Who is Aries Soulmate? Their Top 5 Partner Signs, Ranked

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Aries men and women are bold, aggressive, adventurous, and intensely independent. But don’t let their brash nature fool you; these people are sensitive souls who long for deep romantic connections.

Aries people are passionate about everything they do in life. Their lofty ambition makes finding a soulmate an intense and often challenging pursuit. These people can be quite picky in love, and it usually takes a genuine soul connection to capture their hearts.

The ideal Aries soulmate will effortlessly complement their traits. Aries wants a soulmate that’s deeply invested, loyal, encouraging, stabilizing, and respects their leadership initiative. They also must have a degree of independence as a compliment to Aries’s intensely independent and often selfish side.

In this post, we’ll cover the most harmonious soulmate matches for Aries. The following signs offer Aries the perfect blend of supportive traits and genuine synergy. Let’s get into it.

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1. Leo

aries soulmate leo zodiac astrology sign

Leading the way in our Soulmate matches is the all-star connection between Aries and fellow fire sign and kindred spirit, Leo.

Aries and Leo are trine signs (90 degrees apart) and have similar sensitivities and approaches. Trine energy is easy and fluid, and it makes these two able to handle the wildest sides of each other’s personalities.

This is no small feat, as Aries and Leo can easily scare people off with their strong egos and fiery intensity. It’s a perfect union of lock-step, fast-paced living.

The connection between Aries and Leo is strong on so many levels. They have similar personalities, emotional natures, and romantic styles. Aries and Leo are both warm-hearted, generous, lusty, and extroverted.

They’re a prideful, free-spirited, life-of-the-party couple that combines socially and radiates out in all directions.

Since both are fire signs, they merge flames and sync up their passions instead of burning each other out. Sure, there may be occasional disagreements and fights between these passionate signs, but they’re usually quick to resolve power struggles and move on to the warmer emotions they love.

This passionate and enthusiastic relationship is one of the strongest of the zodiac, and it’s a soul match that grows over time physically and spiritually. This adventurous and spontaneous match co-exists wonderfully, so long as they work together and don’t try to dominate each other too much.

Luckily, they both hate admitting defeat and have the drive to break through barriers and succeed. With their shared competitive and ambitious natures, they grow together and individually into better versions of themselves.

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2. Sagittarius

aries sagittarius soulmate love

The next Aries soulmate on our list is another fellow fire sign, Sagittarius.

Aries and Sagittarius is another ideal soulmate match where each sign shares a considerable amount of similar traits and energies.

Both signs are highly adventurous, free-spirited, sociable, pioneering, and fun-loving. There’s endless laughter and discovery when these two souls meet up.

Their sex life is effortless, and they adjust to one another’s needs effortlessly as time progresses in their physical relationship. There’s an incredible amount of passion during their lovemaking that bonds them intensely.

Aries and Sagittarius share some wonderfully contrasting traits, as well. Sagittarius has a calm detachment that cools hot-headed Aries when needed. At the same time, Sagittarius can easily handle Aries’s impulsive nature when they’re unable to calm down.

And Aries gives Sagittarius the support and acceptance to take on the world in their way without compromising their beliefs, all while exploring a lifetime’s worth of shared interests and passions.

Both signs like to lead, but Aries’s soulmate isn’t going to be a follower, anyway. Aries is impressed that Sagittarius is a leader in their own right and can be an excellent sounding board and aid in Aries’s pioneering journey.

Sagittarius won’t back down to Aries, which pleases them because it means Sagittarius won’t back down when defending Aries, too.

Overall, this is a fantastic match between two people that share a deep, heart-to-heart soul bond. This relationship is built on high-level communication and emotional resonance, which carries them far as they take on the world together.

Expect a lot of excitement, travel, and new growth when these two sync up.

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3. Gemini

aries gemini soulmate zodiac astrology

Next up, we have a soulmate match that’s full of fun and vibrancy. While not as passionate as the fire sign matches of Aries-Leo and Aries-Sagittarius, the Aries-Gemini match brings a powerful meeting of the mind, heart, and soul. They both live for excitement and novel experiences.

With this match, you can expect a lot of healthy stimulation and excitement. Aries brings the physical experiences, and Gemini stretches both of their minds mentally.

Gemini is a great talker that excites Aries’s mind with new ways of thinking and exploring. Together, they experience life on several eclectic levels that other signs matches don’t get to experience.

There’s never a dull moment or lull in conversation with this match. Aries and Gemini are constantly striving to broaden their understanding of the world. So even idle chatter between them is cozy and interesting.

In the day-to-day, Aries takes the lead, and Gemini is always eager to be along for the ride. And Aries gets to experience the thrill of the chase constantly as they work to keep up with Gemini’s continually fluctuating and novelty-seeking personality.

Overall, this Aries-Gemini is a well-suited soulmate match. They have different methods in life, but their relationship is addictively stimulating and engaging nonetheless.

So long as Aries is complex enough for Gemini, and Gemini is action-seeking enough for Aries, this relationship will go far.

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4. Aquarius

aries aquarius soulmates in love

This soulmate match is another that’s bursting at the seams with affection, excitement, and shared interests. Aries and Aquarius are both quirky, outgoing, fun-loving, and adore adventuring with their lovers.

This coupling shares some fundamental common values that hit deep at the soul level. They’re both independent and happily give lovers plenty of time and space to explore individual interests. They’re both extroverts that love to go out and meet new people.

Honesty is paramount to both of these signs, and both communicate directly. All of this combines to create an easeful and fun dynamic.

While they’re enthusiastic and creative together, the Aries-Aquarius relationship can lack a strong emotional connection. Aquarius is less passionate and emotional than Aries, which can be hard on Aries.

But at the same time, optimistic Aquarius fuels Aries’s hopes and dreams. Aries also trusts Aquarius’s honesty and stable fixed-sign nature. And restless Aquarius loves that Aries is always on the move and trying new things.

There will be differences and arguments between this pairing. They both like to get their way and can be standoffish and dismissive when they don’t get it. But they’re a resilient match that can handle such discord.

They’re both lighthearted enough to not take light clashes too personally, and they’re capable of forgiving and forgetting at the drop of a hat. They both prefer harmony over holding grudges.

Overall, this is a fantastic soulmate match with plenty of dynamism and vitality that can help the relationship last a lifetime. Mutual admiration runs high, and their shared fascination with the other nurtures constant interest and respect.

If you’re looking for a good balance of fun, seriousness, and personal growth, then Aries-Aquarius might be the ideal soulmate match.

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5. Libra

aries libra soulmates

Coming in at number five on this list, we have Aries and Libra. Since these signs oppose each other on the zodiac wheel, this relationship represents a potent soulmate match that polarizes and magnetizes.

Aries and Libra are charming and social in their ways and can carry on intelligently in all types of company. They’re drawn to each other’s intellect and can engage in endless witty banter together. There’s a lot of natural affinity in this dynamic.

As opposite signs, passion abounds in this relationship. Additionally, their planetary rulers (Venus for Libra and Mars for Aries) add more spice to the dynamic. Romance, sex, and intimacy are brought to life under the warm light of this pairing, and the potency never dulls.

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A vital component of this relationship is Aries’s assertive nature and Libra’s general passivity. This can make or break the connection, depending on how they navigate their differences. At its most balanced, this relationship involves Aries taking the lead much of the time and Libra providing balancing guidance.

Aries teaches Libra how to step out of their comfort zone and make tough decisions, while Libra teaches abrasive Aries to adopt a bit more tactfulness.

Overall, Aries-Libra can be a lovely match where magnetic sex appeal abounds. There’s a feisty tag-team dynamic here with many shared plans and dreams.

So long as they remain patient with each other’s differences, this soulmate bond can go far as they challenge and excite each other on a daily basis.

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Honorable mention: Scorpio

aries scorpio soulmates

The Aries-Scorpio soulmate pairing is the feistiest in the zodiac. This is the only pairing on our list between fire and water signs, partly because these elements aren’t traditionally harmonic.

But it’s the ruling planets that glue these two signs together. Passionate Mars rules both signs, and it creates a lot of similar approaches and karma that bond these two signs together.

With Mars as their ruler, Aries and Scorpio are aggressive, competitive, and standoffish. They share endless passions and a magnetic sex appeal when in a relationship together.

While fiery and often competitive, there’s a lot of mutual understanding in this dynamic that bonds them. Their connection is powerful and fosters a strong sense of deep care and love. 

Scorpio admires Aries’s raw power, and Aries cannot resist Scorpio’s magnetic transformational energy.

Trust can be a sticking point for them. Both signs can be intensely jealous and mistrusting of their lover’s loyalties. But if they commit and learn to trust, their passion can bring them far, and the relationship will transform them in explosive ways they’ve never dreamed of. 

There will undoubtedly be struggles for dominance that make or break their romance. But no matter what happens, this soulmate connection is guaranteed to be exciting, dynamic, and intense.

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There you have it, six Aries soulmate connections that can create peak relationship satisfaction.

It’s important to note that you should never assess a relationship purely on the sun signs involved. Relationships, especially soulmate ones, are based on many other aspects within the zodiac chart. 

If you want to know if your relationship is a true soulmate match, you’ll want to get both your and your partner’s charts read by a seasoned astrologer.

If you have any questions or comments about this article, please let us know in the comment section below.

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