5 Pro Tips to Get a Scorpio Man Missing You like Crazy

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Scorpio men can indeed be incredibly tricky partners in the game of attraction. They’re intelligent, cunning, and obsessed with self-protective power dynamics.

A Scorpio may move fast and send you into a whirlwind of emotion, only to pull back just as quickly, even to the point of going AWOL.

Getting them to miss you can feel like you’re walking through a minefield. Is he waiting for you to make the next move? Did he lose interest? Or is he interested in playing push and pull mind-games to stir your emotions?

This post will help you cut through the uncertainty and employ specific, sure-fire tactics to get a Scorpio guy chasing you.

By the end, you’ll have all the tools you need to pique his interest and get him yearning for your company. 

1. Avoid coming across like you “need” him to miss you

If you want Scorpio to miss you, you must ensure that he doesn’t think you’re leaning into hoping that he will. Scorpio will rarely miss or chase you if he thinks you like him more than he likes you.

Scorpios smolder with sexual intensity and are often accustomed to women falling at their feet. 

Those aren’t the women who Scorpio lays in bed thinking about. It’s the rare woman who keeps herself intact around him and doesn’t give a damn whether he’s missing her or not. 

This self-possession entrances him and turns you into a challenge for him to conquer, which he loves.

This can, of course, be hard to do because you have to actually not care or reveal any neediness! You can’t really fake this with Scorpio because they’re incredibly perceptive and will know instantly if you’re playing games with him.

Sure, show your interest, but also display a take it or leave it attitude. He might even test you with prodding or critical remarks to see your reaction. Yes, it can be challenging, but do your best not to lean into wanting him to chase you too badly. That’s what gets him missing you.

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2. Study his wants and likes

You want to get to know Scorpio so you can tailor yourself a bit to what he’s into (without losing yourself in the process, of course).

To do this, you don’t want to start asking him a million questions or probing into his life. Scorpio guys like to be a bit guarded with their personal life, as they’re usually a bit distrustful by nature. If you try to get to know him too aggressively, he’ll likely back away.

So, to win his attention and make him miss you, you want to study him slyly. What type of character does he show? This likely reflects what he’d be after in a partner.

For example:

If he’s very cerebral: Show that you’re intelligent, knowledgable, and quick-witted. You could engage him in conversations about current events, spirituality, politics, music, world issues, etc.

If he’s very closed off and skeptical: Display your trustworthiness in spades. Indicate indirectly that you’d be a reliable partner by showcasing your devotion to friends, family, or any causes you feel strongly for. That you remain unrattled, even through turbulent cycles. 

Don’t expect him to reveal everything about himself very quickly. You must be patient with these men. So take your time, and allow him to open up at his own pace slowly.

Do this well, and you’ll glean some great information about his likes and dislikes. Then, you can cater to his tastes and get him missing your company. 

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3. Highlight your sex appeal

While Scorpio men love deeply and bond at the soul level, they’re also lusty and can be entirely entranced by looks. 

These visual men can become entirely transfixed by a sexually alluring woman. Sex is often very high on their list of essential life pursuits. Scorpio is ruled by the reproductive organs, after all.

Feel free to tune your appearance into a racy direction when around him (of course, being tastefully seductive about it, not trashy). It’s the subtle things like lingerie peaking out of your clothes or that somewhat revealing piece of clothing that highlights your curves and best physical features. Just remember to keep it tasteful.

Don’t avoid discussing sex with him, and feel free to innocently pepper conversations with slight hints at your sexual/self-pleasuring preferences or lingerie collection. Also, you’ll want to ooze sex both non-verbally and conversationally. Speak about your general desire for physical connection. You want him fantasizing about your conversations later on.

Scorpio loves innocent, maternal, high femininity and the darker, seductrice style. If you don’t feel like you naturally broadcast a highly sexed personality, that’s fine too. If you’re shy with a subtle nature, even light discussion of sex can turn him on even more than if you were highly sexed. Almost everyone has a strong innate sex drive, and Scorpios are often interested in people who’ve yet to blossom sexually.

Just remember that being too obvious will repel him, not make him miss you. You want to play into his imagination lightly and make him wonder about you, not blast him with energy and attention. That will only make him push away. 

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4. Highlight your social status and clout

Scorpios are power-hungry and often drawn to potential partners who have power themselves.

A woman who’s competent, maybe even a little bit out of his league, will pull him right in. He wants someone who’s a challenge and who will be excellent arm candy if he can catch her. He wants people to be a bit jealous of him due to the status of his partner. Someone who triggers this in him will make him chase hard and miss her when she’s not around.

Again, this comes down to giving off a vibe of not needing him. You want him to feel like he has to work for you. That you’re strong enough to walk away if he’s not up to your standards, he wants soul mate material, after all, and won’t settle unless he has a cultured, classy, edgy, and powerful woman who makes him look good in public. 

Show your social clout and confidence by holding your own in shared social engagements. Show that you’re connected, abundant, and maybe even a bit intimidating. He’ll be impressed, super curious, and will miss you when you’re not around.

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5. Entice him through selective absence and mystery

Scorpio men want to play both the detective and the hunter. The chase thrills them and motivates their sexual pursuit.

If you want him to miss you, you have to get him invigorated by the idea of conquering your mind and heart. 

If you’re always around and put everything about yourself on the table to show him your worth, you’re unlikely to entice him into chasing you.

Scorpios absolutely love an enticing mystery. Being subtly flirtatious is fine, but you don’t want to shower him with attention. The key to getting him to chase you is acting a little aloof, even naive of him. Give him glimmers of your depth, something authentic and of substance you don’t share with everyone. But show that if he wants more, he’ll have to chase. Do this well, and you’ll no doubt excite him to find out more about your depths. 

Feel free to use selective absence to catch him off guard. Maybe you don’t show up to a place or event that he expected you to. If you’re already on his radar, your absence will only make him think about you more. 

If he’s asking about you, maybe hint that you have a lot going on underneath the surface. That your life is throwing you complex curveballs. These men are incredibly nosey and want to provide their insight and wisdom to people who’ve piqued their interest. If he senses you have a lot going on inside, this man (who always has a lot going on inside, himself) will want to enter your world and lift you up.

If employing a bit of mystery and selective absence feels unnatural, then maybe the Scorpio man isn’t the best fit for you. These men want independent lovers who entrance them. And even then, they’re a hard catch. If you want a more straightforward, watery lover who’s also got depth and sensitivity, consider Cancer or Pisces.

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To get the Scorpio man missing you, you’ll want to have a lot going for yourself. You’ll draw him in by your strength of character, uniqueness, and depth.

Passion fuels every aspect of your life, so follow yours. 

Remember that you’ll likely have to play the long game with Scorpio. These men are fascinating lovers, but they take a while to open up.

Will it be worth it? Who’s to say. But a relationship with Scorpio is one of a kind and definitely worth the experience.

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