Natal Venus in Aries: Everything You Wanted to Know

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Venus, the planet of love, beauty, and pleasure is in detriment in fiery Aries. It’s considered to be one of the more challenging placements for Venus. 

This is because Venus symbolizes relationships and Aries symbolizes the individual. As a passionate, independent, and spontaneous fire sign, it’s against its nature for Venus in Aries to settle down in one spot or put others first. 

But that doesn’t mean people with this placement are selfish. Venus in Aries people are often affectionate and generous partners. Ruled by Mars, the planet of action and war, they will fight to the death for what they believe in and who they love. This placement radiates alpha energy. These people don’t like to come second to anyone or anything. 

Although forceful at times, underneath the surface, all the Aries Venus wants is an opportunity to be accepted and fully express who they are. 

Aries Venus Strengths 

Even though Venus isn’t at its full strength in the sign of Aries, this is a passionate and powerful placement. Here are some of these people’s best traits:

Their generous and affectionate nature. People with this placement are outwardly expressive and generous. They enjoy uplifting others and making them laugh. In relationships, they are some of the most affectionate lovers. They feel most satisfied when bringing others pleasure. 

Their adventurous spirit. Aries Venus people understand what it means to live and love on the edge. These people are natural thrill-seekers. They crave excitement and taking new risks. They are the perfect match for someone who loves to travel and try new experiences. 

Their commitment to telling the truth. No matter how uncomfortable or unconventional the truth may be, you can always trust Aries Venus to be honest with you. They pride themselves on being straightforward. They are put off by individuals who are indecisive and unwilling to speak up for themselves. People with Venus in Aries have a strong protective nature. 

Their sex appeal and physical strength. Naturally warm and flirtatious, Venus in Aries people are masters of foreplay and seduction. With only a glance, they have the ability to make others feel good and confident about themselves. In and out of the bedroom, people with this placement are known for their impressive sex appeal, athleticism, and stamina. 

Aries Venus Weaknesses 

When they’re impulsive and unfaithful. Although Aries Venus is known for its passionate and affectionate nature, these people can feel uncomfortable in committed partnerships. Venus’s need for harmony and unity doesn’t mesh well with their desire for adventure and spontaneity. When their boredom is left unaddressed, these people respond by seeking pleasure in dangerous places. They must learn to overcome their inner restlessness and stay grounded in the moment. 

Their aggressive tendency. Without warning, this placement can go from passionate to violent in a matter of seconds. People with this placement tend to respond to stress and tension with anger and impatience. They must learn how to transmute their intense feelings and emotions in healthy ways. For example, physical activities, exercise, and sports. 

Their self-centered side. At times, Venus in Aries people are extremely self-centered. These people will act out negatively just to bring attention and popularity to themselves. They want what they want when they want it. 

How they can struggle to express their emotions. People with this placement tend to respond to stress and sadness with anger and impatience. Instead of communicating their wants and needs openly, they isolate themselves and shut down. To overcome low energies, they must learn how to be vulnerable and ask for help. 

Aries Venus in Love

When it comes to love, Aries Venus is assertive and impulsive. They lead with their heart and not their head. This is why people with Venus in Aries are known for having a busy social life, one-night stands, and falling in love at first sight. 

Because Aries is ruled by warrior Mars, people who have this placement in their chart are aggressive in their interactions. They are not afraid to pursue their romantic interests, even if that means they have to prove their worth or compete with someone else. 

When they find a suitable partner (and this may take them a while because they get bored quickly), they throw themselves into their relationship wholeheartedly. They want all of their partner’s love, affection, and attention. They do not hesitate to demonstrate their passion in love. 

Charming and devilishly irresistible, these people are impossible to say no to. It’s no wonder why they fall in love so quickly!! 

In love, Aries Venus people are playful and enthusiastic. As risk-taking adventure seekers,  they align best with outgoing and self-confident partners who challenge them to be better. 

In order for these spontaneous lovers to be faithful and form long-lasting commitments, they need a partner who improves their life, not destroys it.

While Venus in Aries is a warm and attentive partner, there’s a shadow side to their bright and cheery nature. When neglected, rejected, or feeling smothered, they can become noncommittal and behave aggressively. They need to feel autonomous in their relationship and lose interest when the relationship becomes too predictable. 

How to Attract Aries Venus

If you’re looking to catch one of these people, here are some traits that will draw Venus in Aries to you:

Show confidence. If there’s anything that an Aries Venus is attracted to, it’s self-confidence. They find it irresistible when someone knows who they are and isn’t afraid to be their authentic selves. Wear bright and bold colors around them. Show off your physical and mental strength. Don’t hold back your light. Dare to be your best self! 

Keep it spontaneous. People with Venus in Aries crave excitement! They thrive off adrenaline. These people are all about living in the moment! This is why it’s important to switch things up and surprise them often. Make the relationship feel like an adventure. 

Let them chase you. Playing hard to get is not childish for the Aries Venus. These Martian-ruled people are turned on by healthy competition. They love a sexy challenge. 

To keep their attention, assure them that you only want them, but make them work for it. Let them know your love is a rare prize worth the risk. 


In closing, remember that there’s a whole lot more to the chart than just the Venus placement alone! Always try to look at your placements in context.

If you, or the Aries Venus you love, want to learn to grow more deeply into understanding yourselves, keep investigating other key placements in your chart.

Have something to share? Let us know in the comments about yourself as an Aries Venus, and/or any experiences you’ve had with other Aries Venus people.

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