5 Pro Texting Tips to Build a Taurus Woman’s Attraction

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This brief article will help you instantly level up your texting game with Taurus women. 

Texting the Taurus woman is an important skill, especially in the early stages of attraction.

These women are patient and cautious lovers that are highly perceptive and subliminal with their communication.

Venus-ruled Taurus women are friendly, warm, and beautiful. Their company is usually high in demand, with many potential suitors messaging them regularly.

They can read your emotional state through texts very well and will put men in the friend zone very quickly if they turn her off through texting.

You don’t want her to look at you like every other guy. And luckily for you, the information in this article will make you stand out from 99% of men.

You’ll learn all the best ways to get her excited about you and avoid doing things that could make her lose interest and stop responding.

By the end of the article, you’ll have the skills to make her be the guy she actually wants to go out with, not the guy she ghosts, flakes on, or uses for attention.

Keep in mind that this article is written with men in mind but can be applied to any relationship where masculine energy is working to attract feminine energy. You can swap out the gender terms for whatever suits you.

With that said, let’s dive in.

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1. Use texting to set up in-person meetings

You want to show initiative when texting to build attraction with a Taurus woman.

Taurus women are notoriously slow and patient in romance and seduction, but they still crave a strong man who doesn’t beat around the bush.

To build her attraction through texting, keep things simple and get to the point.

You do this by using texting to set up opportunities to meet in person, such as dates or adventures.

You do NOT want to text with a Taurus woman you’re into for weeks before asking her out. This will quickly get you slotted in the friend zone as a texting buddy.

Taurus women crave being with a man who’s confident in declaring his desires and moving things forward. So the longer it takes you to set a date, the lower her attraction will be. 

Taking too long to ask her out conveys that you need to feel like she’s already into you before you even ask her to go out with you. And that comes across as insecure because it shows your lack of self-confidence. 

Taurus women are perceptive. If you’re into her, she likely knows. Playing the friend route to get her attached before you’re willing to ask her looks weak and doesn’t impress her. If you’ve already been texting for a week and you haven’t yet asked her out, she will lose confidence in you.

So avoid trying to flirt and prove yourself to her through text to build her attraction. Make your intention to get to know her clear, ask her out, and save that flirtation material for in person. This is what she wants.

If you’re messaging in a dating app, ask for her number, text her from your phone number to ask for a facetime call so you can verify she’s legit and set a date.

Remember, Taurus women love men who are confident and assertive. So when you set up the date, don’t ask ‘when are you free” or “when can I see you.”

Give her your availability:

I’m free on this day, does that work for you? If that doesn’t work, I’m free on this day.

Rotate things around your schedule like this, and she’ll be more excited by you.

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2. Don’t text her all-day

Many men make the mistake of texting with a Taurus woman multiple times a day between hangouts.

I get it; she’s amazing to talk to with her romantic, sweet disposition that’s fun and flirty.

But if you want to magnetize her and build attraction, you can’t afford to keep texting her constantly.

Attraction grows in the space in between talking. Breaks in communication create uncertainty, mystery, and sexual tension. And over-texting will ruin those important excitement builders over time.

Now it’s OK to check in sometimes. You don’t want to only be texting to set up dates.

But texting her every day, every hour, trying to check in on her… etc. It makes her feel like you’re applying pressure to make her like you. And that comes across as insecure and destroys her attraction.

It makes her feel like you’re too excited by her. Like you don’t have much going on in your life and don’t have options outside of her. 

Taurus women like men who are patient, relaxed, and abundance-oriented. 

So be that to her. Don’t text constantly, don’t be continuously available, don’t try to prove yourself to her always by checking in, and don’t always be the one to initiate texting.

Remember, you shouldn’t use text to get to know a Taurus woman. You should use it to check-in and set up dates. This doesn’t overcrowd her and builds the necessary sexual tension to get her excitedly thinking about you.

Once she gets into you more, she’ll start to text you more that she misses you. Just because you’re more familiar now, don’t get caught up with over-texting. Just say I’ve been thinking about you too, you should come over, and we can share a bottle of wine. Remember, always push for in-person interactions where physical escalation can happen.

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3. Be warm and amiable but not needy 

It’s essential that you don’t come on too strong via text like you’re overly eager or trying to convince her to like you.

If you do this, she’ll reflexively back away from you. Taurus women want a confident guy who’s a catch that makes his intention to get to know her clear, not one who’s feverishly chasing her and seeking her validation.

So between dates, you want to avoid texts that seem overeager or come on too strong. Texts like:

  • You’re so beautiful
  • I miss you so much
  • I can’t wait to see you
  • I’ve been thinking about you all-day
  • What outfit are you wearing right now

Instead, you want to text in a laid-back way that shows interest but isn’t trying to overly validate her or seek validation from her:

  • Ask how she’s doing
  • Ask her day’s been
  • Tease her a bit
  • Crack a quick inside joke

Basically, show her that you’re thinking of her but not fumbling over her or trying to prove your devotion.

When building attraction with a Taurus woman, you want to keep your interest a mystery. If you show her your interest is sky-high, it looks needy and ruins any mystery you had.

Taurus women want a man who she has to catch. She loves the spark of trying to figure you out. If you seem too eager, that spark immediately dies. There’s no more mystery; all your cards are on the table.

Again, you don’t want to be too cold or frigid. Taurus women are warm and sensual beings. So show interest. Ask questions and follow up questions. But don’t say any over-the-top validating statements, especially early on. It just looks needy.

You’re not trying to prove her through text. You want to impress her in person.

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4. Don’t text her back immediately after every message she sends

Never be in a rush when texting to build attraction with a Taurus woman.

Take your time to respond to her. You don’t have to game things and intentionally wait hours to respond to her. You just don’t want to be literally texting her back within seconds or minutes.

If you text her back too quickly, she’ll slow the pace. She’ll start to take longer and longer to text. This is not a position you want to be in. It’s better if you’re scarce than over-available.

So draw out the interactions. Be spontaneous with your responses. This helps if you’re genuinely a busy, high-value person with a lot going on outside of her. 

But even if you’re not, don’t come across like a low-value guy by always being available and constantly texting her back immediately. And never double text. It’s just not an attractive look.

And remember, you’re not trying to have a ton of conversation via text with your Taurus crush, anyway. You want most of your interactions to take place in person. So it pays to spread out the few conversations you have with her over text. 

The caveat is if your text conversation is time-sensitive. Taurus women love prompt, reliable men who they can count on. So if she texts you from outside your door to say she’s over, hit her back quickly with a message and go meet her. 

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5. Mix up your texting interactions with voice and video messages

To captivate your Taurus women over text, you want to mix things up unexpectedly.

Instead of being the average guy who’s simply texting back and forth with her, stand out by sending voice memos or video messages.

Letting her see your visual expressions and hearing your voice engages her senses and lets you take up more space in her mind. It makes you feel more personable and comfortable to her. 

Mix them up consistently, too. A text here, a voice memo here, a video there. Change it up and keep her guessing. This will make her much more excited to see a message from you.

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Bonus Tip: Cut back on your use of emojis and gifs

Filling your text conversations with emojis and excessive emotional content can make you appear weak and feminine to the Taurus woman.

And this makes you run the risk of her putting you in the friendzone.

You don’t want to be cold and entirely unemotional in your texting style. Still, you do want a masculine, polarity-driven approach that she takes seriously and builds up your mystery.

You want her to wonder about you. A Taurus women’s interest and attraction grow when they’re unsure where they stand with you. It keeps her on her toes in a way that excites her femininity. And by texting in a minimal and a bit dry fashion, she’ll be able to read into things and wonder about you. 

So avoid the class-clown method of using too many emojis, gifs, and exclamation points. You want to come across as a masculine and seductive man, not a teenager or one of her girlfriends. That’s how you get classed as a texting friend or buddy, not a romantic option. 

Now, it’s OK to use an emoji every now and then with a Taurus woman, but not every other message. It’s just not going to help you turn her on and get her excited.

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Now you have some pro-level texting tips to get things moving when texting that Taurus woman you’re into.

Remember to take your texting dynamic with her slow and casual. Build her interest with a strong, masculine texting frame that’s not overbearing and mixes things up with multiple forms of communication (text, voice, video)

Use the phone primarily to set dates and impress her in person. That’s where you build rapport and deep interest.

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