All About Ignoring the Aquarius Man (Why, How and When)

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Can you re-attract an Aquarius man by ignoring him?

The short answer is yes – ignoring him can be an effective strategy. But only under certain circumstances. 

Ignoring him is a delicate process. One that you don’t want to mess up.

In this post, I’ll be teaching you exactly how to ignore the Aquarius man and get him yearning for your presence again.

Let’s get to it.

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Why an Aquarius man starts acting distant or ignores you

Before we discuss ignoring him, let’s cover why he might have started ignoring you to begin with.

When an Aquarius man goes cold in a relationship, it’s usually due to one of the following reasons:

  • He’s lost interest in you. The Aquarian guy goes where the fun, excitement, and adventure are. He’s easily bored and needs mental and analytical stimulation. He’ll jump ship when things don’t go the way he wants. Try not to take it personally. He gets bored at times and goes MIA in all of his relationships. You’ll just have to plan a little to earn his attention back.
  • He wants you to be independent and not need his help/attention. He’s liable to ignore you if you ask for his help or attention when he thinks you don’t need it. He wants you to be independent and able to solve your own stuff sometimes. He doesn’t want to hold your hand the whole way.
  • You’ve been crowding him. He needs his alone time. If he feels that you’re being needy or wanting to take up the majority of his attention, he’ll start to ignore you. Big displays of emotion or prodding into his emotions can make him distance himself, too. Deep emotional exchanges can freak him out.

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Why (and when) you should ignore an Aquarius man

You only want to ignore him if he’s been ignoring you. When he withdraws, you withdraw.

Perhaps you’ve given him too much attention, and he’s started to take you for granted. Too much familiarity will make the spark of attraction fade.

Remember, the Aquarius man (and most men) wants a partner who’s not an easy catch. Someone he has to work for. Someone hard to figure out.

The primary purpose of ignoring him is to re-establish your value in his eyes.

By stepping back and ignoring him, you immediately up your value. Being distant makes you a challenge and ensures that you don’t come across as needy (a trait he detests).

So when he steps away, you step away.

And don’t just ignore him only to sit around and wait anxiously for him to come back.

He created distance between you for a reason. Something made him want to step back.

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Find out what’s been missing. Do you need to be more ambitious? More independent? More carefree?

Ignore him, and work on yourself to show him what he’s lost.

Ignoring him for maximum effect

  • Avoid maliciousness. Ignoring him sounds dramatic or aggressive. But it shouldn’t be done out of spite or passive aggression. It’s not about being cold; it’s about signaling attractive qualities like self-respect and independence.
  • Do awesome things. He wants the adventure of wooing a girl who seems like an adventure. Do fun stuff without him, but make sure he notices.
  • Don’t give in to him right away. If you succeed in getting his attention back on you, wait a bit before you indulge him. Make him worry a bit that he might not be able to have you again. You want him to work hard to win you over. You want him to consider you a prize. Like it or not, you will seem more valuable when you make yourself occasionally unavailable.

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Know when it’s time to drop him

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Except when it doesn’t.

Sometimes ignoring him has to transition into forgetting him.

If he wants you in his life, he’ll come for you. If he doesn’t, you’ll know it wasn’t meant to be because you distanced yourself enough to see it.

Ignoring him is a very raw tactic. It makes you vulnerable. Because if he never liked you that much, then creating distance won’t matter. He’ll just stay gone.

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But it’s better to know the truth than trying to reach out to him all the time and hoping for something different.

And if he comes back, only to distance himself from you again, you’re presented with a choice: do you want to keep playing these games? The cat and mouse game shows a lack of investment on his part if it goes on for too long. You might want to pull away and let him go.

Wrapping it up

So there you have it—all you need to know about ignoring him to draw him back to you.

Ignoring him makes you come across as confident, charismatic, and independent. These are all qualities that the Aquarius man values highly.

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Ignore him, and he’ll either react by showing up and being involved with you or escorting himself out of your life.

Either way, you put yourself back in control.

Remember that Aquarian man can disappear for long periods. Don’t be surprised to see him message you flirtatiously again out of the blue. He might have been super flirty before he stopped contacting you, but weeks have gone by since you last talked.

What have your experiences been like with the Aquarian man? Has he ignored you? Have you ignored him?

Let us know your experience in the comment section below.

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  1. It’s hard to ignore someone u have 2 kids with and we both young. I’m 21 he’s 23, I put my all into the relationship and he was sweet In the beginning. Soon as we moved in together started seeing his distant ways, he would sit and ignore me if I’m crying in his face, say hurtful things. But never go always say he love me and he’s trying and he want his family. But he’s always coming and going and I can’t keep taking that. Yes I love him and always try with him but he never wants to listen to how I feel and really work on it. Some days he just become so cold and do things I never thought he would do. When we cool we are cool we vibe but when it goes bad it’s bad. I just don’t know what to do he leaves and comes back and I let him because I love him and I have kids by him plus he’s really all I know. Meaning I been through a lot with him. I just hate how he’s never wrong he always pointing the blame at me, I’m a Sagittarius women and I love hard I can be blunt at times but I only be blunt about the truth. But he really hurts me but make me happy Idk. We can’t communicate when things go bad. He just turns soooo evil when we break up. Than he comes back every time to say he want me he want his family, then once he get mad he leaves. Please help Idk what to do.

    1. Hi, Amiyla. Sorry that it’s so tough with your Aquarius. It sounds like he’s not a good match for you. And even though you’ve been through a lot together, he’s all you know, so you might have lost some perspective. If he’s hurting you constantly with how he acts and turning “evil” then you might want to consider moving on. I know, with kids and all this isn’t an easy thought. But I would start considering it. Just keep feeling things out and trust your gut. If he doesn’t improve or show signs of seriously making an effort to, you probably will know the answer if you listen closely to your intuition in spite of the fears.

    2. I’m Sagittarius too and my boo An Aquarius but one thing I’ve learned with Aquarius when you open up to them you need make them feel loved they love attention and being chased when he gets evil you should Mia him because silence kills him lol their also independent and constantly want space

  2. Hi Loren, i live your articles and the ones about aquarius seem to be very accurate. However I’m still in a total confusion about our situation. I met a guy 1 year ago and became friends but I was used to see him during parties. At the end of september I’ve been back to the city where he lives to move out and we connected again with a group of friends. With the Covid situation, we had to meet in houses and do chill nights. During those nights we became closer and learned to know each other more deeply. Then very quickly things evolved and we spent 3 weeks having a kind of relationship but without being officially in a relationship status. Only 3 weeks because I needed to leave to another country for 2 months and then come back in UK but in another city. Amazing 3 weeks I have nothing negative to say. He was very caring, sweet, I met his friends, he helped me with my move to pack stuff..etc. He knew that I was supposed to leave soon but he thought that I was staying in the country and just move in another city, I thought I was clear when I explained the situation. But he still decided to start this « relation » with me. When we had the discussion about what would happen when I’ll leave he told me that he is not a social media person and it’s very difficult for him to keep a relationship going by messages and calls knowing that we were not even in a relationship as 3 weeks is not enough at all to have a solid basis for distance relations and he didn’t want to disappoint me because 2 months away in another country is not the same as being in a 2 hours away city in the same country ( i didn’t know if he was lying just to stop everything with me or if he was sincere but in a sense it made sense ). Anyway I accepted his decision but I’m still wondering how is it possible to be incredible with someone, feels the connection and acts like nothing happened afterwards. It’s been almost 2 weeks now and we texted at the beginning then it just faded away little by little, also he never called me. Now he still send me some videos of what he does on instagram. I don’t know what to think because I admit that I got attached and I would have loved that this story could continue and see where it could have taken us. Was all of that a lie? Can he moves on as easily? Should I do something? Or should I trynna keep the contact time by time until I go back to UK? Or should I forget him?
    I’m so confused I need help
    Thank you for your help????

    1. Hi, Angela. Thanks for sharing. To answer your question, yeah, many Aquarius guys are capable of having an intense and exciting relationship dynamic and then allow it to fade just as fast as it started. When they’re really intensely into someone, they’ll likely try to keep things going, but they’ll never be too intense about this. If he’s not reaching out or calling, I would assume that the dynamic you guys shared for that small amount of time was all that he was looking for. If you give him space and he decides to reach out to you again, then I’d certainly pursue things more. If you don’t hear from him for a few weeks or more, consider sending an upbeat message just expressing how you’re doing and that you enjoyed the time spent together, and that you’re reflecting on it. Then see how he responds.

    2. I know this is 3 years later but gor some closer. You can’t expect any one person man or woman to handle a long distance relationship no matter how deep the feelings ran. I was in a relationship with an Aquarius guy that was in the Navy. Granted he was the stronger one. Me on the other hand, couldn’t handle the distance and not being able to talk to him. No social media then! So I broke up with him! Aquarius guys like strong, loving, caring, independent (do your own thing) kind of girl. He was straight up with you and knew what he could handle and could not handle. Regardless of feelings you have to keep it real. Also Aquarians don’t typically go on feelings they use their head.

  3. Okay so my situation might be a bit unique in that I’m a Cancer woman, and the Aquarius man that I’m in a “relationship” with is engaged to someone else. After being best friends for over a year in high school, he and I dated for a short time, and it ended badly because of drama within our friend group. Now we’re reconnecting after 8+ years. The first week of us talking again was amazing – he was so sweet, so caring towards me, he would respond immediately, he started being friendly with my social group, he told me that he likes me a lot and that he sees me as important to keep in his life, I mean some of the things he said and did made me think he really wanted a relationship with me despite being engaged to another woman. Now its been several weeks, and things have simmered. He doesn’t put in as much effort, he doesn’t say sweet things, he will reply but its not nearly the same as it was. It’s much more “friendly” and not nearly as “romantic” as it had been before.

    I guess in my mind i was justifying building something with him because i thought I meant a lot to him, maybe enough for him to question his relationship with his fiancee. Now I’m not so sure. All signs point to the fact that I should stop talking to him, but I can’t help but wonder if i should hold out to see if things could return to “romantic” like they’d been before. I know that he’s unhappy in his current relationship, and I know that he meant it when he said I was important to him. I feel like it would be best to stop talking to him, but he reaches out every time I pull back. I don’t understand the “hot-and-cold” nature of Aquarians, and I don’t know if he’s still feeling the way he said he was about me or if this is all some sort of game to him. I don’t know if I should be honest about how I’m feeling, or if I should just let this go entirely and go for someone who’s more my type, aka single and not an air sign lol. Any advice would be appreciated!

    1. Hi Dani. Tricky situation. One thing, it’s hard to read someone’s feelings for you when they’re in another relationship because so much of what’s going on in their dynamic can affect your relationship with them. He might reach out to you when he’s bored of her, but then they might have a good day and he puts more attention onto her. With an Aquarius you’re in a tough spot trying to figure him out because this is a sign that’s already a bit flippant with their affection and prone to being hot and cold. Next time he reaches out, I would tell him directly that you’re into him and that you’d love to see how your attraction can unfold together, but that you don’t want to be a side-item to him while he’s immersed in another relationship that he finds unfulfilling. Letting him know that you’re willing to walk away should increase his valuation of you, and motivate him to decide whether to escalate with you or be forced to let you go.

      1. Hey, i met an aquarius man 3 months ago, at first he showed so much affection and initiates the conversation but then he decided to avoid me, we didn’t talk but then i tried again and we were happy together and one day i just tried to speak about my feelings and marked it out that he knew from start and etc. I get aggressive and said him *you are confused about things etc. He gets offended and at the next day when i said sorry, he talked to me in a very offensive tone and said ok over my apology.
        Can you suggest what can i do?

  4. Hi i had been going around with this aquarian for while and then he broke up cause he started liking someone fro his workplace (Although he never accepted that) post this, he blocked me from all his social media but a few days later we started talking again but were not in a relationship but he did like me.. Now recently someone commented on my social media and he happened to notice that and he blocked me again and this time without saying a single word… i dot understand whats he problem? he finished everything between us and now when somebody else started liking me, he just vanished.. i am a virgo and i don’t play theses stupid blocking game only because i find it very silly… i don’t know what i am supposed to do..

    1. Hey, Dhairya. Your Aquarian guy sounds pretty insecure. Blocking and unblocking like that is a bit childish, and you’re right, stupid/silly. If you’re looking for a solid relationship, I would delete his number from your phone and move on to a higher value man.

      1. but i still dont understand whats his problem is.. is that jealousy or he just can’t see me with someone else.. or may be the moment he realises that someone better than him likes me, he just vanishes.. or he just wants attention… i mean i cant stay weep all my life for him right? at one point in time he wanted me to move on, i do love him a lot, but this reaction is something that i can barely comprehend..

        1. Regardless of his reasoning, he’s not displaying behavior that I believe warrants your affection. You’d be better off moving on and creating space in your life for someone who puts more effort into you and remains consistent.

  5. hello. I’ve met an aquarius man at new years eve last year at our friend’s houseand it was instant connection. we started dating for 1 month and then he started to pull away slowly. He told them he had personal issues and he can’t be in a relationship with someone right now. the strange thing was, is that he kept checking up on me, every week, especially when I had some health issues and this went on till june. I never heard from him again till october when he asked to see me again for a dinner date. We went out and we talked. It was great…He even told me that he liked me alot and asked me if I like him as much. The date went great. His grandma got sick and I never heard of him again… I tried to reach out and asked about her and he was very responsive. Before new year’s ever 2021, he asked me if I’m coming to the new year eve at my friend’s house like last year and I told him yes. He was thrilled. The night was great and he was very caring and sat by me almost all night. He was weird sometimes when he stepped away but always came back to sit by me. The morning after, he checks up on me asking how slept and that I looked beautiful… the next day, I got the balls to ask him out for a coffee to talk and get to know each other more. He said that he will see what he can do to make it happen with all the covid restriction and I never heard from him again since. Now It’s almost his birthday and I’m not sure if I should reach out and wish him happy birthday or just walking away from this…

    Oh and one more thing. Whenever he disappears and comes back, he always tells me that he’s missed me and we should go out maybe “this week” and he never talks to me again. This happened like twice before this new year plus the one when I asked him out.

    1. Hi Suzane. So, this sounds like a very erratic Aquarian guy. If you want a consistent emotional connection with a partner, I’d reconsider continuing to pursue him. He might be too unstable and not be able to commit energy to a partnership. But I’d have to see his chart in its entirety to truly know.

  6. Hi loren, i have this big crush on this Aquarius man and I know he likes me too but many times it’s confusing if his really into me. Whenever I get him gifts randomly he always tells me to stop that he doesn’t like it.. meanwhile he spoils me silly and gives me whatever I want

  7. Hi Loren,
    I met an Aquarian guy late October 2020. We hit it off instantly. Our chemistry was through the roof. I’m a Taurus with an Aquarian moon, Libra rising. He was kind, caring, and thoughtful when we hung out. When we weren’t together, our communication wasn’t quite as frequent as I wanted, but I never voiced that to him. I gave him his space and was always very patient.

    Mid-December, he went to the UK to visit his sick mother. While he was away, we stayed in touch. I would send him inspirational and positive messages and check on him every 2-3 days. While he was away, I felt I was doing more of the initiating. But, I knew he was dealing with a lot of stress with his mom being sick and work. So, I just attributed the hot/cold to that. I also noticed he stopped using terms of endearment with me while in the UK. When he was in the states, he would greet me with “Good Morning, beautiful” or “Good Morning, sunshine.” Again, I didn’t think too much of it.

    So, after being gone for a month, he has returned. He has been back for a week. He let me know he made it back safely and that he had to quarantine. I haven’t heard from him since. I haven’t tried to contact him. I’m so confused. I was so supportive yet made sure to give him his space. I don’t understand how we went from talking about traveling the world together to me getting the silent treatment now. One final item: right before he returned, he told me he is now considering moving abroad to be closer to his aging parents. Again, I was totally supportive when he shared that with me. What do you think is going on?

    1. Hi, Wynter. So it sounds like he is a highly volatile Aquarius interest wise. As you said, he was incredibly enthusiastic at first, but then went pretty cold somewhat abruptly. This is a reflection of his inner world and a lack of clarity in what he wants. I would be open to him warming up to you again, but be cautious, and hold boundaries if he’s too inconsistent for your needs over time.

  8. both him and I have been friends for over a decade and he finally asked me to be his girlfriend. when we were friends, he would always try to meet me in any way that he can but when I’m in a relationship with him, he kinda distance himself away which I’m not sure of. however, we don’t have any arguments at all. just that, some days I kept on asking myself if he’s serious about wanting to have this relationship with me. and it annoys me when he would go days to reply me back. kinda hate inconsistency but I guess that’s just how aquarians is.

    1. Yes, Esya. They can be this way. Some are more inconsistent than others. Observe his actions and your responses over time. If he continues to act in a way that feels distant or not close enough for you, consider looking for a partner fits your relationship needs better. You can tell him this to check to see if he wants to change, but if he’s not eager to change to keep you, it’s best to find someone who’s more in line with you.

  9. Hi, I’ve been talking to an Aquarius for about two months. Although he reaches out often and attempts to initiate conversations, he hasn’t flirted with me in weeks. He’ll also talk to me one day, ghost the next one to three days, then initiate another conversation.

    I’m not sure if this means he’s still interested/if I can win back his attention or if I should move on. Thank you!

    1. Hi Alice. He might be still interested, but this certainly shows lower interest than you might like. I would work to build attraction with him, but if he remains cold regardless, it could be a good idea to move on.

  10. Hi Loren, I’m a happily married Leo woman who has been ensared by an Aquarius man that I work with. I had considered us to be friends, but at some point his texts to me became subtlely suggestive and slowely escalated over time. I am also quite flirty so i would casually or innocently respond or in some cases ignore/change the subject. (Note I shared all of this with my husband b/c I initially thought it was funny and did not want to hide anything. My husband is not the jealous type). Anyway, the texts escalated from innocent flirtation to more. It has become a very intense mental and sexual chemistry, that the Aquarius keeps commenting on (I am fully aware but don’t talk about it). At some point, I told him that I did not think we should talk outside of work anymore and that I’m not the kind of woman that would cheat on my husband. But after a couple of weeks of engaging at work as friends I felt it was fine if we talked/texted again. Of course it always teeters back to inappropriate texting and then a week or two of friendly texting or in some cases nothing (which I’m quite okay with!) The problem is that I find myself thinking of him ALL the time. It’s driving me crazy. I have shared some of this and how I’m feeling with my husband but not entirely, since at some point I encouraged and reciprocated with the inappropriate texting. Mind you, when I see the Aquarius at work we pretend as though nothing has happened and carry on as though we are good friends. I have no problem ignoring him outside of work and have, but he keeps coming back to text and I feel too attached to him not to respond. At some point, I asked him if the reason he liked me was because there is no threat of emotional attachment since I’m already taken and he responded to the question on two separate occasions, both times saying that we have undeniable chemistry that would be there regardless. This relationship has not gone beyond texting and I don’t think he is the type of person that would actually physically engage, but I’m just really struggling with this and was hoping to hear what your take is on this.

    1. Hi, Monique. Leo and Aquarius are opposite signs, which can create potent chemistry and polarity. I would say that, as long as you feel true and faithful in your primary relationship, that being playful and flirtatious with him could be fun. But of course, only if it stays what it is and doesn’t escalate beyond that. There’s a good chance that you might be better off cutting things off with him, though, if it creates stress. If you’re ending up thinking about him all the time, then it might not be the best thing for you in the end.

  11. Hi Loren!

    Your blogs have been extremely helpful! I am a Virgo woman attracted to an Aquarius man, though I’m not sure our signs are compatible. We have been talking for 2 months. At first he was very engaged. Then I found out he was in a relationship and that his partner was sick. He said that their relationship is just friendly and as soon as she is better, he is gone. As a Virgo, I withdrew which made him pursue me more and so I came back around a bit, but I think not like he wanted. To make a long story short, I stopped responding to his texts immediately and one day took about 8 hours to respond. He sent me a GIF that basically stated “Where have you been this whole time?!” After that he has not spoken to me or answered my one phone call. I have not texted him, but am curious as to whether this could have possibly been an emotional outburst, did I disinterest him, and is he gone for good? Thank you in advance.

    1. Hi, Shanna. It’s hard to say exactly what’s going on in his mind. He likely has a lot being balanced due to his pre-existing relationship and navigating how he feels about you. He clearly likes you, judging by how your withdrawal made him pursue more. He may be off-put right now, for whatever reason, but I highly doubt he’s gone for good.

    2. Hi I have been dating an Aquarius man for 2 months. I am a sagittarius. In the beginning he came on hot and heavy, alllll the words of affirmation I love, initiated communication, said he was so excited about me etc. After about 2 wks he slowed down some but was still pretty consistent. He was upfront about wanting to take it slow and I was ok with that. We saw each other at least once a wk. What I didn’t like was we never went out in public, only to his house for dinners and/or to watch movies. A wk ok he said he wasn’t feeling well but wouldn’t go into details. Finally after constantly asking he said he has the flu and his mom is still sick (she had been hospitalized prior for an undisclosed illness). I asked what he needed from me and he said he couldn’t think bc he was worried about his mom. I have not heard from him since. I reached out once to check on him and his mom but no response. It’s only been 3 days since I texted him but something feels off. We had talked/video chatted every day until this illness. I’m confused and not sure how to move forward. Help!

  12. Hi i was with an aquarius man for 3 years due in that time every so often he would want space or say he is done to then come back. most recently he ended things with me and was really mean and nasty i blocked him for a week to then unblock him randomly to recieve a message from him saying he is sorry for everything he brought into my life and dragging down my confidence and he hopes I don’t give him the satisfaction of apologies and that i block him. It is all so confusing to me I didn’t respond but I miss him dearly. what do i do

  13. I’m an Aquarius man married to an Aquarius woman and we’re both very much sensitive and express passion outwardly. We’re both more direct than how our signs are typically characterized. I don’t purposely ignore people in my life. I have adhd so it’s hard to remember things from time to time. I also need time to myself just calm down as I can get easily overwhelmed. But I digress, I’d rather just address a concern rather than play games.

    However (when I was single) if someone were to ignore me I’d feel that they were trying to play mind games and I’d probably just send them one last text and then I’m moving on. If I like someone I will tell you straight up. I don’t do that play hard to get nonsense. Just be real with people. Sounds as though you ladies are dealing with boys and not men. I hope that you find someone who can just be real with you.

  14. Hi. I’m a Sagittarius. I had met an Aquarius man in a chat room when I was 16 and he was 17. Our friendship then was the best. We would talk or text almost daily. Eventually he shared some very deep emotions he would write me romantic/humorous poems we would have in depth thoughtful and loving conversations with slight humor. Then he would not respond for days to week sometimes. Then he would come back like nothing ever happened and stray away from the topic of why. He always said that we were going to get married and have children together etc. He would say he was going to come visit (from the time I was 16 to 21) then he would leave me hanging. I decided to move on, dated men and every time he would get so emotional and upset calling and crying to me and insulting. I had a baby with my then boyfriend when I was 23 and he called me seemingly heartbroken that it was supposed to be him. He refused to ever talk to me again. I left my then boyfriend 2 years later due to conflicts. And had then married my soon to be ex husband, who I had a child with and then I left due to spousal abuse. Then, 4 years after our last interaction he reached out to me on Facebook he was writing things to me that made no sense asking me questions about myself then when I asked him to clarify he wouldn’t and said I was boring him. I blocked him. He came to my mind, I reached out to him and he couldn’t believe it. We did video call and we were both emotional and spoke every day for about a month and then I could see the slight distancing as we were nearing the time we were going to meet up for 5 days. The time came last week, I arrived at the bus station and we had an amazing time. Though I’m emotional and most of the time he is cold and practical not sparing feelings (and he doesn’t like to repeat himself though he is confusing at times so vague and wishy washy). He’s been distant but he says he loves me and he wants a future with me (though I told him to stop) But he as always is non commit and always changes his story. But it’s too late he got into my feelings and of course he’s the only person I’ve ever felt a true connection with. He had asked me to be his girlfriend as I was leaving and begged me to come back. I’ve been very emotional of course trying to figure out what is going on and get definites so I don’t hurt myself, then every day after he has said we will get married, that I am his girlfriend, that he loves me, that I’m his first love that we are destiny. Then the next day when I’m embarrassedly asking him to just be upfront he acts like it’s new information that we are “boyfriend and girlfriend” then he looks and sounds confused and says ‘oh, ok we’re boyfriend and girlfriend. Then today after a very emotional day texting him and talking (which he hated) he went totally out of character seemingly bitter ‘the problem is you didn’t wait for me, you opened your legs twice and now you’re coming to me because you don’t like the outcome and can’t be alone. I am so very confused and it’s embarrassing trying to figure out what to do or expect. I’m just trying to make sure I don’t get hurt. He is the only person I’ve truly loved, my best friend. He is just so hard to read, what should I do?

  15. I just told my Aquarian bf I might be pregnant and obviously with his baby and he first looked at me absolutely no emotion. I ask him what u think about that? He say congratulations that he is happy meanwhile I’m crying scared coz I live with my family and they bout to kick me out. He says they not gon kick you out th ey u family. Literally after every thing I cry to him he says oohhh like he talkin to a kid or somethin. I tell him stop tak it serious then he starts pretending to pick his nose and eat like u do to a kid. He says hes always gonna be there for me for anything we’ll need and that he don’t know what we gonna do he got mad says I’m toxic coz I’m crying I tell him is because we’re not together I live with my family and I don’t have a set plan for this baby. He say why are you so negative listen to the birds who can be negative. We’ll go one day ata time. I’m literally freaking out. He says he wants the baby that the baby will be fine. He gets mad at me coz I ask him what r we gonna do then when I ask if we should get abortion coz obviously it’s not a way for a kid to grow up. He admit he did on purpose too. I d get it. I’m literally dying I don’t know wht to do

  16. Hi , I’m a Virgo woman and this Aquarius man from the past came back while I was broken up from my relationship with a Gemini man . We were intimate in our 20s , never anything serious plus I moved out of state shortly after . I basically told him I was wasting my time to continue this situationship especially since he stated he wasn’t interested in commitment at least to me . So I basically had to block him since August to delete all contact . Recently , I received two blocked calls and decide to answer and it was him , smh . Lack luster convo for dinner , which I declined . How and why does this man not leave me alone ?!? Thanks in advance .

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