Who’s the Best Match for Taurus? All 12 Zodiac Signs, Ranked

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Today, we will learn the best matches for the sun sign Taurus.

While informational, remember that sun signs aren’t the end-all-be-all of relationship compatibility. Other placements, like Venus, Moon, Descendant, etc., are just as important!

With that said, let’s dive into the Taurus compatibility rankings.

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1. Cancer

Elements: Earth/Water. Aspect: Sextile. Modalities: Fixed/Cardinal.

The Taurus/Cancer relationship tops this list of best matches. Both signs are loyal, affectionate, and focused on building a safe and comfortable home nest with their partner. Family and financial security come first for both of them.

Venus-ruled Taurus and Moon-ruled Cancer sync up very well on the sensual side. They indulge in slow, rhythmic, sensual expression and have a lot to give each other sexually. Their relationship is one of exploration and play. 

They’re the couple that loves to plan and cook meals together, enjoying endless date nights in. Both also love to play host and will find plenty of satisfaction hosting parties together.

Sure, Cancer’s emotionality can be a bit much Taurus at times. And both signs can get a little stubborn, jealous, and possessive at times. But these two are hard-wired for secure and committed relationships, so this is a match built to last. 

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2. Capricorn

Elements: Earth/Earth. Aspect: Trine. Modalities: Fixed/Cardinal.

Taurus’s next best match is the fellow earth sign Capricorn. Taurus/Capricorn is a practical and ambitious combination built to last.

These two naturally speak the same language and possess an easy familiarity. They’re both sensible and cautious, preferring to measure their actions with reason and hard work.

There’s a conservative bend to the Taurus and Capricorn personalities, and they will usually mirror each other’s sensibilities. Their measured approaches mean you’ll rarely see one embarrass or surprise the other. 

This couple has all the right qualities to become a powerhouse in the material realm. They both love nice things and create a sentimental bond with their possessions. They know how to gather resources and will create a cozy material existence together.

Taurus soothes Capricorn’s obsessively ambitious nature with sensuality and cuddliness, and Capricorn motivates the sometimes lazy Taurus. This relationship is the epitome of grounded stability and is excellent for dependable, long-lasting connections. 

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3. Pisces

Elements: Earth/Water. Aspect: Sextile. Modalities: Fixed/Mutable.

The next best match for Taurus is water-sign Pisces. This relationship has contrasting-yet-synergistic qualities that make for an exciting and grounding love match. 

Pisces is an emotionally-driven, romantic, and compassionate soul. Pisces is ruled by Neptune, which makes them a bit dreamy and escapist.

Venus-ruled Taurus syncs up sweetly with Pisces and helps brings their idealistic nature down to earth in just the right way. Vulnerable Pisces loves Taurus’s quiet strength and willingness to protect them.

There’s an incredible sensuality to this pair. They’re both romantic and love to share experiences that enhance their senses. Candlelit dinners with wine, scents, and candles have a deep appeal for both of them. They love the idea of retreating to a safe, cozy space together to explore their sensual sides. Their sex life is usually tender, indulgent, and abundant.

This is an overall peaceful and self-sacrificing match. Confrontation is rare, as both go to great lengths to avoid it (Pisces especially). Both signs are loyal and have great endurance in love. This relationship can be profoundly fulfilling and span the test of time. 

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4. Virgo

Elements: Earth/Earth. Aspect: Trine. Modalities: Fixed/Mutable.

Next up, we have the Taurus/Virgo relationship. This dynamic is immensely stable, like fellow earth-to-earth match of Taurus & Capricorn.

Virgo’s responsible and practical nature blends well with Taurus’s patient and strong character. They’re both reliable to the extreme and savor stability, ensuring their shared comfort with each other. 

As earth signs, they both delight in good, physical fun. They like to share an active life and enjoy delicious food together. Virgo appreciates Taurus’s good cooking, and indulgent Taurus benefits from Virgo’s penchant for healthy cuisine. This is a couple that loves to cook and be homemakers together. 

Virgo tends to worry, and Taurus’s relaxed nature helps Virgo’s anxious mind wind down. And Virgo’s penchant for organization and order help motivate Taurus to keep their environment spick and span. 

Virgo can sometimes be a bit too demanding and perfectionistic for laid-back Taurus, and Virgo can be taken aback by Taurus’s rare but explosive temper. But their grounded communication styles mean they’ll be able to resolve these differences with little effort. 

Ultimately, this match is near ideal and requires little work on either side to make it a great, long-lasting relationship.

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5. Scorpio

Elements: Earth/Water. Aspect: Opposition. Modalities: Fixed/Fixed.

This next best match for Taurus is a little more explosive than the ones we’ve covered so far. 

Taurus and Scorpio are opposite signs in the Zodiac. Opposite-sign relationships can manifest in both explosive attraction and intense repulsion. 

In this case, these opposite signs are both fixed in their modality. Fixed signs can be very stubborn. There’s a fitting quote said by Joker in the Dark Knight that sums up this dynamic well: “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object.”

While they certainly can clash, there’s also something extraordinary about how Taurus and Scorpio share the different ways they see the world. They are truly opposites, but they still exist on the same spectrum. 

Oh, and there’s their sexual compatibility. This relationship might produce the best sex that either sign has ever had. 

Taurus can stabilize Scorpio if all goes well, and Scorp can push Taurus towards non-material/spiritual growth. If they clash over stubbornness and domineering tendencies, both might become disillusioned by the relationship. This relationship needs lots of communication, as both signs are sensitive and need to feel understood. 

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6. Taurus

Elements: Earth/Earth. Aspect: Conjunction. Modalities: Fixed/Fixed.

Sometimes the best match for a person can come in the form of their own Sun sign.

While it’s true that same sign love matches can struggle at times to fulfill each other, their profound similarities also bring familiarity and comfort that any other sign combo can’t replicate.

When it comes to the Taurus/Taurus love combo, they both usually share a deep sense of loyalty, patience, pragmatism, and a desire for homemaking. 

As a sensual earth sign, they’re both attuned to their senses. They easily mirror each other’s desires without pretense or confusion. They know they can depend on each other, which gives them an immediate sense of trust.  

The biggest obstacles they face are a shared sense of laziness. Taurus can take the easy route sometimes and feel bored with their circumstances. Two Tauruses together can get stuck in a rut that feels entirely stagnant. 

As long as they can keep things exciting in their relationship, this patient match has a lot of staying power. They love the same things: good food, a cozy environment, and abundant physical passion. This is a happy pair.

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7. Libra

Elements: Earth/Air. Aspect: Quincunx. Modalities: Fixed/Cardinal.

These signs share a planetary ruler (Venus), but this relationship faces fundamental challenges. 

These signs are quincunx (also called inconjunct), which is a bit of an awkward aspect angle. They approach life differently and can have a hard time understanding where the other is coming from.

Taurus is usually a stability-craving homebody, while Libra is an independent and gregarious social butterfly that bounces from one event to another. 

Their love of art, luxury, and romance can be what ultimately turns their connection into a lasting one. Sensible elegance defines both of their aesthetics, and they both love candlelit dinners and serene walks on the beach.

They have to learn to balance some differing needs along the way. A lot depends on their sexual chemistry and shared interests. Small tokens of love and sentimentality go a long way for both.

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8. Aries

Elements: Earth/Fire. Aspect: Semi-sextile. Modalities: Fixed/Cardinal.

Our next pairing can be a little uneasy. Their closeness on the zodiac wheel (Taurus and Aries are only one sign apart) means they’re similar but also differently paced in life.

Taurus moves through life slowly and methodically, while Aries is all about action and rarely chooses the patient approach. And both are likely to be triggered by the other’s approach. 

On the plus side, they have a lot they could learn from one another. Aries can kickstart a mopey or complacent Taurus into action, and Taurus can teach Aries how to slow down their decision-making and be more present in life.

This relationship may not last, but it will be interesting nonetheless. 

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9. Sagittarius

Elements: Earth/Fire. Aspect: Quincunx Modalities: Fixed/Mutable.

These two signs don’t have a ton in common. Sagittarius is a wide-roaming explorer who wants to push their limits repeatedly, while Taurus is perfectly content to chill at home and embrace the cozy side of life’s comforts. 

Mostly, this relationship is about meeting in the middle and learning from the other. Taurus can help Sagittarius ground themselves and approach life with more pragmatism, and Sagittarius can help Taurus expand their lives beyond their self-imposed bubble.

This can be a fun match initially but will rarely stand the test of time. Sagittarius is simply too flighty and erratic for security-minded Taurus to settle into a comfortable routine with. 

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10. Gemini

Elements: Earth/Air. Aspect: Semi-sextile. Modalities: Fixed/Mutable.

This match can work, but it isn’t a natural fit for either sign. Taurus is slow, meticulous, and steady in their approach to life, while Gemini is fast-paced, frenetic, and inconsistent.

Being next-door neighbor signs in the Zodiac, there’s a lot these two can teach each other. But that requires a lot of adaptation – something Taurus isn’t typically the best at.

And while Gemini can adapt to Taurus’s nature, it’s not a guarantee they’ll want to. Gemini’s novelty-seeking mind operates rapidly, which Taurus may struggle to keep up with.

This relationship can work if Taurus is open to experimentation and Gemini is open to being more stable and grounded. Typically, this relationship will be exciting in the short term but lack staying power.

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11. Leo

Elements: Earth/Fire. Aspect: Square. Modalities: Fixed/Fixed. 

This square-aspect relationship can be activating but is usually quite challenging. Both are loyal, luxury/comfort-driven, and sensual, but their similarities typically end there.

Fiery Leo is passionate and prone to snap judgments, while Taurus is calm, steadfast, and weighs their decision-making with a patient approach. Leo may misrepresent Taurus’s pace as indecisiveness and attempt to push them into action.\

Taurus is conservative in their approach to personal appearance and socialization, while Leo is flamboyant and extravagant in theirs.

This relationship needs plenty of compromises if it’s going to survive, and unfortunately, neither sign is very flexible. Both tend to dig their heels in when in disagreement with a partner. The relationship can fall by the wayside as each holds tightly to their stance, refusing to budge an inch.

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12. Aquarius

Elements: Earth/Air. Aspect: Square. Modalities: Fixed/Fixed.

The Taurus Aquarius match is square, which brings challenges and tensions to the fore.

Both signs tend to operate from their own perspective and can struggle to adapt to another’s approach. In theory, Aquarius is best suited to adapt, as they view the world through a visionary lens. Still, this traditionally Saturn-ruled sign tends to show less flexibility in their personal life.

Aquarius is an outgoing, group-oriented individual who likes to be out in the world, while Taurus is a pleasure-seeking homebody who likes the coziness of familiar surroundings.

If Taurus is open to having their world shaken up, then Aquarius can provide them with abundant stimulation. And if Aquarius is open to being a bit more grounded and around less eccentric energy for a change, then this relationship can potentially thrive. 

But, ultimately, this relationship requires a lot of compromise for a dynamic that’s not entirely captivating for either of them.

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We’ve covered the best matches for Taurus from best to worst. 

It’s important to remember that we’re only talking about sun sign connections here – and one should never base a relationship purely on sun signs. 

To get the best picture of the potential of a relationship, you want to analyze other compatibility markers, like Moon, Venus, and Mars signs, as well as important planetary aspects.

For that reason, it’s best to use this information to supplement a deeper exploration of astrological compatibility.

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