5 Strengths & Weaknesses of the Capricorn Moon Native

Loren E. Elara

Loren E. Elara

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Capricorn Moon Symbolism

Moon location in the Natal Chart has a huge significance on the personality formation. In its essence, Moon can be considered as the second zodiac sign, which is much more special and individualistic than the Sun sign. The Lunar emotional patterns have the function of adaptability in different life circumstances and ability to express oneself. Lunar aspects and sign can also tell us more about the childhood that an individual has had, and relationship with the mother figure.

In the male chart, Moon shows the type of woman that a man would like to marry. Capricorn is the female cardinal Earth element sign. The Capricorn Moon is located under the rulership of the 10th Zodiac sign Saturn, whose main planetary characteristics are seriousness and organizational talent. It is considered as a Greater Malefic due to the limiting nature – either for good or bad reasons. Traditionally, in Natal astrology, Moon is associated with the Cancer Water element sign (moist and cold) it is under its rulership. Saturn (dry and cold), on the contrary, is located in opposition to the Cancer sign, which explains its contradictory nature in terms of the Moon planetary principle. Capricorn Moon placement is thus located in detriment. Since the Moon is responsible for emotions, Capricorn acts as the suppressing force here in some particular ways.

Nevertheless, there are definitely positive sides to this Natal position in many aspects. Let’s take a closer look at the strengths and challenges that Capricorn endues the Moon with.

Capricorn Moon Strengths

1. Practical and Organized

The Capricorn Moon personalities are extremely concrete and planned-out people. Their inner life is also determined by these qualities. Having feelings and emotions under control could certainly benefit in multiple ways these individuals will never be hysterical and hot-headed; systemizing thoughts, values, and attitudes to events and other people will reflect better objective outer life situations. The Capricorn Moon kind will never start some task or business without ensuring that conditions and time are proper for taking action. It is very likely that such an individual will be successful in material issues such as working in the financial sector or any work with hands thanks to the attention to detail.

2. Rational and Purposeful

Again, these qualities could definitely be the predictors of career or hobby success no matter what type of it the Lunar Capricorn would like to choose. The aims in this Natal position tend to be directed in one or a couple of key directions due to the strong sense of responsibility a lot of Lunar Capricorns leave a significant trace in this world. Ambitious and quick brained, these people can truly enjoy their life path and are fast learners. As long as the decision has been made (considering all the pros and cons, of course), hardly anything will stop Moon in Capricorn in achieving their goals. Any situation will be considered in terms of how it can help to achieve one’s goals/inspirations/hopes.

3. Down-to-Earth

The Earth element is at the strongest here. Measurable and tangible resources, feasible possessions and realistic outlook in life are appreciated in this position. Values of the modern world are in consent with this philosophy it would be genuinely hard to survive without a solid material base.

4. Striving for stability

In terms of personal and business relationships, one of the best Capricorn Moon qualities is that they are one of the most stable and serious among the whole zodiac circle. Though seeming sometimes emotionless and gloomy, deep inside Lunar Capricorns are very loyal and caring people. The love and appreciation are proven here with the help of actions, i.e. doing something for others, instead of just saying words.

5. Hard-working and Aspiring

Each Moon type traditionally has its comfort zone and for the Capricorn Moon, Saturn dictates it to be anything to do with the working situation. It is very likely that one of the key life themes of individuals with the Capricorn Moon could be becoming successful in a career. These people do not mind spending extra time at work and truly enjoy seeing the benefits of their additional effort achievements lead to higher self-esteem and fulfillment. One is likely to be noticed by boss and get promoted faster. In fact, Lunar Capricorns usually feel the best at work when they become authorities. They can direct and supervise the work of others very effectively.

6. Ability to Constrain Oneself for Good

Being able to control one’s material, body needs, and potential laziness are surely perceived as a plus for this sign. This principle may be applicable in a vast number of life areas – for example, dieting, organizing the day effectively, saving money and exercising. Moon in Capricorn is future-oriented, therefore the owner of such Moon knows that limitations, which are consciously accepted today will bring benefits tomorrow. These individuals are modest and don’t usually like to show off their qualities, others will notice them with time anyway.

Capricorn Moon Challenges

1. Can Be Too Pragmatic and Materialistic

Constant control of feelings and emotions can be detrimental to the psychological and physical well-being. Sometimes it is good to just let go and talk it out with others, find a sensible partner/friend/family member and talk to them about worrying situations. This can help to balance out detrimental Moon in Capricorn.

2. Unforgiving

Great Capricorn Moon qualities such as stability and loyalty to loved ones may also have down-sides of remembering bad things for too long and being clingy on others. Such people may suffer from compulsive thoughts and ideas, like constantly thinking of revenge or just feel hurt about some insignificant situation for ages. Lunar Capricorns may need to work on the ability to forgive and be more easy-going with others.

3. Gloomy and Unromantic

Saturn gives Lunar Capricorns the ability to concentrate and devote themselves to an important task, but at the same time takes away idealistic and romantic qualities of Moon. Capricorn Moon personalities may often seem low-spirited and way too serious. On the spiritual level, it may mean that an individual can miss out on a wonderful an exciting spectrum of affections and experiences. Moon in Capricorn can use their ability to focus on self-reflection and work out how to develop their inner values, be more sympathetic, romantic and cheerful.

4. Lacking Empathy

As has been said before, once Lunar Capricorns make a decision about something or someone, they tend to invest help and support in all the possible ways. However, the emotional aspect, especially in close interpersonal relationships, tends to get unconsciously blocked here. On the physical level, this may lead to severe migraines, long-term depressions, making up imaginary problems and general weakness. For the owners of Capricorn Moon, it is essential to realize that they will not lose anything if they will be more open and sincere with others.

5. Workaholic

In their target to achieve some grand career goal, Moon in Capricorn may put aside other important aspects of life, such as friendships, family and love relationships. Lunar Capricorns may spend unjustifiably much time at work, bring some work home and discuss solely work issues with others. Thus, it is hard for them to relax and think of some other matters except for their job. It may be hard to act naturally and joyfully in an informal atmosphere, hence pushing away potential friends and partners. A negative reaction from others hurts Lunar Capricorns and urges them to suppress emotions even stronger by distancing from the part of life where success and gains are not immediately anticipated. It is crucial to distribute evenly interests in various life areas (assign significance to them too), and understand that once in a while everyone needs a good rest from work.

Moon in Capricorn and the Childhood

Moon is the symbolic ruler of the 4th house (as it is also called, the Immum Coeli or IC) the house of childhood, home, parents, and family. As a child or in the teenage years, the person with a Capricorn Moon may not have felt as much parental love, attention, and care as they would have wished. This is especially applicable for the relationship with the mother or the mother figure because Moon in Natal chart describes the perception of the mother. The mother may seem to be too cold and controlling for an individual, constraining their hopes and aspirations. These feelings might arise due to both objective (e.g. being the single breadwinner parent, working all day long) and subjective reasons (demanding parents, sophisticated and stressed relationship between the parents). The roots of emotional suppression and being reserved may thus come from the childhood. It is important to note though, that this perception is fully subjective and the reality might be different. Even at a very young age, these children may seem much older and mature than they really are.

Wife Image and the Male Natal Chart

A man with the discussed planetary position could look for a serious and conservative woman to become his wife or life partner. She would most probably be career-oriented and hard-working. A man with the Capricorn Moon is likely to not be very romantic or sensitive to the feelings of others, that’s why it is better not to emphasize the romantic nature if the woman wishes to attract a man for serious intentions. Though lacking in idealistic and lyrical attitudes, this man would be the first one to come help in case of some problems. He would likely be a faithful and reliable partner in a love relationship. The type of Moon in Capricorn man often takes a long time to evaluate all the pros and contras of the woman, which is supposed to become his wife. On the other hand, do not forget that the Capricorn sign is cardinal, which shows that if something goes very wrong, he may unexpectedly move in life and leave his partner, without trying to fix the relationship for ages.

Compatibility Suggestions

The Moon in Capricorn is often cold-hearted and emotionless on the surface, therefore in order to balance out their Saturn influences, it is recommended to choose someone more empathic as a partner.

Lunar Capricorns would be best compatible with Moon in Taurus. These Moon signs are both located in the Earth elements, which highlight their sturdy, materialistic, and down-to-earth qualities. However, the Taurus Moon is in exaltation, it is tender and warm-hearted, full of positive emotions, and is able to show affectionate love. Moon in Taurus will surely melt the iced heart of Moon in Capricorn.

The other possible good matches could be romantic and dreamy Pisces Moon, as well as practical and critical Moon in Virgo. The Scorpio Moon has a lot in common with the Capricorn Moon since it is also in a weak astrological position (in fall). However, emotions of Lunar Scorpio are more intense and explosive, which could result in a passionate relationship, which can lead to arguments.

In general, Earth and Water element Moons are a good match for the love relationships of Lunar Capricorns. The only exception for Lunar Capricorns would be Moon in Cancer (Water sign), as they are complete astrological opposites, which may cause them to feel attracted to each other at first, but cause significant difficulties in understanding each other’s needs and wants in the future. Though it’s possible that they could also complement each other very well, too. Opposite signs can be wild cards.

Fire and Air element Moons could make good friends and colleagues to the person with Capricorn Moon. Their feelings and emotional attitudes are drastically different, though, and they can struggle to make a flourishing love relationship.

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11 thoughts on “5 Strengths & Weaknesses of the Capricorn Moon Native”

  1. Avatar

    OK, but I really, really love insulting them cap mooners (dunno, my gem moon nature I guess), I can make the smallest remark and they will go into massive fits and bouts of anger. Shit, they won’t speak to me for weeks, yeah, they got their goods sides but, overall, they just seem like easy targets

    1. Loren Elara

      Ha yes, as a Gemini moon it makes sense that you’d like to poke, prod or otherwise antagonize Cappy moons. I get it. They can be pretty pent up and not nearly as go with the flow as you.

      1. Avatar

        My moon is in Gemini and my boyfriend of 2 years is in capricorn haha. We definitely are opposites in many ways but it has played out in our favor I think. I’m also a Virgo sun so i think that softens the craziness of my gemini moon.

  2. Avatar

    Wow, this was very in-depth!
    I’m a sun & moon Taurus, cap rising. However, I seem to have Capricorn’s strategically placed in my life, as my sister is a cap sun, my son is a sun & moon cap, I have a friend who is a cap moon, her boyfriend is a cap sun & a special someone who is a libra sun, cap moon & happens to be related to my friends’ boyfriend. You’re definitely on point about how they overly control their emotional output though! As a fellow earth sign, I can relate quite a bit, although I’m more in touch with mine. These past couple of weeks into the new year, I feel like I’ve been in situations with Capricorn’s that have helped me understand them more, as well as have some compassion for how they express (& don’t express) themselves. While also learning not to take it all personally. I become more & more fascinated with natal charts & astrology the deeper I go into it & I feel like there’s so much more relevance to it all than people give it credit for.
    From a spiritual perspective, Ive come to a conclusion of sorts, & a feeling, like certain aspects of our natal chart placements are actually meant to help us on our life path. If there are so many things planned out prior to our coming here that contribute to our life experience, then why wouldn’t certain placements play a part in that process as well?

  3. Avatar

    Hi there!
    I have a recent boyfriend whom I really respect and like so far. I’m a sun libra with moon in saggitarius and he is a sun Leo with moon in cap. We get a long really well, at least I like to think so. I notice often he is very detached in public and observant and quiet and once he’s in private he shows me his emotions and love . My question is, is this a relationship that has potential? Obviously everything takes compromise and work. His Venus is in Leo and mine is in Scorpio, btw. Thank you!!

    1. Loren Elara

      Hi Mayra. Thanks for your comment. Cap moon people can be pretty reserved and cautious in social settings. I wouldn’t worry so much about it since you get along well and he is loving and emotive in private. That’s definitely an indicator that he’s into you, as Cap moon people won’t open up unless they feel safe and enjoy the relationship.

  4. Avatar

    All in this articles are false, this is stupid. being emotional and workaholic is sided on the Venus and Mars, stupid author, and I’m a cap moon.

    1. Loren Elara

      I didn’t personally write this article. It’s on my list to rewrite/revise. But I disagree with the sentiment that emotionality should be entirely attributed to Venus placement rather than lunar influence.

  5. Avatar

    I disagree with the capricorn moon and cancer moon relationship bit. I think we definitely are attracted to each other..but at the same time help each other open up in terms of frustration and deep emotions.. my capricorn moon man is very cold and detached…as a cancer female I have this deep sense of urge to protect him and care for him..mother him basically

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