions, as she has a hard time staying interested in one thing for a long time. While Taurus is a natural in the patience department, Aries needs extra help. If he pushes her or makes her feel unworthy, she’s likely to leave or intentionally act out. He must learn how to appreciate her spunkiness while simultaneously structuring her fire. Once she adjusts to his slower pace, she will find his easeful and effortless lifestyle exciting. Give her time to come around. 

Compromise. These two need to watch out for stubbornness, or they will end up feuding more than they make love. Taurus can be bull-headed at times, and Aries tends to be over-aggressive. If they want their union to last, they have to meet in the middle. Taurus must set aside their possessiveness, and Aries must release their self-centeredness. They may need to communicate clearly about their roles and expectations in the relationship. 

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