Natal Venus in Taurus: Everything You Wanted to Know

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As the planetary ruler of Taurus, Venus is at home in this position. As a result, Venus in Taurus is considered to be a dignified placement. 

Under Taurus’s rule, Venus’s luxurious and affectionate nature is enhanced. Venus in Taurus is one of the most physical and sensual placements. Their romanticism and level of commitment to intimacy are unmatched. 

Being a fixed earth sign, this placement is also known for its high-earning potential and material possessions. Taurus Venus people are naturally security-driven and focused. They attract and save money easily. 

Governed by the planet of art and beauty, Venus in Taurus people have heightened gifts of artistic expression. They find pleasure in singing, literature, gardening, and especially food. These people love to eat! 

Taurus Venus Strengths 

Their devotion to being a loyal and faithful partner.  People with this placement take pride in their commitment to being honest and dependable people. They enjoy providing financial security and comfort to others. With the right partner, these people are most likely to have long-lasting relationships. 

Their grounded sensual and romantic nature. Natural romantics, Venus in Taurus people understand love and dating on a profound level. These people are demonstrative and generous lovers, in and out of the bedroom. They are known for their seductive touch and soothing tone of voice. They enjoy spoiling others and being taken out on luxurious dates! 

Their self-discipline and financial savviness. Thrifty and hard-working, those with Venus in Taurus have a strong understanding of money and how it works. Taurus here provides a deeper level of discipline and fiscal responsibility. These people have the capacity to become high-earners and collectors of land and material riches. 

Their passion for art and aesthetics. Those with Venus in Taurus are poets at heart. Inspired by the arts and natural world, Taurus Venus people hold a sincere appreciation for beauty and aesthetics. These people find pleasure in exploring the latest trends in fashion, music, literature, and the culinary world. 

Taurus Venus Weaknesses 

Their materialism and self-indulgence. Taurus is indulgent and excessive, so it’s not uncommon for Venus in Taurus to overspend and overconsume. In order to reach their full potential, these people must learn to do things in moderation. 

Their jealous and possessive tendencies. Although the Taurus Venus is loving and affectionate, they are also fixed signs with strong jealous and possessive tendencies. At times, they are smothering and rely too deeply on physical intimacy. 

Their fear of change. Venus in Taurus people can have a lot of fears about security and safety, but one of their biggest fears (if not the biggest), is the fear of change. Routine-oriented, these people resist taking risks or living outside their comfort zone.

How difficult it can be for them to trust people. For Taurus Venus people, trust doesn’t come easily. If you want Venus in Taurus people to trust you, you need to prove yourself through consistent actions, and most importantly, you need to give them time. But even still, these people struggle with letting their guard down. It’s hard getting them to open up. 

Taurus Venus in Love

When it comes to relationships, Venus in Taurus people are calm, patient, and reliable. These people have a grounded, and cautious love style. They are not ones to rush into a commitment or fall quickly in love. 

People who have this placement in their chart are not overly adventurous or outgoing. They find comfort in stability and established routines and express their admiration through consistent acts of physical affection and gift-giving. They tend to have traditional values and beliefs. 

Once they have found a suitable partner, and feel safe to let their guard down, the Taurus Venus person knows no limits or boundaries for their love. These people have a deep yearning for lovemaking, kissing, hand-holding, and touching. They are turned on by physical touch. During lovemaking, they want to caress every part of your skin. 

At their best, love for this placement feels soothing, safe, and secure. These people are excellent providers and find joy in pleasing others. If they love you, they will be loyal to you. Faithfulness and dependability are top priorities. 

However, a rejected Venus in Taurus person is a spiteful one. These people can become extremely scornful and detached when they feel ignored, lied to, or rejected. 

At times, their need for love and physical touch can become overwhelming for their partner. They constantly need to feel validated. They respond with stubbornness when others do not give them what they want. But despite their bull-headed nature, Venus in Taurus people are true sentimentalists in love. Once they decide to settle down, it’s usually for life. 

How to Attract Taurus Venus

Be patient. If you want to turn a Taurus Venus off, rush them, push them, try to do anything that forces them against their will and you will successfully push them away. But if you want to attract a Taurus Venus and help them fall in love with you, court them, be patient with them, honor and respect their time! As fixed earth signs, these people love everything about the word simple and slow. And a partner who understands and appreciates the art of patience, for Venus in Taurus, is someone who is worth a lifetime of companionship and unconditional love. 

Be loyal. Loyalty is everything to Venus in Taurus. Above all else, they believe in upholding their commitments and vows to those they love. Partners who share these same values of faithfulness and devotion are most attractive to the Taurus Venus. These people want someone who they can grow and evolve with. For them, love equals eternity. 

Validate their needs with physical affection. In order to feel loved, the Taurus Venus person must establish a physical connection. Whether it’s a hug, a kiss, or cuddling on the couch, shower them with love and attention. Assure them that you are willing to meet their needs and embrace their love language. Prioritize physical intimacy. 

Show some style. The most stylish and tasteful of all the Venus signs, Venus in Taurus people are highly attracted to those who know how to dress and present themselves with class. If you want to impress them, always make sure you look your best. 


In closing, remember that there’s a whole lot more to the chart than the Venus placement! Always try to look at your placements in context.

Let us know in the comments if you’ve learned more about yourself or the Venus in Taurus people in your life. Also, please share anything that you feel wasn’t covered in the post. We’d love to hear your perspective.

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