5 Signs a Virgo Man is Jealous (+ 5 Ways to Make Him Jealous)

Loren E. Elara

Loren E. Elara

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You’re about to learn the subtle signs that a Virgo man is jealous. You’ll also learn some clever ways to get him jealous (if that’s what you want).

I’ll assume you’re here for one of three reasons:

  1. You think a Virgo guy is jealous because of you or someone else, but you’re not sure.
  2. You want a Virgo guy to be more attracted to you, and are considering making him jealous to accomplish that.
  3. You’re already with a Virgo guy and are worried that he’s become jealous and you want to avoid it from sabotaging your relationship

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If you fall into any of those categories, I’ve got you covered in this post.

Jealousy is a tricky subject, but by the end of this post, you’ll feel confident in your ability to soothe (or inflame) the jealous desires of a Virgo man.

Let’s get to it!

First, here are seven clear signs that he’s jealous:

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1. He clearly doesn’t like it when you talk to other guys

The Virgo man is very relationship-focused. When he’s with a partner (or is trying to create a relationship) he will often act like they’re already a married couple.

His desire to bond, establish a close relationship, and his tendency to anxiously overthink can make him possessive and prone to jealousy.

Note how he responds when you talk to another male friend around him or discuss positive interactions with a male co-worker. If his body language shifts to a closed or uncomfortable posture, or his tonality shifts to critical or snarky, that’s a clear sign that he’s feeling jealous and threatened.

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2. He plays things (too) cool

Virgo guys are cautious and don’t like to reveal their emotions, especially weak ones. He’s reserved and won’t show jealousy like a hot-headed Fire sign or emotionally reactive Water sign.

So if he’s suddenly started to get a bit cold around you and has retreated a bit, overthinking around jealousy could be the culprit.

He can retreat for other reasons, too. I explain more about this in my course on attracting him.

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3. He starts talking a lot about loyalty and trust

Virgo men are more possessive than jealous. He’s incredibly loyal and he expects his significant other to respect that and be loyal as well.

If he’s starting to feel tinges of jealousy, he might indirectly try to address it by discussing the notions around loyalty and trust in relationships. He might talk about it abstractly concerning other people’s relationships, or, if he’s bold, about the two of you.

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4. He’s started sulking around you

Virgo’s often have a hard time with their inherent nature. They’re perfectionists and highly-critical of themselves. It can feel like the world is against him sometimes.

He copes with this by becoming a bit mopey and will sulk around when something feels unfair. If he’s sulking around you and generally being broody, jealous feelings could be the culprit.

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5. His controlling side takes over

Virgo men love control. Most of the time they direct it at themselves, with just a little bit directed at their partner’s life and habits.

But a jealous Virgo might react by trying to control his partner in an over the top way by trying to make their decisions for them.

He might be trying to plan your schedule by choosing where you go and what you do. He could also try to control your moods and emotions by criticizing you with his logical mind. He might even try to control your friend group or access your passwords.

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How to Make a Virgo Guy Jealous

This shouldn’t be too hard of a task, assuming that he’s already into you. Virgo men naturally tend towards possessiveness and clinginess in a relationship.

If he’s not yet that attracted to you, these tactics could spark up his desire for you by creating a bit of opportunity for his competitive side to come out.

But watch out. Trying to make this guy jealous isn’t always the best idea if you want to raise his attraction level. Virgo men desire a serious, modest partner, who he’d want to bring home to mom. Your jealousy-inducing behavior could end up just making him see you as flippant and low value.

Here are five of the (less risky) ways to make him jealous over you:

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1. Have a fun, busy, and attractive social life

This is definitely the best, healthiest way to make him jealous. He likes to compare, and if he sees that you’re high-value (busy, attractive lifestyle) and are around a lot of other men (social), he’ll naturally want to insert himself into your life to compete for your attention.

This creates a subtle form of jealousy. He sees what you have to offer and is motivated to attain you before other men do.

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2. Create romantic triangles

Men (and women) are motivated by romantic competition. We want what’s in demand before someone else stakes a claim.

Stoke his competitive and possessive nature by spending time with one or two other potentially interested guys.

Be careful though! The Virgo guy can be quite shy and he hates the sting of rejection. So he might back away if he senses that your interest in him might not be very strong.

So makes sure to keep him clued into your interest for him. Don’t be too cold or too flirtatious with other guys. You just want to light a tiny fire under him to stoke the attraction between you, nothing more.

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3. Don’t always be available

Virgo guys love to talk and communicate with their partners and love interests. He’ll call, text, and video chat regularly if he’s into you.

To make him a little jealous, don’t give him all of your time and don’t respond back right away to his texts and inquiries about your schedule. Basically, be too busy for him.

Have a social life outside of him, and stick to it. He’ll get jealous of the attention you’re getting from (and giving to) other people. He’ll use his active mind to figure out how to get more of your time and attention.

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4. Let another guy (or person) help you out

The Virgo guy has a bit of a savior complex. He wants to help his partner in all ways. He wants to fix up their home, to plan out their out life, and to improve their health wellbeing.

A potent way to get him jealous, then, is to accept help from others. He will wish that he was the one who was giving you assistance, knowing how well being of help could ingratiate him into your life.

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5. Dress attractively in social settings

Basically, look good when out on the town, at your game night, or whatever.

He’ll love to see you looking good, and he knows you’ll be attracting the attention of others.

Just make sure that your outfit conveys class. You won’t attract him with skintight clothing or a ton of cleavage. He’s not into that kind of flashiness. Tasteful modesty wins with a Virgo guy. Your challenge is to stand out and look distinctive while also adhering to a modest code of wardrobe. You can do it!

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There you go, plenty to digest about the jealousy and the Virgo guy. I have more info about his jealous side, as well as a ton more info about attracting him in my Virgo man attraction course.

Good luck!

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