Astrology Dice 101: How to Use Astrodice for Readings

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What are astrological dice?

Astrology dice are a specific tool for divination that incorporates the zodiac wheel, the houses, and the meanings of the zodiac signs.

The blend between astrology and dice divination has existed for a long time.

Dice representing the astrological planets were thrown onto diagrams representing the astrological houses since the times of old European fortunetelling. 

How does astro dice divination work?

The modern Astro Dice divination method most commonly used is a simplified version that utilizes three twelve (d12) sided dies.

Each die encompasses different symbols and meanings. They are all interpreted together when cast. 

The three different dice each represent one component of astrology:

  1. Signs
  2. Planets
  3. Houses

The sign rolled represents the emotions involved symbolized by the respective sign that is rolled.

The planet rolled represents the influences, circumstances, or actions that affect the overall situation at hand.

The house rolled represents the overall area of life’s relevant or of concern that will be affected by the reading.

For example, a roll in which you’re asking questions about your potential future spouse, you should interpret the results of your roll similarly to how you’d read a birth chart placement.

Example roll:

5th House Leo Mercury. The future partner/spouse could have a lot of popularity or potentially be famous within a group. They may be known for their highly communicate and expressive personality. They may work with children or be highly childlike themselves. While their mind may be brimming with childlike creativity, they also could be immature or egoic. 

Astrology dice instructions

Avoid asking yes/no questions in your readings

Just like when consulting tarot, you want to avoid yes/no questions with your astro dice reading

Keep questions open-ended

Open-ended questions are ideal for this method of divination because the message is meant to be read as a story. 

Example question: what’s coming up for me in the next week? 

You can read this type of question as a story/sentence formation.


  • 10th House
  • Cancer
  • Jupiter

This roll would indicate that the upcoming week will feature work or public relation/reputation focused events and energies (10H). The themes could include working in a new or expansive way (Jupiter) at a job or interacting publicly with themes of healing, nurturing, mothering, or homemaking (Cancer).

Astrology dice cheat sheet

Sometimes astrology dice sets that you purchase won’t come with a guidebook.

Here are brief descriptions of the signs, planets, and houses to help you formulate your astrodice readings.

Using these keywords, you’ll be more easily able to string together a message from your reading prompts.


Aries. courageous, energized, pioneering, enterprising, forceful, impatient, short-sighted.

Taurus. persistent, enduring, stable, sensible, sensual, affectionate, hedonistic, indulgent, rigid, unmoving.

Gemini. adaptable, versatile, quick-witted, flighty, indecisive, ungrounded.

Cancer. nurturing, protective, intuitive, tribal, hyper-sensitive, irrational, clingy.

Leo. creative, determined, entertaining, leadership ability, prideful, demanding, domineering.

Virgo. humble, diligent, giving, helpful, service-oriented, detail-oriented, perfectionist, self-critical.

Libra. diplomatic, charming, sociable, mediator, beautiful, lazy, indecisive, judgmental.

Scorpio. passionate, seductive, persuasive, driven, transformative, manipulative, compulsive, self-destructive.

Sagittarius. open-minded, enthusiastic, freedom-loving, jubilant, playful, reckless, flippant, blunt.

Capricorn. ambitious, competent, skillful, sensible, persistent, emotionally closed-off, pessimistic.

Aquarius. inventive, original, eccentric, progressive, detached, unavailable.

Pisces. telepathic, creative, kind, healing ability, self-delusion, martyrdom, self-undoing.


Sun. bright, direct, straightforward, egoic, personality, commanding, influential, authority, impressive.

Moon. emotional, desire, intuition, psychic, feelings, reactions, domestic, home, family, relationships.

Mercury. mental outlook, intellectuality, communication, thinking style, dexterity, hands, travel, transportation.

Venus. social attitudes, aesthetic, sensuality, taste, inclinations, social interactions, romance, partnerships, pleasure.

Mars. physicality, energy, effort, strength, ego force, risk-tolerance, impulsiveness, determination, style of action.

Jupiter. growth potential, spirituality, intellectuality, higher-learning, assets, power, status, influence, optimism, aspirations.

Saturn. structure, rules, responsibility, restrictions, limitations, karma, lessons, patience, meaning.

Uranus. individuality, inspiration, suddenness, societal evolution, revolution, unpredictability, technology.

Neptune. mysticism, ideals, visions, abstract thinking, illusion, disillusionment, addiction, persecution, abandonment.

Pluto. intensity, control, karmic responsibility, depth, underworld, power urge, compulsions, fears, coercion, transformation.


1st. appearance, physical health, identity, outward personality, instinctive self.

2nd. material possessions, self-esteem, resources (inner and outer), personal values, skills/talents/abilities.

3rd. communication, networking, siblings, short distance travel, neighborhoods, technology.

4th. personal foundations, emotional world, home, real estate, ancestry, family, parents.

5th. creativity, self-expression, fun, romance, love affairs, matters of the heart, adventure, excitement, pleasure.

6th. daily habits & routines, work, apprenticeship, aunts & uncles, duties/responsibilities, details, mental attitude, overall health.

7th. partnerships, relationships, marriage, open enemies, projections of self onto others.

8th. karma, death and birth, shared resources, external forces, intimacy, sexuality, taxes, inheritance, inner psyche, underworld, soul evolution.

9th. belief systems, philosophy, world/long-distance travel, gurus, expansion of consciousness, higher-learning, meaning in life.

10th. professional achievements, relationship to authority, social status, career, reputation, ambitions, goals, aspirations, expectations

11th. the collective, freedom vs rebellion, friends, groups, communications, societal visions, science and technology, politics.

12th. spiritual, collective karma, egolessness, hidden/repressed, secret enemies, escapism, dreams, unseen realms.


If you are already well-versed in natal chart reading, readings with astrology dice should be quite easy for you!

If you’re a beginner astrologers, then divination with astro dice will give you great practice interpreting placements.

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