5 Key Things to Know about Venus Square Pluto in Synastry

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Venus being square to Pluto in a synastry chart is one of the most intense and explosive romantic aspects you could ask for.

Venus and Pluto are two very different planets that each play a huge roll in romantic style and compatibility. When connected by a square aspect, these planets simply cannot be overlooked when analyzing a synastry chart.

Strap in, this should be an interesting one.

When Venus & Pluto Square each other in the Synastry chart

Seeing “Pluto” and “square” in the same sentence makes some people feel uneasy, and understandably so.

Pluto is known for being the destroyer and transformer of the zodiac. Pluto rules our darkest desires, impulses, and fears. It’s the obsessive, intense, and powerful force in our inner psyche which influences our emotional depths, primal sexuality, and shadow side.

A square aspect suggests conflict and tension between two planets. It brings great potential for action and growth, but also a potential for hot-headedness, power struggles, and angst.

Throw Venus in the mix by squaring it with Pluto (Venus relates to our desires and values), and the results can be intimate and explosive.

It’s not all doom and gloom. There’s possibility for fun, romance, and adventure with this aspect. In fact, Venus square Pluto can be better than Venus conjunct Pluto synastry in some instances.

It’s more magnetic in a contrasting, polarizing way, that’s for sure. The conjunction aspect merges two people into a feeling of “we”, while the square highlights the separation of “you/I” and makes them want to rush towards each other and merge in an intense way.

While alluring, the square aspect requires a lot of work. The hope is that with Venus and Pluto the friction felt is creative and easily explored.

The square here can turn south very quickly if they don’t approach their emotions intelligently from the start.

The relationship with Venus square Pluto can either be the greatest love either feels or the most traumatic. This all depends on how the aspect plays out related to the signs involved, house placements, and other synastry aspects.

1. How Venus feels and behaves around Pluto

Venus often notices Pluto right away with this square. They may feel fascination, repulsion, or a mixture of the two. Whatever they feel, it will be strong.

It’s no joke to feel a square from someone’s Pluto to your sensitive personal planet Venus. Many people with the Venus in this aspect will pass on a potential connection because of how intense it feels to have Pluto bearing down on them in a friction-oriented way.

They may intuitively sense that a connection with this person will cause a great disruption for them. They might not be up for something so challenging and all-consuming.

At the same time, the pull to the Pluto person might feel too magnetic to resist. The intensity and passion underneath this connection often feels like the relationship is fated.

If the Venus person has Venus in Scorpio, their own Venus-Pluto aspects natally, or other strong Scorpionic elements in their chart, then they might dive headfirst into this pairing without any reserve.

If Venus does drop into Pluto’s realm, they’ll feel an immediate deepening of their own Venusian desires.

2. How Pluto feels and behaves around Venus

The Pluto person feels like they have an outlet with the Venus person to show their plutonic side.

With Venus, they can reveal the deep passions, obsessions, and desires that they carry with them.

They could experience a softening and more flowy outlet for their deep. dark side with Venus than they’ve been able to access before.

With the square aspect, they might also feel a sense of ownership with the Venus person. They could be demanding at times. It’s highly likely that the Pluto person will want to fuse with the Venus person somehow. 

Possessiveness and jealousy can come up big time in the emotional world of the Pluto person. They want the Venus person no matter what.

3. There’s palpable sparks felt between them from the start

The square aspect may be challenging but both partners tend to be highly attracted to one another from the onset.

There’s a palpable draw to one another and a tension that’s simply begging to be resolved. Both of them feel this allure strongly.

Remember, Venus and Pluto both have to do with desire. Venus’s desire is sensual while Pluto’s is related to primal, relentless, lust.

They will want to resolve this desire tension, especially Pluto.

4. Their sexual chemistry can be wild

With the square aspect both people tend to be sexually attracted to each other.

I’ve heard multiple people in relationships with this aspect say they’ve never been as attracted to anyone they were with this partner. The raw sexual attraction here is simply off the charts, and very hard to beat.

Sexuality simply feels good between them. The sexual tension is hot, easy, and abundant. They simply feel good when acting out sexually together.

They’re driven to explore the depths of their sexual interests and curiosities. Kinks are openly indulged in and there’s seemingly an endless amount of energy for sexual exploration.

5. Feelings of obsession, possessiveness, and jealousy can dominate the relationship

Hard Venus Pluto aspects like the square tend to fuel a lot of intense and tumultuous emotions. Love in this pairing tends to be shown through degrees of obsession and how possessive one is over the other.

As a result, feelings of ownership and resultant jealousy tends to crop often. Power games that center around possessiveness and control are common here.

Typically, it’s Pluto that feels these emotions the most. Pluto tends to fall hard for Venus and wants to possess them. Pluto often fuels insecurities and the Pluto person might lose sleep over the fear of losing their Venus partner.

Social butterfly Venus likes receiving attention and compliments from others and easily garners them. This adds fuel to Pluto’s potential for jealousy and fear of betrayal.

Pluto may get manipulative and try to control the Venus person’s actions. The Pluto person can withhold love to gain control. They might even attempt to block the Venus person from talking to the opposite gender. They may try to control the actions of the Venus person or create wedges between them and their opposite gender friends.

But in the end, no amount of sheltering can prevent others from being drawn to Venus. And Venus never loses the desire for attention.

But it’s not just Pluto that feels jealousy or possessiveness. Both partners tend to grow incredibly attached to the other. Venus can fear Pluto abandoning them, too.

They can learn a lot from their relationship

This relationship can teach both the Pluto and Venus partners a lot of important lessons. There are riches to be found within their intimate experiences, but they won’t come easy.

Pluto is the the planet of transformation. Whatever Pluto touches it is never easy to handle, even if the aspects are ‘positive’ or ‘lighter’. 

With the square aspect, something in this relationship needs to be transformed for them to create the harmony that they crave. They want to be with each other so much, but will face hurdles to bridge the gap between them that the square creates.

This synastry aspect creates a dynamic where they seek a reaction to reaffirm that the other person cares. They’ll trigger each other a lot as a result.

They stir up unconscious shadow qualities within each other. Power struggles are certainly indicated. Their dark sides concerning possessiveness and anger will likely be aroused. They’ll likely face and push personal limits that they didn’t know that had.

Venus Square Pluto Synastry: Keys to Success

Wanting what this aspect brings. You need a preference for something deep, strong, and transformative to really thrive with this synastry square. It can feel like your soul is being chewed up and spit out with this aspect.

Some people simply can’t deal with the disharmonious intensity with this relationship aspect. Those who don’t want to face a ton of challenge/growth won’t do well with this pairing, unless there’s many harmonious supportive aspects involved as well.

Managing controlling tendencies and abandonment fears. There’s a risk of getting lost in each other and the potential whirlwind turmoils that this aspect can create. You don’t want to indulge in unhealthy obsession or lose your freedom in this relationship. 

Trust is essential to this relationship’s success. Reassurance and words of affirmation really help, as does quality time (without overdoing it). 

Without trust, both can lose confidence in the connection and allow fears to take over. Fear turns insidious quickly when Pluto is involved, turning to control, anger, and vengefulness. 

You can’t try to shelter yourselves, either. For the relationship to last, you need to evolve and grow into a wiser, more emotionally intelligence couple.

This is most important for the Pluto person to master. If they cave to insecurity and try to control the Venus person, it won’t work. An insecure Pluto is cold and siphons life from their Venus partner, which will drive the Venus person away very quickly. Watch for toxic manipulative energies and game playing patterns. 

Be cautious around uncontrolled feelings. It’s possible for this relationship to result in stalking behavior (mostly on the part of the Pluto person). Unrequited love can turn south quickly here. Emotions should always be managed and kept in check.


Venus square Pluto synastry can feel fated, invigorating, and fun to share. It can be a great aspect to have, or end up feeling entirely draining.

You must grow together to thrive with a Venus square Pluto synastry aspect. It can feel like a drug at times, but it’s actually an intense reminder for growth, especially if you want it to last long-term.

With that said, the interpretations here might not dictate how your relationship flows. This is only one aspect of many in a synastry chart. The signs and houses also dictate how the relationship will flow. Do not assess your relationship purely on this aspect alone!

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