Which Zodiac Sign Should Aries Marry? Top 5 Signs, Ranked

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Aries is a Mars-ruled fire sign that’s courageous, confident, passionate, energetic, and determined. Aries make great leaders but often poor followers. They can also be impatient, selfish, impulsive, emotionally explosive, and aggressive.

When it comes to the ideal marriage partner for Aries, they will be confident, autonomous, sporty, adventurous, ambitious, quick-witted, driven, and energetic. Their ideal partner should share their “live hard, play hard” attitude.

Independent Aries isn’t a zodiac sign that rushes into marriage. At least a lasting one that is.

In most cases, the longer an Aries waits to marry, the better their chances they’ll have of marital bliss. They often settle down into secure, lifelong commitments only after sowing their wild oats in their younger years. With age, their youthful tendency to fall out of love quickly fades. 

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Even still, it can be hard to hold the long-term interest of any Aries, regardless of age. Aries can’t help but tire of a poor match who possesses the wrong traits for them.

This post will cover the top 5 zodiac signs for marriage compatibility with Aries. We’ll start with the most compatible sign and go down from there. 

It’s important to note that you should never base a marriage choice on just sun signs. Relationship astrology is complex, and other factors like Moon, Mars, Venus, and Rising sign placements are significant determiners of the potential of a relationship for success or failure. If you’re considering marriage, it’s best to get a full-chart relationship reading done.

With that said, let’s get into the Aries Sun sign marriage compatibilities!

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1. Leo

What makes them a good fit for marriage:

  • Both have big hearts. This fire-sign match brings a lot of sincerity, openness, and heartfelt gestures. Both signs love praise, and each naturally showers it on their partner. There’s a lot of loyalty, and relational confidence felt between them.
  • They can lead together. Both Aries and Leo are natural-born leaders. This gives them a lot of power-couple potential in all areas of life, especially when it comes to worldly successes. Aries tends to initiate first, while Leo makes the plan real.
  • They’re both lighthearted. As fire signs, these two are expressive lovers of life. They don’t dwell too much and rarely hold grudges. Any complicated feelings are likely to be worked through with ease. 
  • They’re well-matched sexually. There’s a lot of fire in this dynamic that shows up in the sexual arena. They both have high sex drives and enjoy frequent experimentation. 

Where the relationship can go wrong:

  • Battles for dominance. Aries and Leo both like to shine and be in charge, which can cause ego clashes. Each is stubborn and can be unwilling to obey or be ordered around by the other. And since they both like directing the people around them, including their partners, this could be an area that they need to work on.
  • Jealousy hangups. Both signs can struggle in this area, and their flirtatious natures quickly fan potential jealous flames. Because of this, it’s rare for this couple to talk much about past lovers. 

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2. Sagittarius

What makes them a good fit for marriage:

  • Shared traits and interests. Here we have another fire-sign matching. When two signs are in the same element, which gives them similar lifestyle and belief approaches, their methods are still just different enough to keep things interesting and exciting. 
  • A shared penchant for adventure. One of the most positive shared traits of the Aries-Sagittarius marriage is the desire for exploration. These two are far from couch potatoes. They’re outgoing and will solidify their relationship through the endless discovery of new places and experiences. They help each other feel more expansive, playful, and enthusiastic, especially in the social arena. 
  • Both desire and give freedom. These are two of the most independent signs in the zodiac. They each love autonomy and self-determination, and they’re happy to give each other full reign when it comes to self-rule. 
  • They both love to indulge in healthy competition. Whether it’s on the sports field or in a battle of wits, both Aries and Sagittarius love to compete. If they’re both sport-minded or simply enjoy some of the same exertion-based activities, this pair will form a great bond over the thrills of competition.

Where the relationship can go wrong:

  • Dominance issues. When you put two fire signs together in marriage, there will likely be some power struggles that need to be worked through. Aries is hotheaded and very dominant directly, while Sagittarius is more passively domineering and lacking in tact. Sagittarius usually navigates Aries combativeness with wit and a calm spirit, but they might sometimes struggle with their overly commanding nature.
  • Commitment issues. It’s already difficult enough to get flirty Aries to commit for life, and then you have Sagittarius, one of the zodiac’s least committal signs. Their chemistry and compatibility are strong, but it can be hard to get these two to actually walk down the aisle together. Both have to let go of some of their independence, self-centered goals, and roving eyes if they want to commit to this marriage. 

3. Gemini

What makes them a good fit for marriage:

  • Easeful roles. Aggressive Aries usually angles to take the leadership role in a relationship, and adaptable Gemini is generally happy to let them take the lead. Gemini has a chameleon-like ability to adapt to Aries’s approach, which Aries is more than happy to adjust around. They make a great team and have a lot of fun together.
  • Intellectual meets physical. This dynamic has an outstanding balance between Aries’s potent physicality and Gemini’s sharp intellect. Aries motives Gemini to take action, hit the gym, or otherwise exercise their body, while Gemini stimulates Aries’s mind through meaningful conversation and friendly debates. Their sexual dynamic is chock-full of sexual variety, with Gemini providing novel direction.
  • Lightheartedness abounds. Aries loves to feel easeful and jovial, but they can be pretty intense and get caught up in their passionate side. They benefit from being with vivacious Gemini, as they are pros at keeping things spontaneous and light. With Gemini, Aries feels like they’ve met someone they can have the most worry-free fun with.
  • Similar communication styles. Aries and Gemini both favor direct communication styles. Aries finds it refreshing that Gemini keeps it real and has thick enough skin for Aries not to have to worry about constantly offending them. 

Where things can go wrong:

  • Commitment issues. Aries is quick to fall for someone and commit, while Gemini can be a commitment-phobe. Neither dives quickly into marriage, but Aries will usually be ready way before Gemini is. And Aries can become disillusioned by Gemini’s avoidance.
  • Mind over matter. Aries tends to be very busy and active. Their action-oriented nature can feel thwarted by a Gemini who’s too cerebral and not physical enough for them. Aries may grow resentful if they think that Gemini can’t or won’t keep up, and Gemini will tire of the situation just as quickly.

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4. Aquarius

What makes them a good fit for marriage:

  • They create a great balance. This is another excellent air and fire match for Aries. Airy Aquarius fuels Aries’s fiery nature with their unpredictable, spontaneous, and unique flair. This match always keeps Aries guessing. Aquarius has a unique temperament that can handle Aries’s more explosive, volatile side without taking it personally. And they’re able to soothe Aries in the process. 
  • They’re both independent and rebellious. Aries and Aquarius are incredibly self-shaping and individualistic. They share a deep understanding, and both immensely appreciate each other’s styles. They’re happy to take space and go their own ways at times without jealousy, as they understand each other’s unique paths in life. 
  • Mutual optimism shines. Both Aries and Aquarius are in love with the future and act accordingly. They work hard to keep their lives lighthearted and constantly evolving. Neither likes to dwell on issues and is happy to leave issues in the past. They both share a low boredom threshold, so they always try new fun things together. Good humor abounds in this marriage. 

Where things can go wrong:

  • Excessive stubbornness. Aries and Aquarius both like to be right and do things their way. Arguments can get dicey, as neither wants to give ground in a debate. This is amplified by the fact that straightforward Aries can sometimes struggle to comprehend the nuanced ideas of their Aquarian partner. 
  • Personal vs. group orientation. Aries is fundamentally personally-oriented, while Aquarius is more group-oriented. Aries channels their energy in a focused, passionate way, while Aquarius is more aloof and broad-sweeping in their affections. 

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5. Libra

What makes them a good fit for marriage:

  • Opposites attract. Libra and Aries are opposite of each other in the zodiac wheel, and this polarity magnetizes them. There’s instant chemistry and attraction between these two that pulls them together.
  • Great sexual chemistry. The Mars-Venus connection is potent and super hot sexually. Not only are these signs opposite (which is great for sexual chemistry), but their planetary rulers also spice things up a ton. Mars rules Aries, and Venus rules Libra. Fiery Aries brings tons of passion to the affair, while cool-Libra brings a spark of harmony and balance. They’re sure to have different sexual approaches, but the raw interest and passion between them make bridging the gaps super fun and arousing. 

Where things can go wrong:

Their different paces. While opposite energies attract, balancing the differences can also be challenging. Aries is a fast-moving, impatient sign whose attitude is “let’s just get to it,” while Libra is more deliberate and slow in their decision-making. Libra wants to explore every option before deciding, while Aries prefers to act now and ask questions later. Aries can grow annoyed at Libra’s indecision and constant requests that Aries explain their rationale. 

How do they handle conflict? This issue can make or break this couple in marriage. Mainly because they’re likely to encounter minor disagreements frequently. Aries is entirely blunt, while Libra is the subtle peacemaker. Libra can struggle to handle Aries’s combative approach to debates and conflict, while Libra’s shying away from conflict will likely aggravate Aries. If they can learn to compromise and mature together in this regard, there’s a lot of growth potential to be found. 

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There you have it; the top zodiac sign matches for Aries in marriage.

Note that if your sign wasn’t on this list, it doesn’t mean you can’t have a good marriage with an Aries person. People with all sun sign combinations can make happy marriages, often due to other balancing effects in the zodiac charts of both people.

And at the same time, some marriage couplings that look good on paper due to positive sun sign relationships usually fail because they have other aspects in their relationship chart that sabotage their success.

If you’re looking to marry someone, getting a full relationship chart reading done is always recommended.

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