Why are Scorpios So Hated? The Top 5 Reasons, Explained

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Scorpio does seem to get a lot of hate. They’re number two on our list of most hated zodiac signs, after all. 

Overall, Scorpios are so hated because of their controlling nature and vindictive emotions. Scorpios are master manipulators and know how to get what they want from other people, and often do so through deception.

In this post, we’ll be diving deep into some of Scorpio’s most hate-worthy traits. You can bet that many, many people have grown beyond angry at Scorpio for behaving in these ways.

Alright, let’s dive into our list and solve the puzzle of why Scorpios are so hated.

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1. Their manipulativeness

First up, we have one of Scorpio’s trademark traits.

With Scorpio, you always have to be on the lookout for subtle manipulations. They can expertly influence others in ways that reinforce their own sense of superiority. 

They’re absolute pros at gaslighting. They have great intuition and can read people like books. They instinctively use this information to their advantage and will confuse weak-willed people and those who lack intuitive natures.

Their manipulations are so subtle. It’s a game to them. Often times they know much more about a situation than they let on but will string you along, acting naive the whole way. 

They’re very guarded and know the power of vulnerability. It’s not uncommon for Scorpios to feign vulnerability as a tactic to get information from others or manipulate their view of them in some way. If you discover that they’re acting to get you to feel sorry for them or to prioritize their feelings, it can feel pretty gross.

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2. Their controlling side

Here we have another shade of Scorpio’s manipulative nature, raw control.

Scorpios absolutely love to feel powerful and in control. Their planetary rulers are Pluto and mars, after all. Both planets are all about power. 

Aries, who’s also ruled by Mars, is controlling, too. But it’s more overt and less pernicious. Scorpio, under Pluto’s masterminding, will finesse control others in a very covert and deceptive way. Scorpio digs into every little detail of someone to get all of their weaknesses on the table for them to manipulate. 

They keep friends and partners as close as possible so they can monitor them. Scorpios hate to feel like they don’t know what people are up to. They may push boundaries beyond someone’s comfort level, but they’ll keep them loyal and under their thumb with subtlety, regardless.

They also control themselves quite a bit. They are paranoid souls, and any sense of losing control of themselves rings alarm bells in their minds. It benefits them to observe their compulsion to control and learn to let go, for everyone’s sake.

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3. Their possessiveness

Yes, another similar and heavy theme. I assume you’re starting to see the trend.

Scorpios are obsessive and possessive with anything they do. They are black and white with just about everything. This can be quite problematic when they enter romantic relationships.

They tend to go to 100% in a blink of an eye when they develop a crush. Usually, both parties feel amazing and immersed in one another. But at some point, unless Scorpio has caught another Scorpionic individual, the other will wake up a little bit from the soul-merging trance and discover that they’re feeling in too deep.

While the other person might feel like they lost themself by becoming absorbed in the intensity of the relationship, Scorpio is usually still feeling great. 

So, partner steps back slightly, and Scorpio’s possessive insecurities kick in. Then Scorpio gets paranoid and things turn tumultuous and toxic. 

The hope is that Scorpio finds someone who doesn’t mean feeling “owned” by Scorpio. Scorp really likes to feel completely in control of their partners. It’s best if they reveal it early on in the relationship.

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4. Their volatility

Scorpio is the sign of transformation. And their constant need for transformation often bears a cost for those around them.

See, to transform, Scorpio needs volatility. They need some level of drama, either external or internal. And they usually have no qualms about dragging everyone into their shadow of darkness and growth.

When the crisis they’re evolving through happens to be relational, their partner better be prepared. Going through deep passions and emotional wells with Scorpio can be downright exhausting. 

And if things turn sour in a relationship with Scorpio, it can get ugly quickly. Lots of intense, explosive feelings, and drama that burns both people out.

The best matches for Scorpio are able to handle the unpredictability of Scorpio’s emotional nature.

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5. Their vengefulness

As mentioned, for Scorpio, love turns to hatred in a flash of an eye. While usually self-controlled, a Scorpio that feels wronged or betrayed can lash out viciously at the person they once loved. They have a razor-sharp tongue and they can lay down incisive derogatory remarks about someone that leave traumatic emotional scars.

An insecure Scorpio that’s blinded by vindictiveness is a terrifying sight. If you end up on the wrong end of one, just hope that they do one of their favorite (and less explosive) tactics of shutting you out completely and moving on with their life like you never existed.

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So there you have it, five qualities that Scorpios possess that make people hate them.

Remember, not all Scorpios act like this. It’s the most insecure and self-sabotaging Scorpios that fall into these patterns the most. Being a Scorpio is hard, and requires a lot of self-reflection (I should know, I have Sun, Venus, Mercury, and Pluto in Scorpio)

Many Scorps don’t have sinister hidden agendas. They just need to feel safe before they drop down their protective barriers. If you can melt their heart and nurture their soft, empathetic inner realm, you may discover that you have a powerful friend or lover in Scorpio. One that’s loyal, deep, and real.

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12 thoughts on “Why are Scorpios So Hated? The Top 5 Reasons, Explained”

  1. I read the 5 top reasons why scorpios are hated. From my own true and honest experience these are very, very true. I am a scorpio. Whether these are coincidence or the real truth, i totally agree on those reasons. I don’t think men can cope with my deep emotional being, too emotional, too sensitive, vey secretive yet deceptive, yes very revengeful, vindictive and all. My husband is a scorpio too and he admitted that men would not be able to cope with me because he said i could drive men insane or ran away. When i take a kind of revenge, no one will notice what i do. I just appear ok on the surface but not internally. I am very kind with people but i really hate being disappointed, too obsessed and possessive. Knowing these weaknesses, i am optimistic on improving myself. I have plenty to say but I can’t say more…

      1. written by friends of max and tina…who can assault you, rob you, gaslight you, manipulate every person you know with petty vengeful lies…send their evil friends to run you over because you are a Scorpio no doubt…spread rumours about you, rob you, ruin your life, stalk you…but the poor Scorpio who has been cheated on lied about and abused can be victimized just because.THEY ARE A SCORPIO..this list is pure bs….get a life dude instead of spreading your hate to the wrong people…

        1. I have a hard time following your comment. Again, I’m a Scorpio myself and really like the sign. The list is just lower-vibe qualities that Scorpios can sometimes embody, which can cause them to get a lot of hate. Scorpio is also incredibly powerful, with tons of healing and transformative potential.

  2. Exactly that’s how I am and I don’t care what people say or think about me.
    If nobody likes Scorpio then he or she should just leave us alone!!!

    1. Hi Benita my Scorpio lady had these traits but she chased and chose me, so to say leave you Scorpios alone we all bloody would if you showed these traits early but you all seem to blame your partners or justify your behaviours. You would hate it if your partners treated you the same.
      Scorpios biggest problem that I struggle with is your hypocrisy. All because your all too scared to show vulnerability but demand it in others come on just try be fair because you guys have the ability to be more positive and great healers and more to the world if you try. Your one of the biggest egos but better to louse it
      Fellow water pices big brother sending pure love ❤️

  3. I have a nasty sting when people mess with me or my friends. But tbh im a very loving person. I can see why we scare ppl. Bit sag is intimidating too. And cap. Scorp not scary. Just dont mess with our friends and fam.

  4. “They’re absolute pros at gaslighting. (…) It’s not uncommon for Scorpios to feign vulnerability as a tactic to get information from others or manipulate their view of them in some way. If you discover that they’re acting to get you to feel sorry for them or to prioritize their feelings, it can feel pretty gross. (…) Scorpio digs into every little detail of someone to get all of their weaknesses on the table for them to manipulate. (…) They may push boundaries beyond someone’s comfort level” This. It is super cruel and sneaky no matter how you twist it. Any other personality traits can be somehow justified. This is emotional abuse and makes a mockery of compassionate and generous souls. The lack of empathy towards empathic people is inhumane. Hate Scorpios like this.

    1. The zodiac signs were originally defined based on the positions of constellations in the sky thousands of years ago. However, due to the precession of the Earth’s axis, the positions of the constellations have shifted over time. This means that the alignment of the zodiac signs with the constellations is no longer accurate. probably your a scorpio and you didnt even know it yet..

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