Sagittarius Man & Scorpio Woman Love Compatibility – Can it Work?

Loren E. Elara

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  • Sign: Scorpio
  • Dates: October 23 – November 22
  • Ruling planets: Mars & Pluto
  • Planetary principle: Power
  • Element: Water
  • Mode: Fixed
  • Quality: Feminine

What the Sagittarius Man Likes about Scorpio Woman


Her intelligence. Scorpio and Sagittarius are both intelligent signs. Sag likes how quick Scorpio’s mind is and how easily she understands the wide breadth of topics that he likes to discuss.

Her love of mystery. Knowledge is power to a Scorpio. And because of this, she has a compulsive need to ferret out any hidden information around her. Sag appreciates this since he is a purveyor of knowledge himself.

Her devotedness. Scorpio is fiercely protective of friends, family, and her lovers. She’s not a fair-weather friend. She will selflessly sacrifice herself for those who are important to her. She’ll be there for Sag when he’s feeling down and there to cheer him up back to his enthusiastic self.

Her trustworthiness and reliability. Sag values honesty and likes that Scorpio is consistent and reliable. She’s a fixed sign, so when she says she’s going to do something or be somewhere, she will follow through.

The focused attention that she gives him. Sagittarius feels admired under the intense Scorpio gaze. He loves being in the spotlight and feels like he’s center stage whenever she’s around. It’s not too challenging for Scorpio to stay interested in him, either, as he has so many interests that she’s intrigued by. She wants to discover all that he knows, and he is more than happy to share.

What the Sagittarius Man Dislikes about Scorpio Woman


Her secretiveness. Sagittarius is always open, friendly and direct. There’s nothing hidden or sneaky about him. What you see is what you get. It’s not the same with Scorpio, who is shamelessly secretive. She may put on an open, friendly and direct appearance like Sag, but what you see isn’t what you’re going to get, at least not the full picture. You never get the whole picture with Scorpio. Even when you’re connecting with Scorpio in a profound, deep moment, there’s always some deeper, hidden layer that you’re not going to be able to access. Sag likes that she’s mysterious, but only to a point.

Her vindictiveness. It’s all fun and games with Sagittarius. It’s fun and games with Scorpio, too – until it isn’t. If she gets offended, the games stop and things go silent. She’ll find some way to get back at the person for wronging her (it will be in a not-so-fun way, and probably overblown, or in a cold way, simply cutting them out for a while). Sagittarius sees this as petty, as he’s not a retaliatory or under-handed type.

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Her fixed nature and stubbornness. Scorpio is a fixed sign while Sag is mutable. Sag likes to move around and adjust to life on the fly, while Scorpio tends to stick to what’s safe and consistent. He’s adaptable, so he can work with her most of the time, but he can struggle still. They may fall into a routine that makes him feel boxed in. He might try to shake things up, but she’s cautious and slow to change, so she may resist him.

Her tendency to manipulate. Scorpio has a compulsion to control others, and she’s good at it. She works to possess and dominate her partners. It’s mostly because she fears to be vulnerable, so dictating the people around her gives her a sense of control. She does this in subtle ways, with subtle slights of hand or sexual manipulation. Sagittarius is trusting and can be gullible, so he grows frustrated with her underhanded tactics, especially when she tries to assert structure and discipline on him.

Her emotionality. Scorpio is a highly emotional water sign. Sagittarius might not realize this at first, because she hides it well. Nonetheless, Scorpio is incredibly emotional beneath the surface. Her emotionality is tumultuous and makes her subconsciously seek out crises. She may stir up drama and calamity, but she can’t help it. It’s in Scorpios nature to transform, and crisis creates grist for the mill. It’s a very specific kind of ride with Scorpio, and it’s rarely a peaceful one. Sag values peace of mind far more than her, and he can become a little bit irked by all the upheaval.

When she gets stuck in the past. Scorpio can be nostalgic and broody about the past. It’s part of her sentimental water sign nature. Sagittarius prefers to look to the future and sees the past primarily as something that holds him back. He looks forward, forsaking the past and trusting that his Jupiter given luck will bless his future with great things. Why look to the past, especially past hurts, he says, when there’s so much to look towards ahead?

What the Scorpio Woman Likes about Sagittarius Man


His playfulness. Sagittarius likes to keep things light and playful. He’s always looking to have a good time and make those around him laugh. This presents a nice change of pace for Scorpio, as she likes to have fun, but often gets stuck wallowing in her darker places. Sag’s light energy lifts her out of her suffocating depths.

That he’s adaptable. Sagittarius knows how to go with the flow. He’s chameleon-like and very flexible. He’s willing to do what it takes to make things work out. It’s another breath of fresh air for fixed Scorpio.

That he’s passionate. Sagittarius cares a lot about the world and his wide-spanning interests. He works hard so he can have fun and enjoy his freedom. He’s fiery, energetic, and has lots of spunk. She likes that he doesn’t purely seek his own betterment, but the betterment of the world.

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His inquisitive nature. Sag and Scorp both love figuring things out. Mysteries of all kinds enthrall Scorpio, as she has a compulsive need to find what’s hidden and secret. Sagittarius seeks the truth in the highest sense of the word. He wants to understand the world and all of its grand philosophies. His accumulated knowledge intrigues her, and she seeks to extract it from him.

His wide breadth of interests. Sagittarius has many dreams, hobbies, and travel plans. The wheels of his mind are always churning. Scorpio likes this, as she needs a partner who is engrossing, has established interests and is going somewhere with them.

That he’s not easily offended. It’s hard to truly insult a Sagittarius. He’s typically the one insulting others, unintentionally, because of how blunt he is. Or he’s poking at himself with self-deprecating humor. If you criticize him or make a joke at his expense, he’ll probably just laugh. He’ll just be happy that you’re being honest, which is the way he likes it.

That he’s unlikely to deceive and hide things from her. Scorpio has trust issues and is quite suspicious. She is relieved in Sag to find a genuine and truth-loving man. He may play theatre, taking on a role here and there, as he’s quite theatrical, but it’s never done in a deceiving or insidious way. He doesn’t hide his motives and is typically upfront about anything that’s important. He may trigger her fidelity alarm, but that’s something he’s unlikely to be secretive about.

The freedom he grants her. Sag won’t try to smother Scorpio or limit her expression. This is important for Scorpio, as she’s got a lot of individuality and can’t stand being tamped down on. She is a bit contradictory in that she might try to keep a tight leash on her partner, but requires space herself. He’s plenty happy to provide her with it, though he needs plenty of leash too.

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What the Scorpio Woman Dislikes about Sagittarius Man


His blunt words. Scorpio appreciates the occasional need for harsh speech, as she doles it out herself when necessary. But she’s rarely blunt or hurtful about it unless she’s hurt. Sagittarius, on the other hand, can be blunt to the point of cruelty at any time. He rarely intends to be hurtful, he just wants to be fun. In fact, he’s often more careless with his words when he’s in he a good mood. Eventually, some unintentionally barbed verbal arrows are likely to wound the vulnerable Scorpio heart deeply. Scorpio won’t broadcast this, but she’s extra-sensitive inside. She’ll likely suffer in silence, as she tends to keep her deepest hurts inside. Her hurt will remain inside until she deems it appropriate to retaliate, or leave.

That she can see right through him. Sagittarius has a transparent personality, and he wears his heart on his sleeve. Even if he’s a deeper Sag and hides some of his depth beneath his vivid, bright smile, it’s still perfectly visible to the sharply perceptive Scorpio. This is a blessing and a curse for Scorpio. First, the good, she knows what she’s getting herself into. She can see any potential red flags written on him from a mile away. She also knows she can trust him because she sees to his core. He’s not much of a liar, and if he does try to lie, he’s pretty bad at it. So that’s a plus for her. But on the negative side, there’s very little mystery with him, and mystery is a huge romantic draw for her. She’s a woman of tremendous depth, and she loves protracted periods of digging out hidden nuggets of insight from her partner. Sag is a fun, happy-go-lucky companion, but can he satisfy her longing for a deep, mystical union?

His flirtatiousness. Sagittarius is highly gregarious with women. He plays sports with them, debates with them, philosophizes with them and just all around fraternizes with them. He’s not selective though, he gives the same treatment to men, too. He just enjoys people in general. The Scorpio woman can appreciate this, but she’s also prone to being a jealous and possessive lover. And his comfy and convivial relationships with the women around him might set off alarm bells in her. He is honest though, and she can trust that if he does decide to become unfaithful, he will be upfront about it.

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When he’s unreliable. As a mutable sign, Sag is highly adaptable, yet he can also be wavering and inconsistent. Scorpio is consistent and dependable herself and gets irked by flightiness and irresponsibility in others. Sag’s inconsistent nature is showcased by his ease in giving up on projects. He often gets bored with a project when it’s not working out as planned. He’s quick to drop it, find something new and move on, rather than slog through the difficult parts. Scorpio will chastise him for this, as she hates loose ends and prizes seeing things through to completion.

That she can’t possess him. Scorpio is a possessive lover. She is so deep and sensitive, that when she gives herself to someone, she feels her vulnerability, and so she tries to control it through possessing her partner completely. Sagittarius is not one to be possessed by a partner. In fact, he hates it. He values freedom far too highly and will adamantly resist any attempts at possession by his Scorpio lover.

That he lacks emotional intensity. Sagittarius men are open and expressive, but not highly emotional. Sure, he might express bright emotions for the world to see. But when the sun sets and night falls, he’s unlikely to match Scorpio’s deep emotional realm. He can be indifferent to her emotions, even preferring to steer clear of her intensity entirely. This frustrates her, as she craves a partner who can dive into her underworld with her.

When he’s aloof with her. Scorpio is intense and gives those important to her lots of focused attention. The same can’t always be said with Sag’s attention to her. He tends to live up in the clouds much of the time, his attention being a bit ADD. He gets distracted by flittering, pretty things in his peripheral. And that’s just when he’s around. Much of the time he’s off galavanting. This is tough for Scorpio, and she may grow resentful of his distance.

Sagittarius Man & Scorpio Woman: Sexual Chemistry


Scorpio and Sagittarius have different sexual styles that take work to blend successfully together.

Initially, their lovemaking starts off strong and is full of passion. They’re both physical and have highly sexed natures. Both are uninhibited in the bedroom and will explore anything. And they both have high sexual appetites. Together they can have fun, be free and enjoy sex in many locations.

But over time, differences emerge between them. To feel fulfilled in a serious relationship, Scorpio woman needs sex to feel deeply intimate. Sag man can have a hard time providing this for her. He mostly sees sex as a fun, playful adventure, and not much more. Sex is more athletic and passionate than spiritual for him.

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This causes her to grow frustrated, and him to grow confused. From his perspective, their sex might be great (and it probably is), but she has deep, emotional needs that are a challenge for any lover to fulfill.

He’ll grow frustrated that sex can’t just be sex. Like most things in life, he wants it simple, indulgent, and fun. And Scorpio’s concentrated, all-consuming sexual nature makes his eyes roll after a while. Yes, he gets that she likes sacred and silent, deep-merging, and all that. But still, he has a hard time tuning into her deep sexual modes.

So after a while, he gives up a bit. He makes jokes, or randomly chimes in with something on his mind. This rattles Scorpio, as she interprets this as evidence for his need for surface behavior, and an expression of his inability to be a focused and deep lover. The more he does this the more unreliable he seems to her, which frustrates her to no end.

When she grows upset, she dampens his fire in retaliation. She may weaponize her watery nature, freezing up, becoming unresponsive, and showing nothing but a chilly demeanor.

To make things work she needs to learn to open up more and resist being so intense all the time, and he needs to focus a bit more intently and learn to go deeper into shared emotional realms.

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Sagittarius Man & Scorpio Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 5/10

Fixed vs. Mutable. Scorpio is Fixed, Sagittarius is Mutable. These are different energies that can be polarizing.

Water vs. Fire. Scorpio is a Water Sign, Sag is a Fire Sign. Water and fire are elementally square and don’t mix easily. The results can be explosive. Think of lava from an erupting volcano pouring into the ocean, creating explosions and steam. This relationship isn’t always explosive, but there’s always the potential for it to be lurking underneath the surface.

Pluto/Mars vs. Jupiter. Scorpio is ruled by Pluto & Mars, while Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Mars is the ruler of aggression, sex, and our warlike passion to get what we want. Pluto rules transformation, the underworld, and the occult. Mars & Pluto give Scorpio a forceful energy that makes her want to control the world around her. Jupiter rules optimism, luck and philosophy. Jupiter gives Sagittarius an open, curious and expansive energy.

Semi-square. Scorp and Sag are neighboring signs on the zodiac wheel. This 45-degree angle makes them a Semi-Square partnership. While the Square relationship denotes full on irritation, a semi-square is more of a slight agitator.

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  • They have a strong mental synergy and their communication and intellects harmonize well.
  • They’re both growth oriented. Sag inspires fixed Scorpio to make needed changes. Scorpio helps him transform his thoughts and dreams into actionable plans.
  • They travel and explore well together.
  • Scorpio can learn a lot from Sag, who proceeds her on the zodiac wheel. He has a recent karmic past of Scorpio energy with much to teach her.
  • They’re both competitive and like to engage in sports together.
  • They both like the finer things in life and know how to acquire them.
  • His openness can coax her out of her cautious shell.
  • They both have grit and like a good challenge. They can achieve a lot together.
  • Warm Sag melts Scorpio’s sometimes frigid and icy demeanor, allowing her to open up and be more playful. He also teaches her lessons in freedom, optimism, and trust.

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  • Her suspicious and cautious nature will clash with his sunny, optimistic (and sometimes blind) trust in the world. She sees his trust as naïveté, but it’s a skill that she would benefit from cultivating.
  • Fixed Scorpio may fall into routines that make spontaneous Sagittarius feel boxed in.
  • Mutable vs. fixed. Sag is likely the one who will have to adapt. If they butt heads, both can become immovable objects and things will sour quickly.
  • Scorpio can grow frustrated with Sagittarius’s lack of practical economy. He loves extravagant spending and often spends his money as quickly as he makes it.
  • Conflicts can crop up around who’s dominant in the relationship. Sag is dominant and likes to lead, but it’s typically the more cunning and calculated Scorpio who controls more.
  • They can lack common ground and interests, leading to diminished passion together.
  • Scorpio may want commitment if there’s a serious love interest, and Sagittarius might prefer to keep things ambiguous too long for her taste.
  • Scorpio may try to control Sag and limit his freedom. This doesn’t work for Sag, as he sees it as trying to dampen his spirit. He needs to be able to roam freely and often to be happy in the relationship.
  • Sag may not take the relationship seriously enough for Scorp. She can put up with a lot, but he might push his luck too far. He doesn’t like to tiptoe around feelings and can be careless with her sensitive emotions.
  • Sagittarius is mutable and can grow tired of partners. He loves Scorp at first, and all the intensity she brings, but that same intensity can make him want to push away later.

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