Sagittarius Man & Cancer Woman Love Compatibility – Can it Work?

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The Sagittarius Man

  • He’s a fire sign. Fire energy is creative and fun-loving. Keywords: social, courageous, enthusiastic, self-reliant, explosive, self-centered, restless.
  • He’s a mutable sign. Mutable energy is chameleon-like. Keywords: adaptable, flexible, changeable, diplomatic, inconsistent, uncertain, unreliable.
  • His ruling planet is Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of growth, broader purpose, and possibility. Keywords: expansive, moral, gracious, hopeful, honorable, lucky, bold, enthusiastic, blind optimism, overindulgence, irresponsibility.

The Sag man is the adventurer, student, and teacher of the zodiac. He is highly intelligent and focuses his mind on ambition, philosophy, and spirituality. He’s carefree, independent and always on the go. His active and freedom-loving nature makes him hard to pin down, as he hates to feel held back by anything.

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The Cancer Woman

  • She’s a water sign. Water energy is. Keywords:
  • She’s a cardinal sign. Cardinal energy is. Keywords:
  • Her ruling planet is the Moon. The moon is the ruler of emotions. Keywords: Sensitive, empathetic, telepathic, changeable, wavering, volatile

Cancer is symbolized by the crab (or turtle). She is a highly sensitive soul who feels vulnerable in the world, and so she protects herself fiercely and will withdraw when threatened. She is highly security-minded. She is nostalgic and possessive. She loves to collect things, whether that be practical objects, sentimental items, beliefs, memorabilia, old friends, old lovers.. etc. Her natural habitat is the home, where she cooks, nurtures, and rests.

What Sagittarius Man Likes about the Cancer Woman

Her mysterious feminine charm. Sagittarius is masculine, so he loves the femininity of the Cancer woman. Her feminine, inner-world is deep too, which captivates him. He wants to understand her, to conquer her.

Her giving, compassionate nature. Sagittarius is altruistic and loves to see the people around him improve and expand. He’s not the best, though, at reading people’s needs. Especially when they need a softer touch. Cancer is a capable nurturer who seems to know exactly when and how to support someone. He admires this quality in her.

Her cooking. The Cancer woman is often a phenomenal cook and puts a lot of loving energy into her food. She knows her way around any kitchen and can create just about any meal from scratch. Her partner is lucky, as she loves to cook them and is happy to do so on a regular basis. Sagittarius is a bit of a foodie himself, so he’ll be pretty happy about this.

Her devotedness. The Cancer woman is the pinnacle of devotion. She cares for and supports those close to her, without question or complaint.

That she’s not an easy catch. Sagittarius gets bored with partners who are too easily acquired. Sagittarius is, after all, the symbolic the hunter of the zodiac. He likes a chase, and the mysterious, ever-cautious and slow to open up Cancer provides him with a good one.

Her family focus. Cancer is family-oriented and starts to care for her lovers family immediately. She takes the time to get to know them personally. Sag respects her initiative, as he himself can be a bit aloof with family.

That she gives him sound advice. Sagittarius is a man of many ideas. He’s ambitious, and always has some big project he’s working to build upon. Cancer, being a cardinal sign, is well suited to advise him on projects and ambitions. She sees things he might miss himself and provides gentle, unobtrusive guidance to help him out.

That she’s fiercely driven. Since she’s a water sign she may be considered more passive in her approach. But the Cancer woman is still a cardinal sign. Cardinal signs are strong, independent, smart, influential and like to initiate and lead. She might not be as outwardly ambitious as Sagittarius, but she is tenacious and a force to be reckoned with in her own way. She is at her most ferocious when protecting her family and things she values. He sees and appreciates these strengths that she possesses.

What Sagittarius Man Dislikes about the Cancer Woman

Her guarded nature. Cancer is very sensitive and prone to emotional hurts. Because of this, she can be cautious about exposing herself to potential harm. Her symbol the crab illustrates this, as the crab has a hard outer shell and claws that protect its soft insides. Sagittarius has to work to understand this side of her. He might have a hard time coping with her guardedness, as he himself is a risk-taker who lusts for novel thrills.

Her attachment to home life. Cancer has an intense need to feel safe, secure and grounded. Because of this, she puts great importance on nurturing her home environment. She feels her best while safe in her home bubble. This is difficult for Sagittarius, as he feels his best when he’s out in the world, exploring and on the move.

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Her introverted tendencies. Cancer enjoys being outgoing and can be the life of any party with her Sag man when she wants to. The key here is when she wants to. Sagittarius wants to always keep the social-highs going, while Cancer can have a hard time maintaining them. She’s not always on like he is. She needs downtime. This is especially true when Cancer gets hurt or feels insecure. Or if she’s just feeling moody (which can happen often with her changeable, lunar nature). In these cases, she will want to retreat into herself. When this happens she needs time to regain her balance. She needs to process, think things through, be introspective. This is tough for Sagittarius, as he enjoys consistent socializing,

When she gets needy, clingy or possessive. If there’s one thing Sagittarius hates it’s feeling caged in. This makes the Sagittarius-Cancer compatibility a potential minefield. Cancer can struggle with giving space to Sagittarius’s free-roaming nature. She loves to have her partner close by. Spending time together is very grounding for her. She can become irritable and clingy if she isn’t able to satisfy this need. She’s not so much a jealous type, but a confused/frustrated side of her might arise if Sag spends more time socializing than with her.

Her emotionality. Cancer, being a Moon-ruled water sign, is intensely influenced by her emotions. This can tire the Sagittarius man. It’s not that he’s unemotional, he just experiences emotions differently than Cancer. He’s more mental and driven by broad enthusiasm and intellect. He might consider her erratic, or inconsistent when she changes her tune so frequently due to emotional upheavals.

Her melancholic moods. Cancer can be quite moody, and often has dark moods that overtake her. A Scorpio partner might revel in consoling her dark emotions, but the Sagittarius man more likely feels confused and bogged down by them. True to his Jupiter rulership, he prefers to stay upbeat and optimistic. While he always sees a bright future, she sometimes has a harder time feeling optimistic about the future. And this brings him down, too, which he can feel trapped by.

Her passive-aggressive side. Cancer hates direct confrontation. She can hold on to little slights or inconsistencies without mentioning them for a long time. These little hurts build up. While she won’t confront him directly about them, she still might make him aware that’s she’s unhappy. And this is typically via passive aggression. The Sagittarian man does not like this, as he prizes directness. He will grow frustrated, as he feels that he’s expected to be a mindreader of her emotions.

What Cancer Woman Likes about the Sagittarius Man

His optimism. Sagittarius prefers to look at life with rose-tinted glasses. His focus is on fun, positivity, and seeking opportunity. His carefree nature means he treats life more like a game than a burdensome slog. Cancer likes this about him, as she often falls into and gets stuck in negative states. His penchant for fun and rollercoaster lifestyle breathes light into Cancer and lifts her up.

His honest nature. It’s important for a Cancer to feel safe within a relationship. Being able to trust the words of her partner is important. Cancer appreciates that Sagittarius is truthful and puts a high value on honesty.

His patient pursuit of her. Sagittarius loves the push-pull nature of courtship. He’s not in a rush about it, preferring instead to indulge in the chase. Cancer appreciates this, as she’s slow to take to love. She takes love seriously and would hate to feel cheapened by a rushed or lackluster romantic pursuit.

His carefree attitude. Sagittarius leads a pretty untroubled and easygoing life. It’s not that he doesn’t encounter obstacles or setbacks, he just doesn’t let them drag him down. This is refreshing for Cancer woman, as she can struggle with excessive caution. His energy can help ease her out of her shell.

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That he inspires her. The Sagittarius man and Cancer woman share a desire to better humanity. Sagittarius dreams big about the changes he’s inspired to make in the world. Cancer enjoys hearing about all these his grand ideas and wants to help him.

His openness to sharing with her. Cancer likes to learn about other people and has a way of coaxing information out of them. She has a welcoming demeanor that is full of warmth and true concern. She hardly has to employ her investigative side, though, with Sagittarius. He’s not at all secretive and likes to talk about himself. He will tell her whatever she wants to know about him. She appreciates this, as it allows her to feel more bonded to him.

That he’s spontaneous. In many ways, Sagittarius brings a breath of fresh air into Cancer’s life. Because they have very different styles, it can be a bit of a shock to Cancer’s system to attune to his energy. They’re fortunate to share a desire for fun and good times. Sagittarius likes to surround himself with unique people. Intellectuals, eccentrics, creatives, and adventurers. Cancer loves all types of people, so she revels in the opportunity to meet his vast social circle. They go on adventures regularly, and Cancer appreciates the refreshment of having someone bring her out of her shell.

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What Cancer Woman Dislikes about the Sagittarius Man

That he’s always out doing things. Cancer thrives under the stability of a partners presence. But, to her dismay, Sagittarius is rarely around enough for her to feel safe and satisfied. As the relationship progresses she realizes just how much he needs to be out in the world. He has a constant need to surround himself adventure and social engagements. His hyper-social tendencies make her feel insecure and possibly trigger possessiveness. She’ll wonder why he’s always out, always socializing, and why he doesn’t want to stay at home with her more often.

His bluntness of speech. Sagittarius often speaks before he thinks, and in ways that might be harsh or lack tact. This lack of a filter means he can quite easily hurt the sensitive feelings of Cancer. He doesn’t mean to hurt her with his frank appraisals. Speaking candidly and honestly is just the way he operates. He might have to adjust his speech to accommodate Cancer.

His flirtatiousness. Sagittarius is positive, gregarious and magnetic. His happy go lucky nature also makes him a consummate flirt. This means he is likely to have many female admirers. Cancer can feel irked when he goes out often and flirts heavy. Especially if she feels he’s avoiding unresolved issues by going out on the town.

That he can lack emotional depth. Sagittarius is pretty much an open book, as he wears his heart on his sleeve. Yet, as a fire sign, his emotionality might not satisfy Cancers deep emotional waters. She longs to bond deeply with her partner on a highly emotional level. He’s unlikely to go as deep into emotion as she does. This can result in her feeling unsatisfied and isolated.

That he can be a bit oblivious. Sagittarius is not always observant of those around him. This means Cancer has might have to tell him when she’s hurt. This is difficult for Cancer, as she is incredibly observant of the people who surround her, especially partners. She could expect him to be more aware of her.

That he can be unstable/undependable. The mutable sign Sag is adaptable, changeable and at times inconsistent. To feel satisfied he needs to experience a steady stream newness and excitement. Cancer appreciates stability above all else. She is always seeking balance and harmony within her relationships. These differing needs for emotional security can leave her feeling strained.

How he avoids commitment. It can be a real challenge to get Sagittarius to commit to anything. His biggest fear is losing his independence and autonomy. Because of this, he’s always cautious about things that could infringe on his freedom. This is especially true with romantic relationships. Cancer, on the other hand, thrives with commitments. She’s nurtured by them and finds them stabilizing. It’s tough for her to console his different approach.

Sagittarius Man & Cancer Woman Relationship Scores


Score: 5/10

Sagittarius and Cancer are inconjunct signs and can have many different perspectives on life. This results in them needing to work hard at understanding each other.

Freedom vs. responsibility. Sagittarius is the champion of free-roaming independence. He will easily prioritize it over fulfilling practical duties. Cancer is a champion of responsibility. She likes to keep things in order. She can feel in control when things are neat and tidy, and she just likes cleanliness. She values connectivity and reliability over personal freedom.

Home vs. horizon. Cancer is the cozy, homemaking crab who loves nothing more than to spend time in her dwelling. There she can feel safe, cook amazing food for her friends and family, and nurture her internal growth. Sagittarius views the home simply as a place to sleep and recharge before heading off on his next adventure.

Time spent together vs. time spent apart. Again, differences in style and taste abound. Cancer likes to spend copious amounts of time with her partner. The more time they spend together, the more safe, stable and solid she feels. While she craves time spent together, he may enjoy most his time spent chilling and exploring on his own. Spending copious amounts of time with his partner can make him feel caged in and crowded. Too much exposure frustrates him and makes him pine for time spent alone.

Finances. Both signs are fond of money, and adept at making it, but do so for different reasons. Cancer’s financial motivations revolve around safety and security. She wants resources to finance a cozy home environment. She keeps ample savings stored away as a security blanket in the event that she encounters rough times. Sagittarius wants money to fuel his freedom-loving, adventurous aspirations. While he’s good at making money, he also tends to burn through it just as quickly as it comes in.

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A desire for knowledge. Cancer and Sagittarius share a love of knowledge. He is always seeking out the truth in anything and everything, and she likes to unearth hidden meanings in things. They often look at things from different vantage points. Together they can really stimulate each other’s mental pursuits.

They both want the best for themselves and the people around them. Sagittarius and Cancer are both kind-hearted and benevolent. Cancer woman is loving and nurturing and never wants to hurt her partner. Sagittarius can easily hurt his partner, but he doesn’t intend to. He has an innate sense of fairness which stops him from acting maliciously. If they work on potential issues, like Sag’s lack of patience, and Cancer’s intense security needs, they can have a good foundation for mutual support.


Score: 6/10

His directness of speech. Sagittarius is cool and direct in speech. He believes in speaking his mind, and that the truth should always be revealed. This blunt and assertive style of speaking can easily hurt the ultra-sensitive Cancer.

She can seem a bit slow for him. Sagittarius’s mind and ideas move fast. Being mutable, he can shift quickly and discuss many different topics all in one sitting. Cancer is fascinated by this, but her cardinal nature makes her more focused, and not so erratic. It can be tough for her to keep up with his need for novel thought and constant stimulation.

He can be a bit aloof. Cancer loves heartfelt connection and intimate communication. Sagittarius isn’t always on board, though. He’s sometimes aloof and more interested in delving into philosophical ideas rather than feelings.

They both enjoy humorous conversation. Both signs can be quite funny, and their different styles can really intrigue the other. This results in plenty of laughs.

They can thrive intellectually. Sagittarius has a love for higher learning, and Cancer loves to discuss anything she’s interested in. Their passion and striving for knowledge can lead to some great conversations.


Score: 4/10

Neither sign wants to hurt the other’s emotions. But their needs differ so much that painful misunderstandings can arise.

Sagittarius may struggle to handle Cancer’s emotional sensitivities. Sagittarius can be blunt and quick to anger. He often speaks without much forethought into how his words might affect the recipient. This can wreak havoc on the emotional health of his Cancer partner, as wilts from heated confrontation. He is quick to get over his anger, but Cancer never forgets. Multiple outbursts could condition her to close off. She may become sullen, moody, withdrawn.

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Cancer might have a hard time keeping things exciting for Sagittarius. Sagittarius is quick, passionate and needs constant surprises and excitement to remain satisfied. Cancer will provide him with ample nurturing, which he enjoys. But she might not be able to offer him the unpredictability that he craves.

Opposing security needs. Feeling safe and secure is important for emotional health. These two need different things for security. Cancer needs a safe home life and a reliable partner, while Sagittarius needs ample freedom and room to roam.

Sexuality & Intimacy

Score: 6/10

Different styles excite. The Sagittarius man and Cancer woman have contrasting sexual desires and approach. Sexual compatibility can start off surprisingly strong, as there’s lots of newness and intrigue.  Sagittarius comes on strong, bringing playful, lighthearted energy to the bedroom. This catches Cancer off guard and makes her lighten up a bit. Then Cancer’s magic kicks in. Her alluring and engrossing sexual energy completely envelopes him.

His sexual dominance compliments her submissive side. Sagittarius is a naturally dominant sign due to his masculine fire sign nature. While the moon-ruled water sign, Cancer is captivatingly submissive. While Cancer may naturally submissive, she’s also a Cardinal sign. This gives her a strength and sexual composure that the mutable side of Sagittarius appreciates. There are many flavors here, which provide plenty of polarity-driven excitement.

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Adjustments are likely required. The initial excitement of different styles and tastes can wear thin over time. They might find themselves wanting to be nourished closer to their personal styles. This may prove difficult, as Cancer desires a deep level bonding that Sagittarius likely struggles to provide. He might grow frustrated that she seems so serious, and isn’t willing to let sex stay light and fun.

He might have to accept less novelty and excitement than he’s used to. Cancer might have a hard time keeping up with the variable and fluctuating Sagittarius in bed. One saving grace is that Cancer is very perceptive, so she will do what she can to please him. Though it might feel slow and labored to the impatience Sagittarius.

They can learn entire new approaches that broaden their sexual experiences. If both remain open to change, these two can learn a lot from each other. He can learn that sex can be a much more intimate and deep experience. And she can learn to lighten up and enjoy more fun, physical, and athletic sex.

Trust & Dependability

Score: 4/10

Sagittarius’s ruler Jupiter makes him a great lover and seducer. But it can also tempt him to chase after a large variety of different women. The Moon-ruled Cancer loves Jupiter (the planet is exalted in Cancer). Yet she has a hard time comprehending the Sagittarius’s flirtatious needs. She has to wrap her head around the idea that he desires to conquer the hearts of everyone around him.

She needs dependability to feel satisfies in a relationship. So Sag’s outgoing flirtatiousness can threaten her sense of cozy safety. If she grows to mistrust him, it will also affect his perception of her. He may begin to feel misunderstood by her. Especially if his flirtatiousness is harmless and not a threat to their relationship.

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This highlights a general issue in this relationship – that these two could be heading in different directions. Sagittarius grows outwardly. He expands out into the world, exploring, adventuring, discovering. While Cancer’s growth happens in the home where she can expand inward and tap into her deep waters.

Can there be trust and dependability between these two if they’re headed in such different directions? It’s certainly possible, but can be hard to come by, and easily broken down.

Shared finances are a perfect example of where an impasse might occur. Cancer may want to focus on domestic expenses, such as home renovations. It’s also important for her to keep savings in the bank account. Sagittarius probably cares little these things and would rather spend freely on experiences. He might not care if they’re going over their budget, so long as they’re creating great experiences. If he’s irresponsible with his spending habits she will grow stressed and she’ll have a hard time trusting him.

Overall Score

Score: 5/10

This is an odd coupling and one that, unfortunately, doesn’t always last.

Put simply: these two possess very different energies. And not like the “opposites attract” sort of different… more like an “I just don’t understand you” kind of different.

Because they are inconjunct/Quincunx signs they don’t really “see” each other. It’s different from what opposite signs or square signs experience. They struggle too at times, but their differences rub against each other and create palpable friction. This is more like a blind spot. Sag and Cancer can just miss each other’s mark.

The biggest differences between these two include:

  • Sagittarius’s reckless, restless, and risk-taking nature vs. Cancer’s cautious reserve
  • Cancer’s focus on attachment, settling down and finding stability vs. Sagittarius’s penchant for freedom, and lack of a desire to settle down.
  • Sagittarius’s laidback, casual friend-like emotional needs vs. Cancer’s intense hunger for bonding, nurturing, and deep relational fulfillment.
  • Cancer’s easily-wounded and socially self-protective shell vs. Sagittarius’s openness to experience and lack of guardedness.

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There will always be adjustments that need to be made within this relationship to make it work. But through them, Sagittarius learns to become more stable and reliable, and Cancer can become more open and secure. Both are humorous and like to make things fun, so excitement and humor are sure to color their days.

If things do go south, it might not be the cleanest split. Break-ups are deeply emotional and challenging for the Cancer woman. Especially if she’s become invested.

To conclude, remember that this article only compares sun signs. The sun sigh is only a small (albeit significant) part of the chart. I always recommend a whole chart synastry reading for any serious relationship!

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Now it’s your turn, what do you think about the Sagittarius man & Cancer woman relationship? Please let us know in the comment section below.

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  2. Nice work. I really like your research work. You are doing a great work for lovers. I must admit that really learnt a lot from you. I am a Saggitarius and she is Cancer. I love her and will not want t to hurt her feelings and disappoint her. Now I can work on my weak point and make it work by the Grace of GOD

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