Sagittarius Man & Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility – Can it work?

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What the Sagittarius Man & Woman Like about being with Each other

That they have many shared values and interests. Two Sags in union exemplify the Jupiterian energies of benevolence, light-heartedness, optimism, honor, and dignity.

Some of their key shared interests, values and traits include:

  • A quickness to forgive and forget. Many disagreements are likely to be laughed off before they cause too much harm.
  • A deep value of freedom and independence.
  • They’re both fascinated by other cultures and philosophies and seek their knowledge.
  • Eternal optimists – they’re both up for a challenge and don’t fear failure.
  • They’re easygoing with courtship and prefer to keep things light, always finding things to do.
  • They aren’t contemptuous. They may come across harsh a lot, and get angry, but they’re not full of hatred and don’t dwell on causing wrong to others.

Their trustworthiness. Sagittarius is one of the most honest signs in the zodiac, so there’s little reason for them to mistrust each other. Some Sagittarian traits may inspire mistrust or suspicion from other partners in the zodiac, but there’a no such misunderstandings when two Sag’s are together.

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Their fun and playful communication style. Two Sag’s together will laugh more than they do with anyone else. Their discourses are likely to stay light and bright because they’re open and broad-minded. They should have no problem seeing eye to eye because they understand the weaknesses and strengths of one another. They’re sure to come up with off the wall, idealistic ideas that they can act on together. Angry or frustrated communication is unlikely unless there are hidden ego battles.

That they enjoy the same activities. Sagittarius energy is boundless, and together they’ll revel in all kinds of expansive and expressive activities. Singing, dancing, drawing, reading etc. They’re both fond of sports, which is good, because partaking in healthy activities and being outdoors is essential for a Sag’s wellbeing. They will be happy to travel together, while also being supportive of solo trips.

Their adaptability. Sagittarius is a mutable sign. Mutable energy is creative, adaptable and multi-faceted. When you put two Sag’s together, you have all kinds of unconventional, rule-bending potential. There’s no rigidity or limitation felt between them, so they can tackle problems in many ways from many angles.

That there’s no neediness felt between them. Sagittarians need abundant freedom and hate feeling boxed in by relationships. Since this is a same-sign relationship, there are no worries about this, as both Sagittarians are happy to provide, and be provided with, ample freedoms. They won’t be bothered when the other is running late, and they won’t need constant texts or e-mails to reassure them. This allows them to freely lead their extremely busy lives without feeling hamstrung by a partnership.

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That they don’t feel a need to force romanticism together. Sagittarians aren’t heavy romantics and don’t like the idea of a high-maintenance love affair. They prefer spontaneous, fun-filled dates rather than reservations at fancy restaurants, and they don’t need to receive lavish gifts from their partner. No over the top displays or pretentiousness needed here.

What the Sagittarius Man & Woman Dislike about being with Each Other

That their similarities can make them clash. It’s a problem for all same-sign relationships. They have so much fun until they realize that their partner is just like them. Over time they can begin to feel like they’re dating themselves, for better or for worse. Early on the relationship between Sag is nothing but fun. That is a Sag’s typical mode anyway, so put two of them together and the fun gets majorly amped up. But as the relationship develops, they start to get a more clear-eyed vision of their partner (and their problems), and they might notice issues in them that are frustratingly similar to their own shortcomings. One Sag might grow agitated about the other’s flightiness or bluntness, or aloofness, not realizing these traits mirror their own internal struggles.

Their blunt words. Sagittarians are brutally honest and often say blunt and harsh words to those around them. They’re not ill-intentioned; it’s just not natural for them to sugarcoat their words. Subdued speech is a skill they have to learn, and they may or may not want to. Since we’re dealing with two Sag’s, there will likely be many poorly delivered criticisms, and the other Sag will likely fire back with some of their own.

When their emotions get heated. Sagittarians are loving and quick to forgive, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get angry. This is a fire sign, after all, an element which makes its owner prone to quick and explosive bouts of anger. Pitting two angry Sagittarians against each other can be rough, as they know how to target each other’s weakest spots with ruthless effectiveness. Sagittarians also have a tendency to believe they are always right, which presents quite the challenge when their truths are at odds. In general, Sagittarians are peace-loving. Neither wants disharmony or explosiveness, but when upset they can be prone to dramatize and amplify things. It’s possible the whole neighborhood will know when they’re in a tiff.

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When they struggle with too much changeability & inconsistency. Sagittarians tend to throw themselves in many directions and spread themselves thin. This can make it difficult for them to find time for their lover. They can end up so busy doing their own thing they forget to keep the relationship from going cold. As mutable signs, they can adapt easily to a partner or circumstance, but they can also change their feelings just as quickly. They bore easily and can jump from one thing to another at the slightest hint of newness. These tendencies can make a partner anxious, but it shouldn’t be a cause of insecurity between these two, as both probably feel the same. Nonetheless, their busyness and tendency to drift about can cause them to lose touch with each other. They need to work at spending time together and building nuance and depth in the relationship, or they may grow bored and things could fall apart.

That long-term love may be hard to come by. There’s a worry that lurks in the back of all newly love-struck Sagittarian’s minds: “Can this last?”. Sagittarians often fall in and out of love at the drop of a hat. It doesn’t matter if the relationship started out novel and passionate; once the spark is lost, the standard Sagittarian impulse is to call it quits and find new grounds to conquer. This tendency causes them to fear commitment, as there’s nothing scarier to a Sag than the idea of being stuck in a relationship (or any commitment) that lacks passion or excitement. When you have two Sagittarians in a relationship, things can change even faster. Their combined mutable feelings, always in flux, can change in the blink of an eye. This couple can go from invigorated passion one day to bored ambivalence the next. Or perhaps their fears of settling down cause them to dance around the idea of commitment for what seems like forever. If they do end up falling out of love, they probably won’t struggle with it. Sagittarians generally accept that disillusionment in love happens. They’ll be happy that they had such good times together and will wish each other well on their next adventures.

When they struggle with taking responsibility. The Sag-Sag relationship is chock-full of blissful and free-flowing times. But life (and relationships) can’t always be about playtime and sunshine, even though Sag wishes this was so. There are times that they’ll need to take care of responsibilities, both menial and serious. Sagittarian’s often reflexively run from seriousness and reality, though. Since neither may like to take care of practical duties like household chores or paying the bills, these things can become points of contention.

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Sagittarius Man & Sagittarius Woman: Sexual Chemistry

Sexual compatibility can be a strong suit for this same sign couple. Because they are the same sign, they know how to touch each other, what feels good, and what doesn’t. Their intimate times are sure to be filled with fun and playfulness, plus they’ll each have fun sexual ideas to try. Always adventurous, both will be game for anything.

Sagittarians are known to have high sex drives that can be difficult for a partner to satisfy, but there’s no problem satisfying themselves with a fellow Sagittarian. Since they’re both fire signs, there will be equal amounts of passion and exuberance between the sheets.

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Their sexual needs may be strong but they are simple. Both will be happy with simple, lighthearted, lusty, and athletic sex. They don’t need sex to be a deep, mystical attunement session. Though that doesn’t mean that they won’t experience some magical moments together.

Having such similar physical needs makes them very comfortable together. There is a risk, though, that the Sag-Sag couple experiences their sexuality in a way that feels superficial. Sag’s show little emotion or depth at times, and with two of them together, they may have sex that ends up too light for either of them to be fully satisfied by.

Sagittarius Man & Sagittarius Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 7/10

When two people of the same sun sign come together there’s always an initial spark (or repulsion) based on their similarities.

Often times these similarities, especially the negative ones, turn out unbearable. Fixed signs, especially, can struggle. Being so similar, they end up locking horns – or crossing stingers – so much that they end up calling it quits. Luckily for the star-struck Sagittarian couple, they’re one of the better same sign couples out there.

They have a lot of positive traits working for them. They’re both affectionate, honest, playful, adaptable, and forgiving. They love to learn, and perhaps most importantly, they avoid harboring feelings of animosity. Their live and let live philosophy really helps the relationship, as all same-sign couples experience friction due to having too much in common.

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They’re also likely on the same page about commitment and marriage and will be happy to take things very slowly. Sag’s are almost never in a rush to get married. They hate a relationship that feels rushed or forced.

Boredom sometimes strikes same sign couples because there’s so much similarity felt between them, and they fail to maintain each other’s interest. Boredom is a scary issue for Sags, as they hate it and will avoid it at all costs. But because they’re each so active and excitable, there shouldn’t be a shortage of exciting, new things for the Sag-Sag couple to do together. Yes, they tend to like the same things, but since Sags have such wide interests, each probably has points of interest that the other hasn’t yet immersed themselves in.

Sag couples can lack financial responsibility and have to watch out with how they manage their money. They’ll be so high on traveling and adventuring together that they won’t want to come back down to reality. It’s typically the partner of a Sag that brings the couple back down to reality when there’s a need to. But with two Sagittarians, who’s going to be the one to initiate such dreary, unfun conversations? Remaining grounded and practical must be something they consciously and continuously develop. Both must step up and take responsibility.

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Even though this relationship is full of fun and might be the most passionate coupling either has experienced, it might not be a coupling that’s meant to last. So much in a Sagittarian’s life is ephemeral. The substance is in the journey for them, in the experiences as they happen. When two Sagittarians combine, there’s a whole lot of transitory energy that comes together. So just because they have amazing times together, and learn so much from each other, it doesn’t mean that they’re meant to stay together. And they probably know this.

Overall, this is a pleasurable relationship that’s enjoyable for however long it lasts. There will be many enjoyable moments as they jump from activity to activity. There lives together will be outgoing, adventurous and full of lessons. Their similar styles and needs might not push them to make huge leaps in accommodating new styles of love, but they will certainly go through lessons about managing their own flavor of energy.

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What do you think about the Sagittarius Man & Sagittarius Woman Relationship?

Have you been in this relationship before? Are you in one now? Or hoping to get into one? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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8 thoughts on “Sagittarius Man & Sagittarius Woman Love Compatibility – Can it work?”

  1. I am a Sagittarius. And i am in a 4 yr relationship with my best friend. A Sagittarius Man. Where should I begin?♐+♐=❤?❤??/???. Etc
    My relationship is one of the best life experiences I’ve ever had. But nothing lasts forever. I think our rollercoaster ride has finally stopped entertaining our flames of fire

    1. This certainly sounds like Sagittarius-Sagittarius! Fun, fireworks and passion, then on to new adventures. Your paths may bring you back together as time goes on.

  2. The sex is awesome.Sometimes you lead sometimes he.But it won’t take long for thing to happen if you’re both sagg.

  3. Sun, Moon and Mercury in common with my totally insane Sag man. It’s been over 4 years since we met. Our first date lasted 3 days. Since then it’s been nonstop talk, sex, talk about sex. lol It’s how we merge, learn and teach, but in a light, fun way. We talk about things we never felt comfortable talking to anyone else about…
    as if we’ve known each other forever. We bring things out in each other that we didn’t know existed…nor had we ventured to dare.

    You are correct in saying Sags need their space, and we as a couple are ok giving that to each other…the intensity requires it.

    Both of us have been in many prior relationships, but always felt like something was missing…understanding maybe?… as if the other party just wasn’t getting you in some fundamental way. I guess that is what I love the most about my Sag man…the feeling of always being able to take up where we left off with no awkwardness or judgement.


  4. I met a Sag man and I’m a Sag woman, we met online. Everything was great at first texting back and forth and then all of a sudden he is to tired to either text or talk on the phone. I’ve been giving him space for awhile now. Should I say there is nothing there?

  5. I’m a Sagittarius man with a Scorpio woman this not working she lazy and I’m active I don’t like boredom and she do she needs to get with someone in her lower standards my standards are to high

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