How to Make a Gemini Man Miss You like Crazy (Key Tips & Tricks)

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So you want to fill the erratic, scatter-brained head of the Gemini man with thoughts of you?

Maybe you just met this sultry Gemini guy and want him to put you on his radar.

Or perhaps you already have an established relationship with a Gemini man and feel like his attention has been elsewhere. 

No matter your specific situation, this post will help you reel him in and get his mind filled with thoughts of you.

Alright, let’s dive in.

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1. Give him lots of space

First things first – if you want your Gemini man to miss you, you need to give him the space to. Like it or not, but freedom is his biggest aphrodisiac. The freedom to flitter about freely is what he needs to thrive in a relationship. He needs a partner who he doesn’t feel like he has to talk to all the time.

Yes, it can be hard if you’re antsy to become more connected with him. But this step is absolutely essential. Gemini is incompatible with clingy partners. Plus, he needs time out of your company attention to allow his feelings for you to percolate.

Being too readily available for him will have the opposite effect. Many women make the mistake of trying to always be available in the hopes that Gemini will see how much she has to offer him. You do want to build up his feelings of desire, lust, and love, of course. But this man can’t be crowded. He’s a free bird by nature, and anyone (potential lover or not) who crowds his energy will repel him.

So, if you want him to think about you, miss you, and eventually chase you, then give him a little time out from your company and your attention.

You must succeed with this to get him missing you. Slip up and act needy by crowding him, mothering him, nagging him, or bossing him around, and he’ll likely exit stage left from your life entirely.

If this is something you struggle with, really try to focus on your own life and keep occupied with your own needs and schedule. Nurture your own interests so he can take the time to nurture his. If you want to be with him, this is an essential trait that you’ll need to make things work.

This doesn’t mean ignoring him. It just means giving him space to initiate contact much of the time.

Do this well, and he’ll surely pick up on this and start to fantasize about how well you slot into his independent lifestyle. It won’t take long after this happens for your phone to start buzzing with texts or calls from him.

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2. Excite him from a distance

Okay, so we’ve established the key step of giving him space. You’re not bombarding him with calls or texts. Excellent.

Now, to get Gemini though only missing you, let’s dive into some specific ways to get him to appeal to him from a distance. 

Switch up your look. Gemini loves novelty and excitement more than any other sign. You’re guaranteed to catch his attention if you change your hairstyle, try a bold new style, or do something entirely out of character. If you broadcast any of this on shared socials, he’s bound to notice and will want to learn more.

Go on spontaneous outings. Activate your inner explorer and go on childlike excursions. You’ll excite his own exploratory side, and you’ll be the one who he thinks of when he wants to go do something fun and adventurous. 

Grow intellectual interests or take on novel hobbies. Gemini wants a woman who possesses Ph.D. intelligence with a wild, erratic side that keeps him on his toes. Gemini men are attracted to people who are worldly and fill their life with new ideas and hobbies. A sophisticated, multifaceted woman who stays a few steps ahead of him is his Achilles heel. Display curiosity, cultural literacy, and imagination to pique his interest and get him missing your presence.

Socialize. Gemini guys are charismatic and highly sociable. And he wants to pine for a woman that loves the company of others, too. Attract him with your own charisma. Tap into your outgoing, vivacious, and confident self and he’ll be drawn to you like a magnet. If you’re entirely introverted and don’t like to socialize, consider that Gemini might not be the best match for you in the end!

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3. Enthrall him with great conversation

To get him thinking a lot about you, you really want to tantalize his mind when you get the chance to interact with your Gemini guy.

Making him miss you has a lot to do with creating meaningful interactions that leave him craving for more. These men absolutely love a good conversation that’s peppered with intelligent banter, humor, and lightheartedness.

If you can give it to him, he’ll be yours on a silver platter and will miss you constantly when you’re apart.

It can be an overwhelming task to keep up with Gemini’s darting mind and turbulent intellect, so just try to focus on establishing a few key energies in your conversations with him.

Flirtatiousness. Keep things light and flirty as much as possible. They can be intense with their passion at times, but Gemini is not a heavy sign. They love to flirt and engage in innuendo-laden wordplay. Their mind is their most potent sexual organ. Doing this is a great way to set your connection apart from platonic ones and into a sexual tone.

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Positivity. Gemini runs from negative women like the plague and ends up in the arms of a woman who’s full of lightheartedness and humor. Show him that you love his humor-filled world of a mind and that you know how to make him laugh. 

Intelligence. Gemini is accustomed to walking conversational circles around almost everyone. He gets bored with most conversations and people quickly and is in constant search for new information to gobble up from esteemed sources.

If you can share something new that he’s never encountered before, he will want to absorb as much as he can from you. This can be worldly, intellectual knowledge, or it can be situational observations. Gemini also likes people who aren’t afraid to call him out on his shit but in a playful manner.

So long as you show him appreciation and are complimentary of his mind, feel free to give him constructive criticism here and there. 

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There you have it, some specific tips to get the Gemini man feeling for you and missing you when you’re not around.

One of the biggest takeaways from this article should be that Gemini likes space and a woman who’s a novel challenge. It’s often the women who don’t even want a relationship with him that he chases. If not them, it’s the women who show interest but are not antsy to be with him. This makes him crazy and wants to gush over them.

The most simple way to draw him to you is to be light, playful, and play things cool. This excites him, stirs his imagination, and gets him chasing after you.

In the end, remember that even if you capture his attention, these men can be fickle lovers. They’re serial daters and their standards can be a bit schizophrenic and it can be exhausting to keep up with them. 

The best partner for Gemini is both willing to ride with his constant fixations and has a little bit of a wild, erratic side of their own. Are you constantly growing, evolving, and searching? Do you wear all your messy, complex layers on your sleeve? Then Gemini might be great for you!

What do you think about the advice in this article? Do you agree? Do you have some other tips to give that you think were left out here? Do you have stories of your own with Gemini man that you could share? If so, let us know in the comment section below!

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