7 Key Things to Know About the First House in Astrology

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1. The first house symbolizes our birth and the formation of Self

The first breath we take upon being birthed also gives birth to our individual birth chart. It’s where the journey of our unique chart and it’s expression through the twelve houses begins.

As the leading house in the zodiac wheel, the first house represents the birth of the “Self”. It’s where identity is formed. It’s where our emerging identity first starts to take root after being jolted awake from the realm of oceanic totality. 

First house matters include all of those early formative experiences we had around self-awareness, experiencing the ego, the development of our unique human persona, and the start of a life-long unfolding of our self-identity. 

2. The first house is connected to Aries and the Ascendant sign

The first house is arguably the most important house of the zodiac since it’s where the ascendant is found. The Ascendant and first house initiate the beginning of a life cycle.

This region of the chart is traditionally associated with Aries. Aries is a cardinal fire sign ruled by the Planet Mars. Cardinal fire represents a principle that radiates out brightly into life (qualities Aries is known for).

The cusp of the first house is a cardinal point (along with the cusps of the 4th, 7th, and 10th houses). And the sign on the first house cusp as well as any planets in the house are known to be amplified in a way that’s associated with intense Aries energy. 

Some people’s first house energy doesn’t shine bright like its natural ruler Aries. This is often caused by some other quality in the chart modifying or hampering its expression.

3. The First House influences our looks

You’ve likely heard that your Ascendant sign influences your physical appearance. This applies to your first house as a whole and is influenced by the sign and planets occupying that house. There’s a whole astrological practice called chart rectification, where an astrologer attempts to pin down an unknown birth-time by assessing what traits a person’s look conveys and how it might relate to certain signs on the first house cusp.

You’ll find that the first house influences more than just your raw physical form and facial features. It also influences how you express yourself through body language and your social style. 

Of course, we can’t conclude that the first house is the only indicator of bodily appearance in a birth chart. The whole chart is expressed in different parts of the body, and many other placements are known to affect physical appearances. The most notable are the sign on the first house cusp, planets in the 1st and 12th houses within 8 or 9 degrees of the Ascendant, the placement of the ruling planet of the Ascendant, the Sun sign, and planets near the Midheaven. With that said, the first house/Ascendant plays a large role in defining our physical features.

4. The first house influences our actual birth experience and early life

Our first experiences concerning the physical plane revolve around the energies of our first house. The experience of birth itself (and how our caregivers received us) is often intimately tied to the sign and planets in this region of our chart.

Someone with Pluto on the Ascendant or in the first house might have experienced dangerous or life-threatening birth complications. While a person with Neptune in this part of their chart might encounter an ethereal or emotionally vacant caregiver in their first moments, or perhaps a key caregiver was entirely absent altogether.

The first house stretches beyond our actual birth as well, and into the atmospheres of our early environment and home life (the fourth house plays a big role here as well).

Those early periods of life offered an important catalyst for self-development. It’s when the sign our your first house (the Ascendant), and as well as any nearby planetary placements, took their opportunity to shine.

For instance, a child with Jupiter on the Ascendant or in the first house might be born into a family of world travelers and find themselves being constantly relocated. If Saturn occupies the first house, one might have found themselves born into a family facing poverty or otherwise burdensome restrictions. 

As we evolve through childhood, we identify more and more with planets that occupy our first house. They express themselves as part of our personality and thus shape our sense of self. However, it can be easy to lose perspective on these planets because we grow so intimately with their influence. Their influence often just feels like “us”.

5. The first house continues to influence all of life’s new beginnings

The first house doesn’t just impact our early self, it’s also involved any time we undertake new beginnings and initiatives throughout life.

At any stage, the first house and Ascendant will strongly influence how we enter into different phases of life. Any time we experience a “birth” into a new experience or character evolution, the qualities of our unique first house signature are called forth. This process happens again and again as life progresses, with each new beginning reawaking similar energetic associations with past ones. 

To get a clear idea of how you deal with change and new experiences, develop a good understanding of your own first house. The sign ruling it is key, as well as any planets occupying or aspecting your first house/Ascendant. 

Note that while the energy of the Ascendant/first house plays a role in initiating change and new beginnings, it’s ultimately the Sun sign that’s growing from it.

6. The first house impacts how we meet life, and how life meets us

The first house applies a lens through which we perceive life. It represents the initial ‘flash’ or ‘hit’ of our individual existence and as a result, colors how we view life from there on out. What we focus on with that lens we bring into life. Inevitably, we act and behave in accordance with how we perceive the world with our unique lens.

This affects both the way we relate to others and the way they relate back to us. We consciously (or unconsciously) intemperate people’s actions or behaviors in certain ways unique to our first house lens.

The qualities of the sign on our first house cusp, as well as the planets that connect to our first house, greatly influence this process.

For example, Sagittarius on the first house cusp promotes seeing opportunities to explore and grow everywhere we look. A Capricorn first house, however, might perceive fears and doubts when viewing the same thing. The sign on the Ascendant is both what we are looking for and what is doing the looking.

The people around us pick up on this too, and will often respond to us accordingly, as the first house is essentially the door to the rest of our house (chart).

7. The Sign and planets in our first house are key in helping us realize our own unique identity

As mentioned, we form a deep identity around our first house energies early on in life. The archetypes of the signs and planets in our first resonate deeply within us.

By understanding the sign and planetary influences as best we can, we’re able to gain valuable knowledge as we work to better understand how to more fully wholly unravel who we are. We cannot be complete until we have recognized, explored, and developed the qualities of our first house.

While this is true for all house placements in our chart, the angles are particularly important (1st, 4th, 7th, 10th houses). While the first house has much to do with the ago, at the spiritual level, it also symbolizes the discovery of a deeper identity at the root of our psyche.


As we’ve touched on, the first house is an essential part of our chart. It influences our attitude, life outlook, and defines the expressions of our personality.

It’s through this house that we can best spread our light in the world. As such, it is one of the most significant variables in your natal chart.

Remember, to fully understand how the first house and Ascendant energies work in our own life, we must assess the sign and planets that are uniquely present in our own chart.

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