Taurus Man & Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility – Can it work?

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It can be so difficult to find a truly compatible love match.

I’m sure you’ve felt the pain of thinking you’d found the perfect partner, only to realize that you had irreparable differences. 

Of course, you don’t want to go through that again. You want a heads up on how compatible you are before diving in too deep.

Luckily, you’re in the right place.

In this post, we’ll be diving deep into the nitty-gritty of the Taurus man/Capricorn woman relationship dynamic.

By the end, you’ll come away with an excellent understanding of how these two signs operate together, and whether this is a relationship you want to find yourself in.

Now, let’s get into it! We’ll start first with what draws these two signs to each other.

What Attracts Taurus Man to Capricorn Woman

Her strong character. Right out of the gate, the Taurus man is drawn to Capricorn woman’s strong and dignified character. He sees that she’s practical and has a great deal of common sense He admires that she’s self-disciplined and patient, like him, and but senses her passionate, lusty side beneath, which excites him. These signs share a harmonious trine with each other, which enables Taurus to pick up on Capricorn’s inner feelings better than most.

Her work ethic. Taurus has a deep admiration for the Capricorn woman’s self-sufficiency and competence. While he is generally a strong provider himself, he appreciates her willingness to bear some responsibility in shared financial matters. She certainly can inspire his own career goals.

Her loyalty. The Capricorn woman is capable of deep, lasting devotion. Her loyalty is unmatched by any other female sun sign. Once she finds a partner she thinks is worth loving, with both her heart and her head, she goes all in. Taurus is endeared by this, as he shares the same sentiment.

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What Attracts Capricorn Woman to Taurus Man

His patience. It’s very important for the Capricorn woman to feel sufficiently wooed and in a patient way. She does not like to feel rushed by panting demands. She wants to feel coaxed in a grounded, patient way. She immediately senses this quality in the Taurus man, who’s not only patient in his pursuit of her, but in every aspect of his life.

His easeful earthiness. The Taurus man makes the Capricorn woman feel at ease in a unique way. Like her, he is an ambitious earth sign. But while she is ruled by cold Saturn, he is ruled by warm and cuddly Venus. He is able to see and appreciate her worldly prestige and titles, while also making her feel loved just for being herself. Beneath his own tough exterior, she’s likely to find a surprising sentimentality. And he brings out her own tender, gentle, and funny feminine side. 

His consistency. Capricorn women like structure. As a result, they’re not big on spontaneity or surprises. With Taurus, she finds a male who is direct, steadfast, and loyal. With him by her side, she’s able to relax into a feeling of things plodding along according to plan.

How he takes care of the homefront. Capricorns tend to be career women. She has a lot of worldly aspirations and doesn’t always have the time (or drive) to take care of the home front as meticulously as other female signs. What a relief for her, then, to see that the Venesian Taurus man loves to stay home and tend to the housework and decorations.

Taurus Man and Capricorn Woman Sexual Compatibility 

It’s fortunate for these earthy sensualists that they harmonize quite well together in the sexual department. Here are some of the traits that make the Taurus and Capricorn dynamic such a delight in bed:

Similarly paced. Both signs enjoy structured sexual play and taking their time with each sexual encounter. Foreplay is an extended, indulgent treat for them while their earthy libidos heat up to a full boil. Both signs are direct and know what they want. There’s an ease to their communication and sexual flow that relaxes both of them. Neither sign is prone to unpredictable emotional displays that interfere with their sexual pleasure, and both are more than patient to wait until they have a comfortable, private place to indulge their sexual appetites. She may not want sex quite as often as he, but she’ll certainly match his intensity. If Capricorn wants to try more experimental practices, Taurus is usually willing to go along. Overall, their sex life is rich and satisfying. The more their familiarity grows, the hotter the sex becomes.

Physically sensuous. As earth signs, kisses, and neck/shoulder rubs can be religious experiences for both the Taurus man and Capricorn woman. They’re both sensual, grounded, and tuned into the pleasure of soft scents, tastes, and rhythmic lovemaking. They both love textures, and will likely find themselves making love on their favorite fur comforter or other luxurious materials. The Capricorn woman can have a surprising amount of aggressive power and dominance, which Taurus gets a kick out of. They can both enjoy roughhousing with lots of playful biting and hitting. Fierce or tender, they’re sure to create the right sensuous atmosphere together. 

Post-coitus, these two relax fully. Their earthiness grounds their mind and body as their senses feel full and fulfilled. They fall into a natural, silent feeling of closeness and completeness that binds them together in a warm state of unity.

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Is the Taurus Man/Capricorn Woman Relationship Likely to Last?

Taurus and Capricorn form a trine relationship, which is the most harmonious aspect in astrology. There’s a feeling of comfort and safety that ripples through these two when together that’s easy to nurture and communicate.

Rarely do they encounter paralyzing conflict. They share similar values, and their strong mutual admiration results in them working through their infrequent disagreements with little blockage or stress.

Their practical natures are strong and easily align. Capricorn inspires Taurus’s ambition, and Taurus helps Capricorn slow her pace down and live a little more peacefully.

Both have equally strong libidos and can expect to have a lasting and enjoyable sex life. Jealousy is unlikely to be a problem between them. And neither is inclined to throw away a secure relationship over a single act of infidelity if it were to occur. If this relationship does go south, they will both likely cut ties indefinitely, never to turn back again.

Overall, Capricorn and Taurus are good for a fling, good for a relationship, and great for the long haul.

Score: 9/10

Keys to Success

Patience. Usually, patience comes naturally to both, but it is essential to note nonetheless. Taurus, in particular, must be patient with Capricorn, as her affections are hard to capture. She can be rather repressed emotionally, and she does not yield her inner self lightly or quickly. If he worries about her lack of sentiment early on, he must appreciate her natural progression. Once her head, and eventually her heart, agree on him, she will open up and fall in love deeply.

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Ensure things stay interesting. These two must watch out that they don’t become complacent in their relationship and fall into a rut over time. Taurus can be a bit lackadaisical or lazy at times, and Capricorn can turn her focus to the outer world a bit too much for the health of the relationship. Spicing things up sexually can help a lot. They may need to work on clearer communication in sexual matters, as well.

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4 thoughts on “Taurus Man & Capricorn Woman Love Compatibility – Can it work?”

  1. Nope! The Taurus man I dated turned out to be Satan! A liar, manipulator, deceiver, and a stealth mode cheater. He’s the first narcissist I have ever encountered and 2 years later, I still regret letting him into my life. So no, some Taurus men can cause damage and destruction and walk away from it, without a care. Loyalty is the term they use when they’re hiding the fact that they are habitual cheaters.

  2. I completely agree with all of this! I’ve been seeing this Taurus man for 10 months now. It started out as just a fling, I guess, and we are still doing whatever this is for almost a year 😳. He’s gentle, funny passionate and easy going. Everything I love in a man. But being the Capricorn I am I can’t tell him how I feel about him 😭 cuz I don’t want this to change. Uncertainty is a struggle for me. If you are a Taurus man reading this please help?! I don’t know what I should say or if I should say anything

    1. I’m a Taurus men and I just recently got into a relationship w a Capricorn girl who I’ve been friends with for ten years and we had sex (once). My advice is just be you I always knew she was genuine it was just the wrong time but it’s gone come around don’t rush it

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