5 Pro Texting Tips to Build an Aries Woman’s Attraction

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Texting to build attraction with Aries woman can make you feel like you’re navigating a minefield.

Aries women are very subliminal with their social communication. They can read your emotional state with ease, even through text.

And they tend to be fickle. A little slip-up can turn an Aries woman off and cause her to quickly place you in the friend zone.

You don’t want her to look at you like every other guy. You want to stand out to her and draw her attraction, which is why you’re here.

In this post, you’re going to learn the ins and outs of making an Aries woman captivated by your texting game while avoiding the things that would make her stop responding.

You’re in the right place if you want to be the guy she texts and wants to go out with, not the guy she ghosts, flakes on, or uses for attention.

Note that this article is meant to guide masculine (yang) energy towards attracting feminine (yin) energy. It works for all gender relations. So feel free to swap out the term women to better adapt to your unique relationship dynamic.

With that said, let’s dive in.

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1. Get straight to the point and set up in-person meetings.

Aries women are drawn to confident men that show initiative. She likes it when an interested guy keeps things simple and gets straight to the point in his pursuit of her.

On the flip side, she gets exhausted by guys who attempt to be witty and try-hard through texting without actually setting up a date with her.

To satisfy her in this way, I’m not saying you should go ahead and tell her that you like her, but you do want to express your genuine interest in getting to know her and, most importantly, make a plan with her to meet up.

The longer it takes to set a date or meet with an Aries woman, the lower her attraction for you will be, especially if you meander around the topic while texting her for weeks. Action-oriented men captivate this woman, and passive ones repel her.

Because when you hesitate to ask her out, it conveys that you feel you need to get her to like you before you even ask her to go out with you.

She senses that you’re trying to play the friend route to get her attached before you ask her out. And she doesn’t like it.

She knows if you’re into her. And she knows your intention isn’t to be her friend or texting buddy. You want to build attraction. 

So don’t be that guy who texts her for weeks and still doesn’t ask her out. That’s how you get rejected.

When you ask her out, don’t ask, “when are you free” or “when can I see you.”

Instead, give her your availability. Say: “I’m free on this day. Does that work for you? If that doesn’t work, I’m free on this day”.

Work around your schedule, not hers. This sort of frame shows strength and self-importance and will drive an Aries woman wild with eagerness to spend time with you.

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2. Be good-natured but not-needy 

You want to use texting to set up in-person experiences with an Aries woman, and not for much more (more on that later).

You still want to be personable and avoid being cold or robotic. But, most importantly, you don’t want to display neediness.

So when you text, never seem too eager. If you come on super strong, she’ll reflexively back away.

Aries women crave a cool and confident guy who’s a catch, not a guy who’s fumbling over himself trying to convey the child-like excitement he feels for being able to talk to her.

If you’re overly excited to be texting with her, it conveys that you don’t have many options and are eager to try to get with her. It’s not attractive. Women are drawn to men that live in abundance. 

For example, here are some texts that come on too strong and look needy.

  • I’ve been thinking about you all-day
  • I miss you so much
  • I can’t wait to see you
  • You’re are just so beautiful
  • What outfit are you wearing right now

Instead, show her personality through some chilled-out, cordial conversation: 

  • Ask her how she’s doing
  • Ask her how her day’s been
  • Crack a quick inside joke
  • Tease her with a tastefully playful remark
  • Ask follow-up questions

The important thing here is to convey genuine interest in her while keeping your overall attraction level a mystery by not coming on too strong.

It may seem counterintuitive, but women are more attracted to men whose feelings are unclear. They love the spark of trying to figure you out.

If you come across as overeager, you seem like another thirsty guy. The mystery quickly fades, and the sexual spark dissipates. 

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3. Don’t text her all day long

You want to avoid texting too much when working to build attraction with an Aries woman.

If you start texting her every day, every hour, trying to check in on her, etc… It just makes her feel like you’re attempting to apply pressure to make her like you. And it comes across as insecure.

Instead, embrace the time in between dates and communication. Attraction grows in the space between. It builds anticipation, uncertainty, mystery, and sexual tension. 

If you can’t bask in those quiet moments between interactions and feel like you just HAVE to text her, it will push her away. 

And besides, what good would it do to sit around texting her all the time?

For one, it shows that you don’t have a lot going on. If you’re a busy dude, you can’t do that. 

Two, you’re wasting valuable conversation topics that you could have shared with her in person on a date or adventure. Save that flirtation material for in-person. That’s when you want to impress your Aries woman.

So take a step back from texting and let the anticipation build. Trust me; if you do this, she’ll be more excited when she sees you next.

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4. Take your time – don’t feel like you need to text her at a rapid-pace

A good rule of thumb is to never be in a rush when texting an Aries woman. 

You don’t have to wait a day, 4 hours, 30 minutes, or even 10 minutes to get back to her. It’s not some game.

You just don’t want to be literally texting her as she’s sending you a message. Take your time to respond. Again, it’s about the overeagerness.

If you’re constantly responding to her immediately, she’ll likely feel like you don’t have many options or have much going on in your life outside of her, which is unattractive.

Keep doing this, and she’ll start to take longer to text you back. Then longer, and longer.

Besides, you don’t want to have a ton of conversation over text (save it for in-person), so it’s wise to spread out the ones you have.

The best thing you can do is be spontaneous when reaching out and responding to texts. Let your messaging patterns be unpredictable—one day on, two days off, two days in a row, then nothing for a while, etc.

The caveat is if your text conversation is time-sensitive. If she’s waiting at your door, a prompt response displays the competence and preparedness that Aries women love.

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5. Mix up texting with voice and video messages

Aries women love novelty and excitement. They get bored with straight-up text messaging. 

To excite her, do something unexpected by mixing up your texting with voice and video responses. This separates you from the average guy who simply texts back and forth with her.

Voice notes and video messages engage her senses and force her to step out of her usual texting habits.

If you’ve never met her in person, it makes her feel more comfortable and enables her to picture what it’d be like to talk to you face to face.

If you have met in person already, voice/video messaging still grows your familiarity with each other more than regular texting.

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Bonus Tip: Limit your use of emojis

Mars-ruled Aries women crave strong masculine energy in a man.

It may seem odd, but placing too many lols or laugh emojis after your messages come across as more feminine. This can cause you to undermine your masculine frame and increase the likelihood that she’ll put you in the friendzone.

You don’t have to be hyper-serious, cold, or overly reserved when texting an Aries woman. But you want to maintain a strong frame that drives polarity between you.

You want a little bit of mystery. An air of seriousness that’s seductively masculine and makes her wonder where she stands with you.

It doesn’t help your chances to play the overly expressive class clown that’s trying to impress her with humor. Rarely will this vibe get a woman sexually excited about you, especially an Aries woman.

Again, you don’t want to be robotic and cold. But, in general, try to limit your use of emojis and hyper-expressive texting. 

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Now you have some pro-level texting tips that will work well with any Aries woman you’re attracted to.

These tips are solid in general, too, and can be applied similarly to any woman you’re interested in.

In closing, always remember to take it easy with texting and focus primarily on in-person bonding with an Aries woman that you’re into.

Set up dates through texting, then have some casual, slow-paced texting between meet-ups, nothing more.

And never overreact if she’s slow to get back to you. It’s one of the quickest ways to push her away. 

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