7 Key Things to Know about Venus Conjunct Pluto in Synastry

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Synastry is a powerful tool in astrological relationship analysis.

In this post, we’re diving into one of the most potent aspects found in all of relationship astrology.

This synastry conjunction occurs when one person’s Venus and another’s Pluto placements are close together by degree.

Both planets are often in the same sign when this aspect occurs, but occasionally they’ll be in next-door signs.

This aspect can be quite powerful for platonic, familial, and professional relationships. But the focus of this article will be romantic connections involving Venus conjunct Pluto. 

Strap in, this one’s going to be interesting! This is a seriously attractive & potentially explosive combo.

Venus & Pluto Conjunct in Synastry

When Venus and Pluto meet in the synastry chart, it’s always going to give intense results. With the conjunction, there’s an obsession, an intense desire to merge, and passions that can turn volatile.

The results are often powerfully life-changing. If this aspect occurs in a deep friendship or romance, each person tends to come out of it irrecoverably changed.

Venus/Pluto synastry fosters an intensity within the relationship that’s edgy and all-consuming but feels like something you just can’t do without all at the same time.

The stakes truly are high when Pluto is involved like this. A relationship with this aspect has the potential to be the most rewarding or soul-destroying experience of your life

1. How Venus feels and behaves around Pluto

The Venus person will sense the Pluto person almost immediately. They might not know why, or they might recognize something deep and powerful lurking within them.

Venus could be fascinated or scared of the intensity they feel emanating from the Pluto person. This could be particularly confusing if the Pluto person doesn’t have too strong of a Plutonic/Scorpionic personality in general.

They might feel repelled when in the Pluto person’s presence, but more likely, they’ll be drawn into them like a moth to a flame.

Venus may recognize the wounds of the Pluto person. How hurt they feel by the world, their issues with trust, how they’ve been disconnected from their inner child. 

Venus seeks to beautify and soothe all that she touches. In Venus’s quest for harmony, they might feel a strong urge, even a duty, to help the Pluto person reconnect with the wounded parts of themselves.

2. How Pluto feels and behaves around Venus

The Pluto person in this match will likely find the Venus person incredibly alluring right away and feelings of obsession may settle in quickly.

Pluto sees every contour of Venus’s charm. Their beauty, their innocence, their creativity, etc.

The Venus person feels “close” to the Pluto person, due to the conjunction they share, but Venus feels so much lighter and eloquent than the Pluto person.

Pluto has a piercing understanding of Venus’s pain and struggles. Their empathy for them feels like a soreness and they feel like they’d be willing to do anything to take Venus’s pain away.

The Pluto person also senses that Venus admires the parts of themselves that they don’t entirely understand or possibly reject about themselves.

By this point, Pluto likely feels a strong desire to merge with Venus. They want to transform Venus and further experience and assimilate Venus’s effortless beauty and love that’s suddenly captivating Pluto’s heart.

After that first touch of romance, Pluto usually become smitten.

All of their deep Plutonic feelings narrow to a laser like focus on Venus. With this new addictive swirl of feelings, an inevitable hint of possessiveness begins to set in.

3. They act quickly on a mutual desire to merge

They may not even have known why they feel such a strong pull and urge to get closer to the other person. They might not even be each other’s usual type. They feel curious about the other without understanding why.

That immense but subtle pull tends to snowball fast once they escalate towards forming an established connection.

The beginning stages of this relationship can feel like an utter storm. This is not a casual relationship energy.

There’s a desire to get to know the other person in and out. To share their most personal struggles and insecurities together. They both want to understand the other’s deepest and darkest sides, even if it scares them.

Their intense intimacy kicks off a rare sort of soul-binding. They begin to want each other on such a deep level that they struggle to find words for what they’re experiencing.

Other people can see it, too. It’s like there’s a deep magnetic pull between them. They love being in close proximity to each other and seem to always be touching. 

They communicate openly about everything. There’s this sense that they can share all of their troubles with each other and solve things together with ease. The deep conversations and sense of shared solitude can make it feel like the outside world doesn’t exist sometimes.

There’s usually a sense of incomparability and irreplaceability to their union. And you and I quickly becomes us and we.

4. Their sexual attraction is palpable and potent

A physical relationship between is likely to be something they remember for the rest of their lives.

Sexual chemistry is incredibly strong with Venus conjunct Pluto synastry and feels simultaneously animalistic and spiritual. Pluto loves to touch and ravish Venus and Venus absolutely melts to Pluto’s touch.

Once that initial boundary is crossed, sex and physical intimacy usually becomes their ultimate way of bonding due to the rawness and vulnerability involved. 

There will be phases of their union where they want to merge sexually 24/7. They’ll act on it as much as possible and will be daydreaming about it when they’re apart. 

The sex will be hot, intense, and transforming. It can be downright pornographic at times and otherworldly transcendent at others. 

They will find out every perverse and intimate part of each other, even the one’s that have been never been explored before. They feel like showing each other parts of themselves that have never been seen before.

Make-up sex is absolutely on the menu for these two after a conflict.

5. Feelings of obsession, possessiveness, and jealousy can abound

It’s easy for Venus to be obsessed with Pluto and Pluto to be obsessed with Venus with this aspect involved.

While their hunger for each other and mutual obsession is fun, it’s all-consuming nature can lead to excesses and extremes of desire.

There’s a dark side to contend with whenever Pluto is heavily involved in an individual synastry chart. All of Pluto’s hidden desires and fears are awakened by their relationship with Venus, and they will latch onto Venus heavily.

The Venus person might not realize how obsessed the Pluto person has become (unless they have a lot of Scorpionic aspects themselves). The Pluto person might keep this part of them hidden, intentionally or not. 

Possessiveness usually sets in for one or both of them, and Pluto in particular struggles to handle outside admirers. Admirers which Venus is undoubtedly going to have.

A fear of losing each other at the hands of another can take their minds hostage. And if Pluto loses confidence in their connection, they’re liable to do whatever in their power to keep Venus tightly within their grasp.

Pluto is naturally protective and will be willing to fight to protect Venus. But this protective instinct can become skewed by envy, jealousy, and possessiveness.

They might lash out at outside influences and try to keep Venus locked down “for their safety”. Venus might resist this attempt at controlling them, for Venus longs for a life of ease, harmony, and beauty; not confinement. 

This dynamic is less harsh in the conjunction when compared to the opposition or square aspect. It can sometimes be overlooked. But other times, jealousies can sabotage what would otherwise be a great relationship.

6. Control & power games

Venus has plenty of charm and is a planet that’s accustomed to getting its way, but Pluto is usually the one who has the upper hand in this relationship.

When Pluto feels that the relationship is threatened, there’s few limits that they’ll go to in manipulating circumstances. Much is possible here, from subtle but insidious manipulation tactics to violent outbursts.

Pluto can feel like they have to own the Venus person. They might be mean or harsh to Venus, leveraging their power to hurt them to maintain control.

Pluto usually has their eyes on Venus at all times, which can be unnerving for Venus. They might sense that Pluto is driven fearfully by a desire to track their every move to keep them in their possession.

For Venus conjunct Pluto to work longterm (or start at all) there needs to be a willingness to let go of control. The Pluto person will have to contend with their fears of abandonment and losing influence over others. 

7. Transformative potential 

On the bright side, this relationship can have huge transformative impact for both people.

A Venus conjunct Pluto synastry relationship usually comes into a persons life when something is ready to breakthrough or change for them. 

Each person is usually left altered by this relationship even if it’s short-lived. They can reflect back on it as a sort of inflection point in their life.

Venus can show Pluto the lighter aspects of life, and Pluto can help the Venus person ground into the deeper aspects of love and life.

Due to the planet’s transformative nature, it’s usually the Pluto person that has the biggest impact on their partner. The Venus person may be filled with a new depth, intensity, and passion following Pluto’s enrichment. 

Venus Conjunct Pluto Synastry: Keys to Success

Managing attachment and obsession. This can be a sort of fatal attraction-y dynamic. They might feel like they can’t get enough of each other, but will need to pace themselves and take breathing room if they want to see success together. The stimulation never really stops with these two, but they’ll have to pump the brakes here and there.

Managing manipulative tendencies. They need to check themselves and their insecurities often. When fears and insecurities settle in, things can go haywire fast for Venus conj. Pluto.

Managing the Plutonic impulse to destroy the object of its affection. Pluto can be a downright destructive force. To possess and to destroy is the hallmark of an unevolved Pluto. If left insecure and unregulated, Pluto can feel like he wants to consume and tear apart Venus. 

A shared willingness to get intense and go deep. This relationship won’t be for everyone. neither partner is very Scorpionic and prefers to keep things light in life, this relationship won’t have much ground to stand on. You must be open to having your world shaken up to survive a strongly Venus conjunct Pluto aspect in a relationship chart.


Venus conjunct Pluto in synastry can be the sign of a deep-rooted, unbreakable bond.

What have your experiences been with this aspect? Are you currently in a relationship that involves Venus conjunct Pluto?

Let us know your thoughts and experiences below. 

Loren Elara

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6 thoughts on “7 Key Things to Know about Venus Conjunct Pluto in Synastry”

  1. extreme obsession by Pluto at first but knowledge is power snd it can be
    controlled and understood with help from astrology

    1. I am pluto woman much older than him. I think he is terribly attractive physically and sexually. It doesn’t seem like he feels the same but doesn’t know yet. We’ve only been talking to each other for a short while. I feel very unhealthy thinking about venus with this age difference. When we talked a little the other day, the feeling came afterwards that I might lose control and “throw myself over him” for example saying, “Honey” and that the magnetism makes me kiss him as if it were the most natural thing there was. But on the contrary, what a horror it is to completely lose your grip and freak out. It’s not really my style, I have a fairly responsible attitude normally. Right now I’m going through big inner changes in my own life, fears and struggles are clear which are scary.. A transformation underway that I’ve worked for almost my whole life.

      1. Dear Suzanne,

        I had the same relationship! I was the Pluto woman older than the Venus for 7 years. The sex and the immense passion never ever have I experienced with anyone else. I wanted his child and he wanted mine, too. But he was too afraid of the bond I guess. He left and came back a couple of times… Third time he left he found another woman born the same day, month and year as him. I was devastated. 4 months after I became pregnant with another man and married him. Then my Venus became obsessed with me- because now he understood that I was gone. The reason was he had Mars and Venus in Scorpio in natal chart- saying he loves you when you go. Now I am married to another man and he is in relationship with another woman- but there doesn’t go a day that I do not think about him. He used to text me, and he told me everything- that it was real love with me. Once and never ever again. I feel the same. But I cannot help myself even though I know that the connection would ultimately destroy us.

  2. Wow. Everything you wrote seems right on. We have the conjunction and reverse planets in trine. So double dipping on these two planets is very intense. With both and reversed, it’s awesome

  3. The most powerful force compels me daily. I am the Venus. He is the Pluto. I constantly think about Pluto and have lost all my balance, dignity and spine with this relationship. There is a light on my soul from which I pour all of my thoughts, secrets and desires into him. When we make love, every nerve in my body is on edge. It is a hunger like daily famine. Willing to do anything and never have before been the case. He is not much better. He in inventorying his life trying to let go fully of his lustful past. He is Sun in Capricorn. I’m Sun in Leo. Our synastry chart is off the chain. Over 1890 gross, like 1500 net. The love is an abyss. This is a sick situation. Drives me mad because we cannot stop anything. Definitely a lesson in repression and denial. Daily fight. Luckily he travels for a living, but the Pluto Sextile VENUS beast always awaits his return home. Scary.

    I cannot say anymore for fear he can see and identify this post. He is a very private person.

  4. I’m the venus person and there are a number of other aspects in the chart that have the same power struggle obsessed vibe but the venus pluto conjunction seems to be the one that comes forward the most. I’ve had to pump the brakes as we spend every evening together during the week until late at nights so on weekends I want a little time to spend with family and he resents this. It’s not easy at all. I love him and yes the intimacy is off the chain but I’ve realized if I don’t put up boundaries he will completely take over my life which he knd of has. I don’t want to lose him but isn’t there some kind of middle ground?

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