5 Clear Signs a Virgo Man Isn’t Into You (Has He Lost Interest?)

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It can be hard to know when a guy is into you or not.

Men are a bit complex, especially the shy ones (like Virgo).

But it’s important to understand where you stand with him if you’re attempting to establish (or maintain) a relationship.

You don’t want to waste energy on a guy who’s just not that into you.

If you’re having a hard time deciding whether the Virgo guy in your life is interested in you or not, read on!

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1. He won’t give you that signature gaze of his

Virgo men are cautious when showing interest and building attraction. He likes to utilize a low-risk quality of his to show his interest – and that’s his signature, penetrative gaze.

While not as intense as a Scorpio’s gaze, his is still unmistakable. He rests his eyes on the subject of his interest with soft, puppy dog eyes that make you feel warm and wanted, yet also a little unnerved.

If he doesn’t have any interest in you, you won’t get this look from him. Instead, it’s likely that he’ll avoid making much eye contact with you, and might be abrupt and impatient with you if you try to engage with him.

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2. He doesn’t seem interested in talking to you

Virgo men have bright, active minds and love to talk and converse. This is especially apparent when he has a crush. He will text, call and hang out with his crush constantly, seemingly never running out of things to talk about or questions to ask them.

When he’s not into someone, the situations reverse. He will avoid talking about just about everything. He won’t engage or ask you questions.

It can be pretty easy to tell, then, if he doesn’t like you buy asking a few specific questions. If you know about any of his hobbies or interests, then you can try to ask him some intriguing questions about it. You could ask for specific details about it (he loves to share details). If he shows no sign of interest in your inquiry, you can bet that he’s not interested in you.

Bottom line, if he’s started to speak less with you, stopped returning your calls, hardly responds through text and rarely texts first, or otherwise is paying you less attention, he’s likely lost or is losing interest in you.

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3. He doesn’t offer to help you out with anything

Virgo is the sign of service and Virgo guys love to help out their friends, families, partners, and crushes.

If he cares about you, he’ll help out with anything – chores, diet advice, home projects, work projects, etc. He’ll take an interest in your activities and will keep track of what’s going on with you so he can be available if needed.

There will be a clear absence of this energy if he’s not into you. He won’t present interest in your life or what you need to get done. He won’t try to steer you towards healthy living (which he loves to do), he won’t offer to run errands for you or fix anything of yours that in disrepair.

If you have been spending time together, but he hasn’t offered to help you with anything, it’s because he doesn’t want to give you any false hope about being in a relationship together. It is in itself a strong sign that he doesn’t see a future together.

When he holds off on his urge to be helpful, its because he is trying to not give you false hope about a future relationship. He’s trying to make it clear there is no future together.

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4. He makes no time for you

Virgo guys are organized and like to keep a tight schedule.

He’s super choosey about who he’ll spend time with. He’s also an introvert and appreciates his alone time more than most people.

No one should expect him to carve out time in his schedule unless they play an important role in his life.

If he’s not into you, he won’t adjust his beloved routine or schedule to accommodate you. He rarely even does this early on with a love interest, as he takes time to warm up.

If he really isn’t into you, then he might change his schedule to avoid you. That’s a big sign if he does that. He could stop going to his regular hangouts that you also frequent, or make other less obvious changes to his schedule in an effort not to run into you.

If this is the case, making an effort to get him to hang out with you will be fruitless. He will always find some reason to avoid or cancel on you. He might say he’s busy, already has plans, has a lot of work to do, etc. He is super cautious with his time and won’t waste it on anyone who he deems nonessential to his life or plans for the future.

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5. When asked, he won’t even attempt to hide his lack of interest

Virgo guys don’t like games and are always aware of where other people stand with them.

If he’s not interested in you and has been avoiding you, it’s because he wants to let you down very gently. He’s not malicious and has no desire to hurt anyone.

If you’re really into him, it’s worth asking him if he shares your feelings at all. Virgo’s don’t like to fake or hide feelings, so it might be a relief for him to just admit to you that he’s not into you.

He’s direct and practical with most things in life, so he might even go out of his way to directly tell you that he’s lost interest in you.

If you want to know why he’s not into you, then you can ask that, to. He’s honest and pretty aware of the details of his assessments of other people.

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Virgo guys are incredibly loving once committed, but they’re hard to attract. If you want help making him like you and gaining his trust, read through my detailed course on how to attract a Virgo man.

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19 thoughts on “5 Clear Signs a Virgo Man Isn’t Into You (Has He Lost Interest?)”

  1. As a Virgo man, I have a slight concern with number 2. I am silent a lot of the time because I get puppy love and shut up vocally when with my partner. It’s not my fault, I’m just admiring her. So, to all the women out there reading this, just know, if he doesn’t say much on the phone, it’s because he likes to measure his spoken words carefully and clearly.

    1. What if you have a hard time getting him to talk on the phone but he loves to text? But when he does talk to you on the phone he never says he loves you 1st, always replies to it though. Is this bad?

    2. Thank you for that because sometimes we talk and he gets really quiet and I’m a Scorpio so I definitely notice. But the smile he gives me I know he is super attracted to me. I’ll just be patient.

  2. I’ve been with a Virgo for almost 4years he is big on trust and knowing that his property is his and only his but I think I make him feel less o a man because he doesn’t have a job right now but he was always the bread winner and I am acred that’s bothering him he is extremely closed off and I don’t see him areountd much but he jus wants to know I’m not cheating and I she jus wait on him to get his shit together is that a common attitude of a Virgo male or has he found someone else but not sure if he wants to move on so he keeps me around

  3. I just met a Virgo guy and I must say things are pretty cool .. we’ve also discussed just vibing until what ever happens happens… I think he likes me but he runs multiple businesses so we barely spend time together and talk .. I can tell he’s shy which is the cutest but I don’t mind it at all I’m a Leo and we tend to make the ones around us very comfortable to be themselves.. we’ve known each other so far since March he’s told me a likes me .. I’m just going with the flow until “whatever happens happens “ 🤷🏾‍♀️

    1. Hi Quan! How is it going with the Virgo man? I’m also a Leo liking a Virgo, but things aren’t going that smooth here haha.

      1. I’m also a Leo dating / loving a Virgo man .. sometimes I really want to say I’m done ..he’s very practical and think he knows everything, and sometimes don’t like to listen . I find myself getting quiet when we butt heads , I say what I have to say and then I’m done, or I might say let’s agree to disagree. Sometimes he will apologize and tell me he loves me other times he will bring it up again and again and that can be frustrating. In the end I love him and he loves me , just have to find a way to balance each other and listen to each other .

  4. I’m an Aries woman who met a Virgo man the signals are crazy it’s driving me crazy just hesitant back-and-forth make a suggestion I’m going somewhere with him and then make an excuse as to why he doesn’t think it’s a good idea texted on the phone called video chatted saw one another for the first time His words he likes what he sees yes busy with the job Children but it’s like pulling teeth to get responses to text he saves my voice text but no response since after we met at least not like he was before we met but he liked what he saw saw his signals very confusing and we know with Aries woman we just want u to tell me you like me or not if you don’t I’ll keep it moving I don’t believe in this cat and mouse games there frustrating.

  5. Im with a virgo guy 3 Years and counting we have a baby recently but befor and still he doesnt do his part in the house way as goceries bills etc… I do most of everything & i find its unfair now im struggling to reopen My buiness and i dont have his support either way he keeps saying get it dont i myself… Like why i want a future with him but seem he dont or doesnt Care… He always make me feel im not good enuf & less of myself for him

    1. so im a Virgo woman dating a Virgo man and I’m seeing alot of comments that let’s me know im not alone the most part for me is seeing that he doesn’t text or call me as he use to and he sometimes makes me feel like im not important like I use to be to him like at time he makes me feel he wanna talk to other women without me by the way I like women to but I want a relationship were we can have fun but im not being replaced because we aren’t on good terms I want to know if that’s even a good idea with a Virgo man mostly I wanna know how can I get my man to make me feel like he cares about and care to text and call me like he once did show me im his and he is mines because I love him and we good at times but he makes me feel im the problem all the times

      1. Uncertain Capricorn

        You may want to read my comments too. Same situation here, maybe he wants his space and those times that there’s no hassle or others to consider. I noticed this with the Virgo man that I’ve been with, first was my ex husband then my present is also a Virgo. I guess Capris are attracted to Virgo man.

        My thoughts, Maybe he loves you and wants you to be in his life, but on his on terms and phase, they have this character that they want their lone time, peace and quite while they overthink, and calculate all their actions, may it be work, finances or bills.
        . Just be patient, they’re like that, find time or diversion so you won’t feel bad sometimes just don’t do things that could break his trust because once you break their trust there’s no turning back as you will be mark down forever.. Virgo man are very particular with their image and their significant other, so if you have goals and achievements his interest will get back on you, that’s the same observation that I had with my Virgo man. Because I don’t have a job now and temporarily depending on his financial support, that’s why he’s like that to me too 🙁

    2. His critical nature is how he shows his love. Learn to deal with it. He needs someone who’s going to be down for him no matter what maybe he senses you looking down on him and it’s turning him off. I think by nature available man wants to protect and provide for you if he’s not sure it’s not on purpose unless he doesn’t want to be with you anymore. But maybe if you ask him he will tell you because they are honest people.

  6. Uncertain Capricorn

    Long read ahead:
    Capricorn Woman and Virgo Man
    Need your sound advices please.
    Thank you.

    Been confused for more than a month now. I am a Capricorn woman and in a relationship with a Virgo man for almost 4 yrs on LDR and counting. I’d say that he was totally different now compared to first time I met him and our first dates, he was like head over heels on me and that charming look or gaze on me, made me believe that he’s the one or he’s truly into me. Because of the pandemic, we physically been together After 3 yrs when he had his vacation in our country,
    At first time I saw him at the airport I was really excited with all the happiness in my face but he seemed so distant and cold 🙁 maybe he was tired because of the long flight but things changed actually he planned something to see his friends first before me so I voiced out my sentiments that after 3 yrs I waited for him, he’s much excited to be with his friends however because I felt bad about it he changed his plans for me and yes we dated but it was a disaster, we fight almost everyday. I quit from my job because I got sick, yah grateful for he’s spending for my medication and food at least. There were a lot of issues that surfaced, I tried talking to him and voiceout my feelings, but he seemed to disregard it he said that I should not compare him to what he was before because that’s not his real person. Before he gave me those sweet gestures but this time it was me initiating everything it’s the other way around. I am really hurting because I love him so much and his family, but I thought our relationship now is in limbo or uncertainty or in between. I don’t know, because we do not talk about our future together, he avoid those instances that I asked or talked about serious matters of our relationship. Bottomline he changed, now he has a lot of I don’t like this and that but if I will sum it up it’s pretty obvious that’s me all of his I don’t like this, he did say it directly as I don’t like you but all he said was all about me, my person. I changed and died my person just to meet his expectations, and just cried it myself if i felt like he’s not with me by heart though physically we’re together. I even found out that he’s sneaking and saved photos of his ex wife (they’re divorced though) and some other photos of single ladies in his phone. I just had the gutz to open his phone bec he left it, i had this doubts and mixed emotions as to why he’s cold and different, and after weeks of being together had the courage to open his phone. I confronted him about it and he did not acknowledge that it was wrong 🙁 that he was not cheating. I don’t know.
    Now he went back to his country and yes we’re still talking i do not initiate the communication but he’s still video calling me and updating me of his whereabouts and he constantly say he loves me so much. Broke up with him several times when he was here but he didn’t take it seriously and doesn’t want to let go of me. Yes while he was here, we don’t talk, his not sweet, he wants to hangout with his friends and he’s always on his phone so I am so confused 🙁

    What should I do?

    1. Sounds like you need to be patient because it seems as though he’s in his head and trying to figure things out. The compatibility is supposed to be there. I understand that Virgos expect your life to align with theirs. If he didn’t want to be with you I believe he would tell you.

      1. this is true what @rush is saying . I’m a Libra with a crappy moon and have been dating a Virgo male going on almost a year. it was a rough start (,I mean we bump heads like goats😆) but now we doing much much better he also says we are alike and both quirky people., but we respect each other space and I have learn he needs time to say and speak what he feels . it drives me nuts but it just his thing while I’m quick with words (what Libra isn’t right) so as long as I listening more than speaking our disagreements are over quickly and pass without much drama. we laugh a lot now. I also get his werid sense of humor and I find even the things I dislike about him to be endearing and while he thinks I’m hell on wheels (for lack of better words) he has learned how to calm me down quicker. I’m ok with the slower pace (for I am leery of love and needs) and I don’t entertain the ideas my mind make up anymore. when doubting I just ask him and he clears it up.

  7. I met a virgo guy on dating app, we spent an amazing time together, things went well. we don’t live in the same citiy, so he came 2 times to meet me. The last date i brought a friend, since i don’t know his city, but he seemed to be a bit cold and distant and i don’t know if it was the fact that i cancel a bit on him, (busy schedule) and i was a bit quiet and shy on our dates ( i dont have a lot of dates) because i was not sure, after having bad experiments on dating apps… Now since our last date, i feel like there is a lack of communication, almost 2 weeks, he didn’t write me back. He usually texts me first almost all days, i feel like he has lost interest, maybe have met someone else or he tought that i’m not such into him. He asked me if i was looking for a friendship, i said i was looking for a ltr. Now i’m wondering if he was since the beginning looking for a short term relationship, because i feel like he asked me this question to trying to friendzoned me. I don’t know what should i do? I feel like maybe it’s better to end here, but i felt i i’ve messed up a bit, and i saw a meaningful connection and i enjoyed to spend time with him. (Sorry for my english, i’m not a native speaker)

  8. Leo newly dating or watever Virgo…. Last 2 weeks been fun.. spent some times but lately I haven’t heard from him… umm how long do they like their space .. n oh I texted last but no response….. I can’t read this man…. N this is newly getting to kno each other

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