Who’s the Best Match for Leo? All 12 Zodiac Signs, Ranked

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Curious who the best matches are for Leo sun sign people?

We’ll dive into every match and rank them all from best to worst in this post.

Before we dive in, remember that Sun signs are not the only thing to factor in for relationship compatibility! While the sun sign is essential, it is only one of many elements in an individual’s chart. To get an idea of whether a relationship will or won’t work, consider getting a full chart reading.

With that said, let’s get into the list.

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1. Sagittarius

Elements: Fire/Fire. Aspect: Trine. Modalities: Fixed/Mutable.

This relationship combines the Sun (Leo) with Jupiter (Sagittarius). It’s one of the most fun, energetic, and dramatic (in a positive way) dynamics in the Zodiac.

They’re both fire signs, so passion and an openhearted exuberance flow through their connection. Their sex life is usually good-natured and free from insecurities. Both are highly physical and enjoy athletic sex.

So long as they can handle not over-spending and get on the same page on relationship goals (Sagittarius is notoriously non-committal), then this playful and highly sexual relationship should stand the test of time.

Sagittarius should watch their bluntness at times if they want to avoid bruising Leo’s pride. “Truth sayer” Sagittarius will learn with time that Leo often requires compliments instead of harsh truths. 

All in all, this is a fantastic relationship and the best match on our list for Leo. These signs have a ton in common and should riff off each other easily. They both love activity, excitement, and impulsive travel, so there should never be a dull moment.

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2. Gemini

Elements: Fire/Air. Aspect: Sextile. Modalities: Fixed/Mutable.

The Leo/Gemini match is exciting and lively. They’re gregarious and bring out each other’s sociable and flirtatious sides. There’s a ton of good feelings and humor between them. Leo loves the center stage, and Gemini is happy to give it to Leo. 

It’s a love match that creates a perfect blend of mental and physical. Leo’s dramatic and fiery nature helps airy Gemini get out of their head and into the world of action, while witty Gemini keeps Leo mentally stimulated and intrigued.

Their sex life is thrilling and adventurous. Tactile Gemini is great at oral and manual stimulation, which Leo finds exhilarating. And Gemini gets sufficiently amped up by Leo’s passionate approach between the sheets.

Gemini splits their attention a lot and will have to make sure they keep plenty of attention on Leo. This ensures that their pride isn’t hurt. Gemini might also have to work on being less fickle and erratic, as fixed-sign Leo requires a dependable partner. At the same time, Leo should work to limit jealousy and possessiveness, as smothering and constriction can scare Gemini off.

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3. Aries

Elements: Fire/Fire. Aspect: Trine. Modalities: Fixed/Cardinal.

This fire sign combination is electrifying, impassioned, and dramatic. Both signs are loyal, enthusiastic, and give their all to life and relationships.

Leo and Aries are both dominant and excel in whatever field of endeavor they choose. They love challenges and often compete with each other for the top spot. Aries energy says, “Me first,” while Leos says, “Look at me.”

Their sex life is likely to be hot and heavy. Athletic passion flows between them, and their inherently competitive nature extends into the bedroom. Leo might want more seduction before sex, so Aries could work on sidelining their impulsive side just a bit.

They can accomplish a lot together in life, with Aries being the initiator and Leo making the plan real. Being from the same element, they have equal physical force and can hold their own in the face of the other’s power. 

Overall, This pairing is good for short, explosive affairs, and if they share the same beliefs and interests, it can last for the long haul. 

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4. Libra

Elements: Fire/Air. Aspect: Sextile. Modalities: Fixed/Cardinal.

Both of these signs love to love. They’re also enthralled by refinement and beauty, which each possesses in spades. In addition to being magnetized by the other’s attractiveness, they connect over a shared interest in socializing, pleasure-seeking, and knowledge-chasing.

Romance and sexual drama bring these two signs together. With the sun (Leo) shining on Venus (Libra), their sex life will be filled with warm feelings and intrigue. Leo brings Libra’s naughty side out while giving them the comfort they need to relax into more adventurous sexual expression.

Leo tends to be more adventurous in life than Libra, but Libra is happy to adapt and let Leo take the lead. This extends into social situations, where Libra is accomplished but is happy to step aside and let Leo take center stage.

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Both signs are affectionate and complementary. They build each other up and mean it, which is good because both signs are addicted to receiving attention.

Leo must remember not to be jealous or cloying with social Libra’s desire to roam and flirt. They have to trust that they genuinely are if Libra says they’re loyal. They also must watch their shared finances, as both signs love to indulge in extravagances. 

If they remember to give each other the attention they crave, this relationship will stand on solid ground. There’s endless potential for play with these two, and the relationship can easily last a lifetime.

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5. Leo

Elements: Fire/Fire. Aspect: Conjunction. Modalities: Fixed/Fixed.

Same sign pairings are always a mixed bag. Two people born with the same sign will understand each other well, but they can also be so similar that they struggle to build excitement and intrigue.

For the Leo/Leo pairing, it’s great that they know just how much the other appreciates being showered with attention and compliments. But, there’s a chance they could tire of giving out as much attention as they desire to receive, which can quickly create an imbalance.

Both Leos might like to feel like they’re always right, and if they have a lot of different opinions, a constant battle of wills can sour their feelings for each other.

All in all, this can be a satisfying relationship. They’re both direct, personable, and generous. And it can last a lifetime if neither tries to rule over the other, and they can keep up by lavishing each other with attention, compliments, and love.

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6. Aquarius

Elements: Fire/Air. Aspect: Opposition. Modalities: Fixed/Fixed.

The Leo/Aquarius dynamic is interesting because they are opposite signs on the zodiac wheel. They polarize each other, creating magnetic attraction at times and explosive repulsion at others. But their differences keep things exciting and present them with bountiful opportunities to grow together as individuals.

Both signs are lively and exciting but in different ways. Leo is the gregarious life of the party, while Aquarius is the enigmatic outsider with a unique charm. Aquarius gets a kick out of Leo’s demonstrative nature, and Leo is transfixed by Aquarius’s unique mind.

Leo requires a lot of attention, and Aquarius is often too detached and in their own world to give it. Aquarius is also a super independent and self-validated sign, so they might not even understand Leo’s need for validation and affection.

Their differences can make for a hot combo in the short term (their sex life can be explosive out of the gate), but unless they’re ready to grow a lot through the relationship, it can be a struggle to sustain it for the long haul.

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7. Pisces

Elements: Fire/Water. Aspect: Inconjunct. Modalities: Fixed/Mutable.

While Water sign Pisces doesn’t make the top half of our list, their relationship with Leo can be surprisingly satisfying for both partners.

There’s an elusive, fantasy-oriented romance to Pisces that entices Leo and keeps them hooked. In addition to Pisces’ otherworldly charm, Leo senses a vulnerability in them that they want to protect.

Romantic Pisces won’t need to be encouraged to give praise to Leo, and Pisces is also very accepting, which soothes Leo tremendously.

Both signs love indulgence and can savor wine and other intoxicants/stimulants together. Their sex life should be interesting, at least early on. Pisces brings a strong sexual constitution and new elements to lovemaking, while Leo brings raw passion. And both signs are happy to experiment between the sheets.

The most significant risk is that Leo unequally dominates sensitive Pisces. Compliant and malleable Pisces will likely be at the whim of forceful Leo, and while Leo makes for a fantastic benevolent and caring ruler, they can also be ruthlessly tyrannical.

Pisces is also conflict-avoidant, while Leo prefers to confront problems head-on, often stubbornly so. Leo may also feel that Pisces is too sensitive and can’t keep up with their pace in life.

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8. Cancer

Elements: Fire/Water. Aspect: Semi-sextile. Modalities: Fixed/Cardinal.

While their elements (fire and water) don’t mix the best, Leo and Cancer have a nice contrasting quality due to their planetary rulers (Sun and Moon). They embody yin/yang, feminine and masculine nurturing qualities. 

Leo and Cancer both love to adore and be adored. Their sex life has good potential, as each strives to please the other with affectionate stimulation. Leo’s vitality excites Cancer, and Leo appreciates how well Cancer can intuitively know precisely what Leo wants and needs.

While this combination has potential, it also has its pitfalls. After a time, their fire and water element clash can cause them to wear on each other. This combo can work if they can balance giving and receiving affection, and neither sign tries to dominate the other excessively.

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9. Virgo

Elements: Fire/Earth. Aspect: Semi-sextile. Modalities: Fixed/Mutable.

Though far from the best match for Leo, this combo can be stable and productive.

Leo helps Virgo loosen up, and Virgo brings earthy stability to the fold. Virgo is a service-oriented sign and soothes Leo’s need for attention and adoration. Leo loves to be serviced sexually in the bedroom, which Virgo is happy to oblige them with.

Over time, though, their differences can aggravate each other. Virgo is excessively neat, while Leo can be a bit sloppy. Virgo is nitpicky, and Leo hates to feel judged or ridiculed. Leo is optimistic and risk-taking, while Virgo is cautious and withholding. Leo is quick, like a burst of flame, and Virgo is slower and more protracted in all that they do.

Virgo puts a lot of hard work into relationships and wants to be appreciated for their effort, and Leo might not even see why a relationship should be so much work at all.

If Virgo remains flexible and Leo doesn’t try to dominate Virgo excessively, there’s potential here.

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10. Scorpio

Elements: Fire/Water. Aspect: Square. Modalities: Fixed/Fixed.

This can be a downright explosive romantic affair. Both signs have a fixed nature and can be incredibly stubborn. They’re both enigmatic and powerful in their own ways and enjoy a good dramatic fight. There will be fireworks.

As Square signs, there’s a raw attraction that pulls them together, even if it’s not that harmonious. They might find each other both entirely sexy and infuriating. They can expect hot, intense, and unusually passionate sex.

It may be hard for them to escape power struggles. Leo tries to overtly get Scorpio to acknowledge their majesty, while Scorpio covertly works to be the one that holds all the cards. 

Both signs are loyal, so if they can find some common ground and sustain their attraction, there’s a chance for them to last for the long term. But, ultimately, these two temperamental signs have little in common and a lot to quarrel over.

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11. Taurus

Elements: Fire/Earth. Aspect: Square. Modalities: Fixed/Fixed.

As Square signs, these two don’t have a ton in common, but the pairing can work if they can enact compromises.

Taurus is often a reserved homebody that requires a feeling of stability in life and relationship, while Leo’s have a basic need for outdoing socialization, risk-taking, and adventure. It’s the rare Taurus that has enough oomph to satisfy fiery Leo.

There’s potential here if they spark interest, but the keyword is if. Their fundamental natures often don’t create enough contrasting sparks between them. And both are stubborn to change.

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12. Capricorn

Elements: Fire/Earth. Aspect: Inconjunct. Modalities: Fixed/Cardinal.

These inconjunct signs are different and can have a hard time understanding the perspectives and lifestyles of the other.

Both enjoy status, social functions, and raw passion. They share a solid sexual connection that’s engaging and ambitious. Leo is much more playful than Capricorn, though, and has different timing. Capricorn is slow, while Leo is quick-paced. 

Capricorn’s serious and cold nature might not warm Leo up enough in partnership. Leo loves words of affirmation, while Capricorn is an action-oriented sign that’s not big on building people up verbally.

Overall, the sparks rarely fly within this Leo/Cap dynamic. Capricorn is too conservative and reserved for expressive and extravagant Leo. They can make it work, though, as both signs have a lot of grit. It’s just far from the best match.

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Remember that to know two people’s true compatibility; you’ll need to compare their whole birth charts.

Sun sign compatibilities are valuable, but there are always cases of seemingly incompatible sun sign partnerships working out, which is often due to other positive traits in their synastry.

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