Sagittarius Man & Capricorn Woman: Rating Their Chances at Love

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  • Sign: Capricorn
  • Dates: December 22 – January 21
  • Ruling planet: Saturn
  • Planetary principle:
  • Element: Earth
  • Mode: Cardinal
  • Quality: Feminine

What the Sagittarius Man Likes about Capricorn Woman

Her loyalty and dependability. The earthy Capricorn woman has a steadfast resolve. She takes commitment and responsibility seriously. Once she’s made up her mind about something (or someone), there’s no swaying her from it.

Her social skills. Cap is a social climber and knows how to navigate the social sphere. Sag is incredibly social himself, so he appreciates her socialite abilities. Her desire to mingle is much more goal-oriented than him, so they have different styles, but he probably doesn’t mind.

That she knows what she wants and is realistic about attaining it. The Capricorn woman is hyper-aware of her goals, and she’s constantly driven to achieve them. There’s a quiet knowingness in her that propels her towards her goals in a patient, confident, and practical manner. Sagittarius shares her goal-oriented nature, though he could use a bit more of her well concrete, well thought out planning abilities.

Her feminine charms. Even though Capricorn is ruled by cold and masculine Saturn, she is still a feminine water sign. She can be flirty and charming when she wants to be, and she knows how to use her feminine wiles to enflame Sag’s deep masculine core.

That she helps him put his ideas into concrete action. Sagittarius is an ideas man that loves to take action. Sometimes, though, he gets too many projects going and scatters his focus. It’s not uncommon for a Sagittarius man to have an abundance of active projects, but none of which are polished or close to being finished. This is in part due to his Mutable sign nature, as it is an energy that’s best suited for change and adaptability. He’s fortunate, then, to have the help of the Cardinal sign Capricorn woman. Capricorn’s Cardinal energy gives her initiative and motivates her to take focused action that delivers results. She helps him remain focused so he can firm up and finish his projects.

What the Sagittarius Man Dislikes about Capricorn Woman

Her reluctant attitude. Sagittarius, being a passionate fire sign, prefers to dive into everything first and ask questions later. Once he’s immersed in something, he will ask relevant questions and freely work his way through any issues as they arise. This works for him (most of the time) and directly caters to his adventurous nature. Capricorn, on the other hand, is far more cautious and rarely dives in before doing preliminary research. Before taking action, she must know if it will be successful and worth her effort. She’s far less adventurous than Sag (which he laments), and she will most often choose the sure thing rather than take a risk.

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Her pessimism. The Saturnian woman is naturally pessimistic. It’s a cumbersome trait that she has to work with throughout her life. This side of her is in stark contrast to the Sagittarians optimistic, bubbly nature. Being around her pessimism for extended amounts of time can make Sagittarius feel suffocated and resentful.

When she becomes cold and aloof. Capricorn will retreat and turn inward when she is hurt, contemplative or just not feeling social. Her propensity for falling into melancholic moods makes her retreat often. Sagittarius rarely, if ever, retreats from the world like this, so it is hard for him to empathize with her. He might not understand how important it is for her to retreat into herself. She can’t shake things off by going for a night out on the town as he does.

What the Capricorn Woman Likes about Sagittarius Man

His deep desire to learn. Sagittarius loves to learn and devotes as much time as he can to the pursuit of knowledge. His interests are wide and include philosophy, business development, different cultures, people, etc.

His honest nature. Capricorn despises dishonesty and strives for truthfulness from herself and to be around honest people. Even though Sagittarius can be careless with his honest remarks, she appreciates that he rarely (if ever) tells a lie.

His social prowess. His social style does not quite mirror her own (he is far less reserved, and often plays the jester), but he’s capable nonetheless. She appreciates his connections in particular, as he tends to rub elbows with people who can help her to climb to higher social echelons. If he plays the jester too much, though, she might lose respect for him.

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That he helps her lighten up. The Capricorn woman’s outlook on the world is often serious and pessimistic. This quality can make her appear cold, but also serves her well and helps her get things done. While mostly helpful, her bleak views can also overwhelm and hinder her at times. She can be hard on herself when things go wrong and allow her cautious pessimism to slip into gloom-filled, defeatist ruminations that can sabotage her confidence and wellbeing. Because the Sagittarian approach to the world is so different, the Sagittarius man’s presence can be beautiful medicine for a down-trodden Capricorn woman.  She can’t help but shed some of her melancholic heaviness when she’s experiencing his playful optimism and expansive confidence.

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What the Capricorn Woman Dislikes about Sagittarius Man

His lack of focus. Being a mutable sign, Sagittarius tends to go where the wind blows him. It’s rare to see him take a straight path in life, choosing instead to dabble here and there. It doesn’t bother him much, but it’s likely to drive the earthy, disciplined, and focused Capricorn mad. She may see him as inconsiderate, irresponsible, and aloof.

His quick-moving courtship. Sagittarius dives into coupling the same way he does with everything; freely, carelessly, and haphazardly. He trusts that fate will deliver to him what it will. Capricorn is far more measured. She takes relationships seriously and cautiously appraises the merits of a relationship before investing an ounce of herself into it. She may feel rushed by Sagittarius or even disrespected if he chooses to mock her cautious approach.

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His wide spanning flirtatiousness. Sagittarius loves all people; men, and women alike. Because he is so social and confident, he is bound to have many women around him. He is always looking for light-hearted fun, and his playful behavior can quickly turn flirtatious, even a bit amorous. It’s all in good fun for him, and probably innocent, but his Capricorn woman might take offense to his widely applied affections, or in the least, find it distasteful.

His dependence on luck. Capricorn, being ruled by cold and restrictive Saturn, lives a life full of challenges, obstacles, and hard work. Under Saturns rule, she must work hard to achieve things in life. She respects hard work and puts her nose to the ground. But here comes the happy-go-lucky Jupiter ruled Sag, who respects fun and leisure far more than hard work. And much to Capricorn’s chagrin, he isn’t chastised by life for his seeming affront on duty. Instead, Jupiter bestows him with abundant luck, good fortune, and second chances. She may feel sympathetic joy that he is able to coast along on luck and good fortune. Or, more likely, she fumes inside because things are never going to be that easy for her.

His aloofness about the trajectory of their relationship. Sag’s paranoia around losing his freedom makes discussing the long-term merits of their relationship with him difficult at best. Some partners may not mind this and try to adapt to his go-with-the-flow relationship style, but not Capricorn. This is because she is hardwired to pry lasting meaning from a relationship if she is going to commit herself to it.

When he’s blunt and hurtful. Sag is notoriously so truthful and blunt that he often hurts those around him with his words at least once. It is rare that he’ll do this intentionally or maliciously, he’s just not equipped with the social awareness that lends people the caution to withhold statements that could harm. So he goes overboard at times, and in ways that don’t help and hurt like daggers. Cap dislikes when he volleys unnecessary truth barbs at her, especially when he delivers them in an immature fashion.

Sagittarius Man & Capricorn Woman: Sexual Chemistry

During the initial stages of sexual attraction and exploration, the Sag man and Capricorn woman will likely be in different places due to their different paces.

Both signs are kinky and can enjoy amazing sex together, but the magic won’t start until they’re fully relaxed and comfortable with each other. Getting relaxed and in the mood shouldn’t be a problem for the libidinous Sagittarius, as he’s a quick drawing fire sign who lacks inhibition. He’ll rev up from 0 to 60 at the first hint of sexuality, all before his pants can hit the floor.

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It’s Capricorn who must relax and grow comfortable. She’s a cautious earth sign who needs abundant patience and time before she’s willing to open up to a partner sexually. She’ll more than likely be vanilla in bed until she learns to trust her Sag partner.

This acclimation period of hers can’t be rushed, as it operates mostly in the background as a subconscious process. Sagittarius may grow antsy, though, as he’s a restless sign and probably has been wanting to rip her clothes off and devour her since their initial spark of attraction. But he must respect her process because if he pushes her, she can’t grow to trust him.

If he proves to be patient, Cap will warm up and relax before too long. Once she’s sexually engaged, it’s on. She’ll bring an earthy, lusty sensuality that sets him ablaze. The sex should be so great that even the impatient Sagittarius will concede that it was worth waiting for. They’ll want to have sex everywhere, especially outdoors. And Sag will be (pleasantly) surprised when the previously unenthusiastic Capricorn woman suddenly becomes a dominant force between the sheets. Capricorn is known as the boss of the zodiac, after all.

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Sagittarius Man & Capricorn Woman: Relationship Score

Score: 6/10

There are some major differences in habits and beliefs that will become immediately apparent in this relationship. The elements (Fire & Earth), as well as modalities (Fixed & Cardinal), aren’t considered highly harmonious.

Similarities include a mutual disinterest in rushing towards commitment, and a strong desire to develop themselves and climb tirelessly towards high goals. The most prominent dissimilarities involve Capricorn’s enthusiasm for facts, planning, and cold, hard reality, versus Sagittarian’s reliance on faith, opportunism, and dreams of grandiosity.

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It’s is a relationship that requires work, as both partners will need to tap into higher expressions of their signs in order for it to succeed. But if they are able to rise to the occasion, this can prove to be a magnetic, powerful relationship.

At it’s best, this relationship will see Sagittarius lift Capricorn out of her desolate spells again and again, while Capricorn helps Sagittarius be the best that his expansive self is capable of being, without tying him down or restricting his potential.

Keys to success

They should avoid jumping in too early. This romance has the best chance to succeed if it begins within the confines of an already established friendship. This is because a lot of the adjustments that will need to be made are easier when initiated while in the lighter mode of a platonic friendship.

Cap woman needs to let her Sag man be a Sag man. She loves to control the world around her, and he hates to be controlled by anything. Even though many of his tendencies trigger her, she has to learn to let him be him if she wants to keep him around. It is especially important for her to allow him a long leash. He needs the freedom to travel, be independent, and have ample alone time. She is all about deep commitment, so it can be a challenge for her to take up 50% or less of his life. But as she works to understand him, she’ll begin to discover that freedom is a practical need for his unique personality, and she’s all about practicality.

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Sag man needs to make the relationship feel solid. For Cap woman to feel secure in a relationship, she needs her partner to be solid and reliable. These traits don’t always come naturally to the wild and free Sag, and he may need to put some concerted effort into developing them to appease his Capricorn lover.

They’ll need to navigate potential power struggles. Both partners like to be dominant and have strong personalities. The Cap woman won’t put up with Sag’s rudeness or lack of compunction, while the Sag man won’t put up with any of her controlling and domineering tendencies.

Live and let live! Overall, these two are such different energies that the most important thing for them is to not try to change each other! They can only find true success together if they’re allowing each other’s unique expression and styles. Luckily, both signs are independent and generally non-forceful.

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