Sagittarius Man & Pisces Woman Love Compatibility – Can it Work?

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  • Sign: Pisces
  • Dates: February 20 – March 20
  • Ruling planets: Neptune & Jupiter
  • Planetary principle: Sacrifice
  • Element: Water
  • Mode: Mutable
  • Quality: Feminine

What the Sagittarius Man Likes about Pisces Woman

That she’s hard to pin down. Sagittarius likes mystery and adventure, and he gets that with the Pisces woman. She’s a mutable sign like him, so she’s changeable and adaptable. She’s also very complex and difficult to figure out in her own, mysterious 12th house kind of way.

That she’s a dreamer like he is. Sagittarius has huge dreams and goals for his lifetime. He appreciates pragmatism in people, but not as much as he appreciates a visionary, idealistic outlook.

That she doesn’t try to stifle him. As a fellow mutable sign, Pisces is pretty go-with-the-flow. She’s softhearted and won’t try to dominate or manipulate him.

That she takes care of him. Pisces is a nurturing, giving sign that wants to serve her partner. She’s highly attuned to other people’s feelings, and her perceptiveness allows her to pick up on things about the Sagittarius that few other people notice. Her focus is subtle and not prying or agitating either, which he likes.

That she’s creative. The Sagittarian man detests boring, dull, cookie-cutter people. He’s happy to see the Piscean woman blossom when immersed in her imaginative and creative interests.

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That she’s a great listener. He enjoys talking to the Piscean woman as she is genuinely interested in his thoughts and pays rapt attention. Listening skills are challenging for most people, but the Piscean woman has a natural talent for it. She never fakes it either, which is easy to tell by how immersed she is.

That she’s open-minded. Sag and Pisces are similar in many ways because she’s (co)-ruled by his ruling planet, Jupiter. One of the ways this shows up is in their open and expansive outlooks on the world. She’ll be happy to talk about anything that his wide-ranging intellect wants to. She’ll be all ears and happy to exchange ideas that touch on deep philosophy and the meaning of life.

That she’s honest. Sagittarius puts a tremendous value on honesty. He has little tolerance for liars, cheats, and deceivers of all stripes. He’s happy that the Pisces woman also dislikes lying and actively avoids it.

What the Sagittarius Man Dislikes about Pisces Woman

Her intense sensitivity. Pisces can come off over-emotional at times to Sag, and she is uncommonly sensitive to hurt. When hurt or overstimulated, she can turn sad and melancholic. She may avoid the truth of situations if it’s uncomfortable or hurts people, which irks the rational, blunt Sag.

When he feels like she’s crowding him. Pisces, being a water sign, is all about emotional intimacy. She wants to merge with her lover in the deepest way possible. This can freak the Sagittarius man out, and he may reflexively interpret her merging nature as clinginess or encroachment on his autonomy. He just wants things to be fun and light so the heavy, emotional expression can be too much for him.

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That she’s secretive. Both Sag and Pisces love truth, but he is far more forthcoming about himself. He is an open book and has no problem sharing his problem areas and insecurities. The Pisces woman keeps much of what’s going on inside of her under wraps, mostly because she’s overwhelmed by her energy much of the time, and isn’t quite prepared to share what’s always welling up inside.

That she can be a homebody. The Pisces woman is often an introvert, at least at heart. The world can overwhelm her at times and she will retreat to the sanctuary of her home. In fact, much of what’s important to her is probably at home, including her art, pets, cozy nooks, and (hopefully) her partner. Sag is very different, as he is an extrovert who rarely cherishes spending time at home. He might see her desire to be a homebody as lacking ambition when in reality, she just has different ambitions.

What the Pisces Woman Likes about Sagittarius Man

His laid back nature. Pisces really appreciates how easy going the Sag man is. Sure, he packs his schedule full and is pretty much always on the go, but there’s no heaviness to his day to day. This is inspiring to the Piscean woman because she can get pretty overwhelmed at times and have a hard time relaxing. His unruffled playfulness chills her out.

His optimistic nature. The Sagittarian man is an eternal optimist and is always assured that things will work out for him. When a project or relationship fails, he doesn’t dwell on it long because he always sees the opportunities that lay ahead. Pisces is optimistic as well (she also has some Jupiter influence to her), but as a Water sign, she can be bogged down in heavy emotions or get stuck in the past. His continually bright shining optimism inspires her.

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That he’s friendly and supportive. The Sag man might be a bit aloof at times but always makes the effort to be a hospitable companion. He’ll be happy to help out his Pisces and will never be begrudging about it. He’s generous, and because he’s naturally capable of accumulating resources, he’ll be able to share in his abundance.

That he’s strong and secure with who he is. The Sag man always broadcasts playful confidence. He’s able to remain firm in his confidence even though he’s a Mutable sign that’s always adapting, changing, and growing. This combination of change and security is enchanting to the Pisces woman. She’s also an ever-changing Mutable sign, but she often struggles to find her footing in life.

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That he’s honest. The Pisces woman is naturally trusting in nature, so she struggles with partners who are deceptive. She’s happy, then, that she can take what the Sag man says at face value. He will rarely if ever, lie to her.

What the Pisces Woman Dislikes about Sagittarius Man

His lack of emotional depth. Sag is warm and wears his heart on his sleeve, but his emotional waters don’t run particularly deep. The Pisces woman, on the other hand, is highly emotional. Her emotional waves come on strong and frequently overwhelm her so much that it’s hard for her to get a grasp on the more mundane, physical side of her existence. He may empathize with her emotionality, but it’s also likely that he won’t be able to fully comprehend her sensitivity.

That he may rush the courtship process. The Pisces woman is a romantic who wants to be wooed into a relationship. Sagittarius is happy to dive straight in once he knows there’s mutual desire, and he might grow impatient if the process gets drawn out.

His blunt and hurtful words. This may be one of the biggest obstacles for Pisces in a relationship with Sag. She is extra sensitive and emotionally vulnerable, while he is hyper-blunt and direct in speech. His words can come off insensitive, rude, harsh, and tactless. It’s not his intention to hurt with his words, he’s just slightly obtuse and unaware of how his words land. He doesn’t mind when people are blunt with him and can’t see how his bluntness hurts others. The Pisces woman probably won’t show her hurt the first few times, either, and he’s likely to be a bit dense about picking up on it.

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His colossal freedom needs. The Pisces woman likes to do her own thing much of time and is happy that in her relationship with Sag she has time to get lost in her own world. But as a Water sign, she is security-minded and likes her partner to be reliable and there for her much of the time. Unfortunately for her, she’s unlikely to be satisfied with the time he allots to their relationship. He is often fully absorbed in himself and social matters and may fill their time together with large social arrangements over quiet time together.

When he’s aloof. Sagittarius can be nonchalant in the face of mundane or serious, practical matters. She might feel like he doesn’t take her seriously when he brushes her off. And that he doesn’t take the relationship seriously when he avoids taking care of important practical duties.

Sagittarius Man & Pisces Woman: Sexual Chemistry

This can be a passionate, sexual pairing, especially early on. There’s a lot of polarity between them, as Sagittarius has copious masculine energy while Pisces is deliciously feminine.

Sex between them should be thrilling, playful, and fun. Both have high sex drives. Since they’re both Mutable signs, there will be lots of experimenting, creativity, and position changing. Differences attract early on, and they will fly high together.

Over time though, differences can emerge. Sag’s emphasis on hot, libidinous sex pleases Pisces at first, but over time she might realize that her emotional needs aren’t being met.

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Her craving for depth and deep connection doesn’t go away, and the Sagittarian’s hot, physical, passionate energy might begin to overwhelm her as her watery energy steams off. It can’t be all fire, rough and tumble. She needs to have some gentle tenderness from him. To keep the spark strong he will need to show her a side of himself that goes beyond physicality and is open to her more spiritual depths.

She might cool off to his advances if he can’t manage to slow down and merge with her emotionality. She can’t help this, as her enthusiasm for sex simply can’t be mustered if there’s not a strong, emotional component to it.

While he opens up to her more ethereal side, she’ll also have to be more lighthearted and take sex less seriously, too. Sex is sport to him, and if she can relax a bit more around the act, they’ll both be set a bit more at ease.

They’re both nature lovers, so one of the best things they can do is have sex in scenic outdoor venues.

Sagittarius Man & Pisces Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 5/10

Sagittarius and Pisces square each other on the zodiac wheel, so they’ll have to work to avoid friction and tension in their relationship. Fortunately, neither is stingy in love and both want the best for all people, especially their partner.

The combination of Fire (Sag) and Water (Pisces) can prove dynamic, but also means they will have contrasting temperaments. Sagittarius’s fiery, action-oriented energy can overwhelm and evaporate the calm, fluid waters of Pisces, while her deep emotionality can drown out his light, upbeat fire.

Their Mutable sign natures also offer a mixed blessing. They’ll be open to change and adaptable together and want to grow as a unit. But they also can get distracted, off-track, and lose each other in the process.

Because Jupiter influences both of them, they share similar values. Both are tolerant, humorous, open-minded, explorative and adventurous. Jupiter rules luck, so there can be a lot of lucky moments shared between them. But their differences (Square energy) will show themselves in how these energies manifest.

They’re both romantic idealists, but it’s hard to provide the perfect romance here. Their differences are vast, and their Mutable energies can struggle to stick it out while they wade through challenges. They will likely need some Saturn contacts or fixed sign energies in the rest of their charts to make a long term pairing work. Monogamous relationships between these two work best when they are older.

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Keys to success

Get on the same page about relationship goals. They should learn what each other is after. Is it a casual hookup kind of thing? Dating? A committed relationship? It’s especially important for the Pisces to get clear on what the Sag wants, as she’s more likely to assume they’re in a committed relationship when Sag thinks they aren’t.

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Keep the passions flowing. Since we’re dealing with two mutable signs, there’s a risk that they’ll lose interest and drift apart before too long. Breakups with this duo are rarely explosive or combative. Typically they just kind of drift apart due to lingering difficulties that they give up on resolving. Not because they don’t think it’s worth it, rather they just lose the drive to make it happen.

Establish and sustain responsibility. Both signs can be escapist and like to avoid mundane, practical tasks in favor of more lofty goals and dreams. Sag likes to be a go-getter and goal-setter, except when practical duties like chores and bills are what’s in need. While Pisces can fall into dreaming instead of doing. They need to set up structures and boundaries.

Pisces needs to accept and nurture Sag’s independence. Pisces will most likely want Sag to be close by her side more often than he is. If he is the man she truly wants, then this is something she must learn to allow, even if it’s challenging for her.

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Sag should nurture Pisces woman’s emotionality. It’s important for the Pisces woman to feel like she can express her emotions and that they will be heard and respected. Sag should refrain from glossing over her emotionality, making jokes about it, or in any way not honoring her feelings, even though emotional security and stability are not as important to him. She might need to learn to speak up and assert herself more.

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