8 Strengths & 5 Challenges of the Cancer Moon Native

Loren E. Elara

Loren E. Elara

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Cancer Moon Symbolism

Moon location in the Natal Chart has a huge significance on the personality formation. In its essence, Moon can be considered as the second zodiac sign, which is even more specific and individualistic than the Sun sign. The Lunar emotional patterns have the function of adaptability in different life circumstances. They are responsible for emotional intellect and ability to express oneself. Lunar aspects and signs can also tell us more about the childhood that one has had. Additionally, Moon points out the relationship with the mother figure. In the male chart, Moon shows the type of woman that a man would like to marry or see as his life partner. In the female chart, the Moon indicates what type of mother a woman could be, and her overall attitude to the motherhood and children.

Cancer is the female cardinal Water element sign. The Cancer Moon is located in its ruling sign here and corresponds to its own 4th house, the house of family. This is one of the best and most natural placements that the Moon could possibly have. The Cancer Moon placement could be compared to an individual who is at home and feels the most comfortable there. Hence, such a favorable position has an immense impact on its owner.

Traditionally, in the Natal astrology, Moon is associated with the Cancer Water element sign (moist and cold)  it is under its rulership. Hence, Moon in this location is going to show the full spectrum of emotions, which are possible for this planet. Moon in Cancer has a stable and constant influence on the person. The Lunar sign personality forms the deepest personal essence. It is responsible for the subconscious, and the thoughts and ideas that might never even be said in words. Therefore, Lunar Cancers may be even more attentive, caring, empathic and sensual than the Sun sign Cancers. Sun sign and Moon sign Cancers are called the “Moonchildren” in astrology. Such individuals are very dependent on the Lunar phases and cosmic vibrations overall. Moon is the vitality and energy of our souls, it is the chief representative of the major female planetary influences. Because it is occupied with the depiction of mother, motherhood and wife type, it could be called the Woman and Mother principle of our horoscope. Such a strong accent on the feelings and an emotional dependability on them may be a questioning quality from time to time. Let’s take a closer look at the strengths and challenges that the Cancer sign endues the Moon with.

8 Cancer Moon Strengths

1.) Caring

Lunar Cancers are undoubtedly the most caring and attentive individuals amongst other Moon signs. They are incredibly loyal to friends and family, having them close by would make almost anyone happy. One of the most standing out qualities of Cancer Moon is their attention to detail and the genuine strive to do pleasant things for the people that they care for. People with this placement are the ones that will give you exactly the most perfect present that you have wanted for Christmas or Birthday because they remember all these small special things and attitudes about the beloved ones. As a friend, you can come to them at any time of the day, and be sure, you will get full emotional support, and the cookies with tea. No need to say about their wonderful qualities as parents or partners. Moon in Cancer is kind and thoughtful to others; they truly enjoy making other’s lives better and see the smiles of people that are close to them. If they accept someone in their life, they do it with their whole heart and soul.

2.) Spiritual

Emotions of Lunar Cancers are incredibly strong. They tend to react to even minor changes in the atmosphere around them. This trait could be sometimes compared to the talent of psychics or mediums. They use Moon qualities as their inner voice. Before making a decision, their intuition tells them what step to do next. Individuals with this position like to be next to water, ponds, lakes, and the sea gives them an extra energy boost. Water becomes especially attractive in the moonlight to them. As has been said before, lunar cycles have a great effect on their mood and overall well-being. During the Waning gibbous and Full Moon, these people may feel especially lively and active. They can very well since the emotions of surrounding people as well, and may even anticipate the reasons why a certain person behaves the way they do at the current moment.

3.) Attached to Home and Family

Moon in Cancer is being associated with an incredible love for home, house, and family. The protective shell is the key to cancer’s survival because it can always hide in it, in the case of danger or some unexpected circumstances. So is Moon in Cancer, their own house, and familiar surroundings become like a second skin for them. Due to their extreme sensitivity to the surrounding climate, their home has to be very comfortable, and correspond to all the needs and wants of their owners. It doesn’t matter whether they have a mansion or just a small apartment. Lunar Cancers love to decorate and improve their house, invest money, soul and heart in it.

But not only physical, emotional surroundings and atmosphere mean a lot for the Moon in Cancer as well. If there are arguments or unsupportive climate at home, individuals with this placement may suffer physically, and can even become sick. Their family parents, grandparents, children, spouses and so on have a great impact on them. For the Moon in Cancer, it is crucial to be in connection to all relatives and spend time with them. It certainly could be said that family is one of their biggest values. Their major life goals and aims are often linked to their families. A distinct feature of this placement is that Moon in Cancer is not afraid of marriage and church weddings. For them, a love affair has a logical continuation of marriage.

Lunar Cancers typically usually have a good relationship with their mother; their emotional intellect and balance could be attributed to this close and fruitful relationship. Moon in Cancer inspires their owners to make savings. They think about the older age and would like to make sure that they have a solid material base in the future. However, Moon in Cancer is not being paranoid, greedy or cynical about it. They sincerely think that every age has their benefits and beauty.

Every Lunar type traditionally has its comfort zone, and for the Cancer Moon, it is anything to do with family feasts and gatherings, dinners with family, children, and familiar comfort zone of the beloved house. Bringing traditions from parental house to their own house is important for them. Lunar Cancers feel reassured and secure when some things are being kept constant and traditional in family matters. These people would find delight in composing the genealogical tree, for example.

4.) Great Parents

The 4th house symbolizes childhood in an astrological sense. Therefore, it is absolutely natural for people with the Moon in Cancer to see their main role in life as a Parent. A good relationship with mother leads to healthy emotions regarding their own children they want to spread the love received from their mom. Tenderness, softness, and self-sacrifice characterize this parenting type as very wise and thoughtful. Cancer Moon belongs to the Water element, which gives them an ability to accept her/his children as they are, by being caring and not overly demanding at the same time.

5.) Tender and Loving Partners

Moon in Cancer is very delicate and is not likely to be rude or cold-hearted to their second half. They know exactly what their partner likes and how to treat him/her. They love creating physical and emotional comfort like to cook and spoil their partner. Expressing feelings and showing positive emotions is crucial for Lunar Cancers.

6.)Loyal to their Country (Or Town, Community)

Home, in the wider sense, is the home country as well. Moon in Cancer is frequently attached to their Motherland for the whole life and is full of patriotic feelings. Even when they move to another place, they have a tendency to always come back to their first and most important place, which they mentally mark as home place. Not only the place but the people, which have been close once, will always be remembered by Lunar Cancers. When the individuals with this placement feel that their potential abroad has been realized, they tend to move back to the cherished family nest.

7.) Good Adaptation Mechanisms

Since the Moon is responsible for feelings towards environments and other people, the beneficial position of this planet in Cancer facilitates the feelings towards getting used to and being emotionally comfortable in particular circumstances or places. After certain rituals and points have been completed, it is possible for Moon in Cancer to adjust to different situations.

8.) Empathic

The pure manifestation of Moon in Cancer comprises qualities of character, such as emotional involvement, tenderness, compassion, kindness and warm attitude to others. The owner of this Moon will not only be the one who sympathizes with others; he/she will be attracting strong sympathies from the surrounding people as well. Others are likely to subconsciously feel that they can trust and be honest with the Lunar Cancers. This kind of placement is very good for psychologists, doctors, and voluntary workers because they can awake some very deep emotions from the inner layers of one’s soul.

5 Cancer Moon Challenges

1.) Clingy

In some occasions, Moon in Cancer perceives that he/she and the partner as a whole. It is not bad to be loving and caring, however, dissolving in another person may sometimes lead to the opposite of closeness, and turn into stalking attitudes. Not only love/partner relationships may fall under the property of Lunar Cancers. Children, friends and family members could also be involved in this perception. It is essential to understand that a close person should not be put on a leash this kind of behavior would certainly not benefit anyone. Loving relationships and relationships based on trust are the base for long-lasting connections, which need the freedom to develop.

2.) Ascetic

Cancers could hide in their shell in case of some danger or just a bad mood. If they don?t fell emotionally supported and comfortable, this could certainly lead to escape from society into the land of illusions and imaginary well-being. This character trait should be consciously controlled because lack of social interactions could turn into depressions, inadequate behavior, or even psychic disorders.

3.) Moody

Moon in Cancer owner has a tendency to be fully dependable on his/her moods. They can be capricious, childish and unserious in their behavioral patterns. Moreover, emotions could play a detrimental role in the sense of increasing personal subjectivity. Thus, Lunar Cancers may rely on subjective and shallow reasoning instead of their strong intuition sometimes. In the case of uncomfortable surroundings, superficial decisions are being made on the base of some sole sympathy/antipathy. Additionally, even minor physical ill-being may result in an unwillingness to work and general apathy. This trait works as a vicious cycle, because apathy and bad mood also cause sickness, and vice-versa.

4.) Easily hurt

This point logically stems from the previous characteristics of the Cancer Moon. A friendly innocent joke or some insignificant interaction at work can evoke tense emotions in such an individual, and cause them painful thoughts about thinking about some irrelevant incident over and over again. Another negative trait of the Cancer Moon is unforgivingness. They have a very good memory and can become enemies with someone without a sufficient reason. These repetitive thoughts could seriously distress such individuals.

5.) Unstable at the Social Level

The constant need for emotional intensity in close relationships, and at home could have an adverse impact on the Lunar Cancers themselves and surrounding people. If the Cancer Moon is in a weak position in the horoscope, is placed in the 8th, 12th or 6th horoscope House, and/or having major negative aspects like oppositions and squares, the emotions that it strives to arouse could often have a negative context. Scandals, hysteria, and emotional reconciliation are the typical steps that they would go through and will be exhausting to themselves and others.

Moon in Cancer and the Childhood

Moon is the symbolic ruler of the 4th house (as it is also called the Immum Coeli or IC)  the house of childhood, home, parents, and family. The child with Cancer Moon would probably prefer to play the role of a mom or dad to his friends and family members; the child gender doesn’t matter in this case. These children are intuitive and caring. However, they might have some difficulty in differentiation of their own emotions from the emotions of others. It is critical to teach them that emotions and feelings expressed by people are not connected with them anyhow. The mother-child relationship is likely to form the core of their psychological well-being and character. Emotionally pleasant and stable atmosphere at home will benefit small Lunar Cancers, and help them to grow up into confident and satisfied adults.

Wife Image and the Male Natal Chart

A man with the Cancer Moon could look for a woman who is going to resemble his mother. Having a good relationship with a partner’s mother would be a definite plus. Lunar Cancers are crazy about big breasts and good cooking as well. Men with this placement are often family-oriented, so showing him that the woman wants a big family and dreams of getting married could be very positively accepted as a big plus. In general, a warm, caring and empathic woman is their ideal kind of wife or life partner.

Compatibility Suggestions

The cardinal Water element sign Moon in Cancer could make a perfect couple with the Pisces Moon. Pisces is the mutable Water element sign, which makes this couple feel like soul mates and unites their temperament, needs for emotional closeness and perception of different life circumstances. This tandem would be great for love, family relationships, so as friendship and common interests. Together, Lunar Cancer and Lunar Pisces could achieve all the goals and aspirations that they would wish to.

Another well-compatible match for the Lunar Cancer would be Moon in Scorpio partner. Scorpio is the fixed Water element sign, the relationship is promising to be very passionate and involving. Nevertheless, Scorpio Moon is in fall, which inverts the lunar qualities into jealousy and too intense feelings here. This can cause a lot of positive, so as negative emotions. On the other side, it will never be boring for this couple.

Further great matches could be found with the Earth element signs  Taurus and Virgo Moons. These people tend to be reliable and down-to-earth, they value family and order the qualities that Moon in Cancer would certainly appreciate. The third Earth element sign Capricorn is likely to not be the best choice for the Cancer Moon, because, in the astrological chart, these signs are located in the opposition to each other. Moon in Cancer and Moon in Capricorn may be attracted to each other at first, due to seeming similarities. Later on, these two may feel rejected because of strong divergences, if they will get a chance to get to know each other on the deeper personal level.

The Air sign Moons: Libra, Gemini, Aquarius, and the Fire sign Moons: Leo, Aries, and Sagittarius are likely to not be well-compatible with Lunar Cancer due to different adaptational and emotional mechanisms, which underlie their personalities. But looking at the whole chart is essential.

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