Moon in Aries: 6 Strengths & 5 Weaknesses of the Natal Moon in Aries

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Aries Moon Symbolism

The location of the moon in the Natal Chart is a big determinant of how the personality is formed. It is one of the three main personal points in the Natal chart, next to the Sun sign and the Ascendant sign.

Our lunar placement is responsible for our emotional intellect, processing, and ability to express ourselves. The moon tells a lot us about the childhood experience and points out the relationship with the mother figure.

In a male chart, Moon shows the type of woman that a man would like to marry or see as his life partner.

In the female chart, the Moon indicates what type of mother a woman could be, and her overall attitude to motherhood and children.

Aries is the male cardinal Fire element sign. The Aries Moon is ruled by the militant and aggressive Mars, whose key planetary symbolism lies in masculinity, action, courage, will to succeed, and animal-like sexual attraction.

According to Roman mythology, Mars in the name of the God of War. Mars belongs to one of our five personal planets (which also include Sun, Moon, Venus, and Mercury). It is considered as the Lesser Malefic, as it is associated with fights and complexities due to short-temper and uncontrolled aggression. The planet imposes limiting qualities on the house where it is being located.

In the male Natal Chart, Mars is responsible for masculine activity and shows his level of energy and willingness to do what it takes to achieve his goals. In the female Natal Chart, Mars shows the type of lover that a woman would prefer, the general male image that she would be attracted to, and her energy levels.

The Moon is associated with Cancer, a water element sign. Mars (dry and hot) heats up the cold and peaceful waters of the lunar planetary nature. Hence, it is a potentially problematic placement. The moon feels better in cold environments, the fiery Aries may make the atmosphere too hot for it sometimes, turning the water into steam.

At the same time, the Aries Moon could be certainly characterized as sympathetic, as Aries moon individuals seem to be well-liked, and ]often get positive attention from others, thanks to their overwhelming energy and optimism.

However, this kind of impression is created only from the first glance, because later on, it will be obvious that the emotional patterns in this placement can fluctuate wildly, ranging from extreme happiness to anger and irritation, and back again. Let’s take a closer look at this controversial position, the strengths and challenges that the Aries sign imbues the Moon with.

6 Aries Moon Strengths


Mars gifts the Aries Moon owners with a strong fiery character. These are truly passionate individuals who enjoy good company and humor. Lunar Aries are very determined, and when it comes to decision-making and achieving difficult and/or important goals in life, they accept challenges with a great deal of optimism.

Their incredible energy and sincere belief in good outcomes captivates others and boosts their energy and willingness to take action as well. Every planet in the horoscope has a comfort zone and for Mars, the favorite and most natural situations are the ones that have anything to do with speed, energy, immediate reactions, confrontations, and new exciting impressions.

In order to get these impressions, it is important to not be afraid of upcoming adventures and the possible corresponding challenges, which the Lunar Aries will for sure be able to overcome. A very pleasant trait of the Moon in Aries is that even if they are sad or feel an energy loss, it would last for just a small amount of time; their positive and dynamic nature comes back very fast.

Being enthusiastic at work often helps these people to achieve big success. Moon in Aries is very good at taking leadership positions and competitive situations. Jobs in PR, Marketing, sport, jobs as actors and entrepreneurs would be very suitable for them. Monotonous and boring tasks are not something that one with this planetary placement would look for.


One of the best qualities of Moon in Aries is their independent thinking patterns. They often come up with new, unusual ideas. Moreover, in order to achieve the strived aims, they have another benefit of a strong and stable belief in themselves; they know, that if they want something, they will certainly achieve success in one way or another. The cardinal sign of Aries here presents the Moon with the qualities of persistence in changing and improving the unwanted conditions in life. If Aries Moon doesn’t like something or someone, they wouldn’t tolerate the situation for long. People with this placement like to craft life with their own hands, instead of adjusting to life events.

Lively and sociable

The fiery Aries Moon owners most often have an extroverted character and like to attract attention from others and engage in abundant dialog (and arguments). The emotional reactions are usually fast and sparkling; if they laugh, then very loud; if they cry, then they cry their eyes out. Such intensity in expression could be attractive to others because people feel leadership qualities in the Moon in Aries and want to get to know better these charismatic and outgoing Mars children.

Full of energy

Among the three Fire element signs in astrology (Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries), Aries is the strongest flame, which is very durable and energetic in its burning qualities. Moon in Aries instinctively perceives itself as a guide to spreading the energy flow around them. If the Moon in the Natal chart is placed in a favorable position (i.e. in good aspects and houses), the energy flow becomes very sensitive to the environmental changes, and the adaptation mechanisms are working well for this person. Once the Lunar Aries is challenged, the energy flow is boosted in order to achieve the needed results.


These individuals are soldier-like characters and are not afraid to speak out and engage in an emotional or even physical confrontation in order to protect themselves, their properties, and their significant other. Others usually feel the emotional strength of the Lunar Aries and accept their leadership qualities. Their emotional courage is often supported by great physical abilities. As a rule, Lunar Aries have good health and stamina.

Sincere and outspoken

Sincerity and the ability to talk about the real state of things are the very pleasant traits of the Aries Moon. These people have a  fiery nature and generally say what they think about someone and something very openly; the feelings and opinions are not typically kept inside for a long period, the reactions are speedy. Psychologically, this trait is very beneficial, because keeping emotions and feelings to oneself may cause different kinds of ill-being.

Aries Moon Challenges


The Mars-like emotional character of Moon in Aries wants everything on demand. They always want to be the first ones; these individuals don’t accept taking up any role in life unless it is the leading position. Lunar Aries are impatient with themselves and others. If they have some challenge or task to complete, they would be very angry (maybe even hysterical) in the case of failure or the need of working more/better/harder. There is a clear need to learn how to make thorough plans, be consistent and patient in achieving one’s goals and realize that it takes time to complete goals.


The aggression of Aries is probably one of the biggest disadvantages of this lunar placement. The Moon is a female planet, whereas Mars is the classical archetype of a strong, young, and dominating man. In the case of difficulties, emotional outbursts are likely to occur. Usually, emotional reactions of Moon in Aries take the following steps: – 1) Nervous stimuli, a burst of incentive and enthusiasm; 2) the first problems start to occur, irritation and aggression begin to overwhelm them; 3) after the emotional peak (which could be manifested as hysteria, fight, crying, screaming, etc.), the emotions fade away, and the Moon in Aries abruptly becomes calm and peaceful, as if nothing has happened.

Emotionally exhausting

Moon in Aries enjoys being always noticed and listened to. If something goes wrong, and/or others are not willing to accept her/him as a leader, the real Drama Queen may come out. In the case of little or no attention, Lunar Aries may artificially over-exaggerate certain situations in order to attract attention and emotional feedback. Moreover, their emotions fluctuate a lot, the need for high emotional intensity level may urge these individuals to engage in unneeded arguments and fights with the surrounding people.


In some instances, the strong and fierce emotions of Aries Moon are unclear to themselves, as well as to others. This Moon sign may be reflexive after an emotional outbreak, however, it takes time to realize the inner intentions and subconscious motives of oneself.


The need for powerful and overwhelming emotional environments creates challenges in obtaining a peaceful atmosphere, the inner and outer balance in life. Once again, there is a need to work on the personal skills of conscious self-control, patience, and planning.

Moon in Aries and the Childhood

Moon is the symbolic ruler of the 4th house (as it is also called, Immum Coeli/IC) the house of childhood, home, parents, and family. The emotional family life of individuals with this position is often intense, full of positive and negative emotions. The mother of a child with the Aries Moon is likely to take up the leading position at home. She may be somewhat impatient and demanding with their child. However, these mothers would always provide protection and full emotional/material support in case of problems.

Children with the Aries Moon tend to express their emotions impulsively and aggressively. Lunar Aries kids are spontaneous and may seem rude due to their extreme genuineness. Still, they could be very kind and are very forgivable as well. They are interested in literally everything, new events and unexpected things inspire their curiosity. Parents should encourage them to take time before taking action. Little Lunar Aries are adventurous and honest, they love active games and have a lot of fun spending time with their parents while playing sports, for example. It’s important to teach them patience and the ability to self-regulate.

Wife Image and the Male Natal Chart

A man with the Aries Moon would look for a female life partner who is passionate, dedicated, and strong. Being good at sports and having an active life position is a big advantage. This kind of man often waits for an incentive from the woman he doesn’t mind if his wife will take the leading role in the coupling. However, if a woman is too easy-going in terms of sexual relationship, the man with an Aries Moon is likely to lose interest quickly as they are hunters by nature.

Aries Moon in the Female Chart

These women are confident and independent, the typical modern type of Amazonians. They are likely to prefer a career to housekeeping because it’s more essential for them to realize their potential in society, sports, and hobbies.

Aries Moon Compatibility Suggestions

The cardinal Fire element sign Moon in Aries could make a perfect couple with the Leo Moon. Leo Moon is the fixed Fire element sign, which makes this couple feel like soul mates and unites their fiery passionate temperament, perception of different life circumstances, and facilitates emotional understanding. This tandem would be great for love, family relationships, friendship, and common interests. Together, Lunar Aries and Lunar Leo could achieve all the goals and aspirations that they would wish to.

Another good match for the Lunar Aries would be the idealistic and philosophical Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius is the mutable Fire element sign, and the emotional part of the relationship is going to thrive here. This relationship is going to be based on friendship and deep emotional attachment.

Nevertheless, the problem with very alike partners with Moons in the Fire elements is that both of them are explosive, and could easily have an argument or even a fight. They have a tendency to be egoistic and compete for the leading position in a couple. On the other hand, they are generally very forgivable and could easily keep on enjoying each other’s company without having bad memories after an argument. These kinds of partners should learn to look for compromises and respect each other’s individualities.

Further great matches could be found with the Air element signs Gemini and Libra. These people tend to be easy-going and would certainly share Lunar Aries’s wonderful sense of humor.

The third Air element sign Libra can be a bit of a wildcard for the Aries Moon because these signs are located in the opposition to each other in the zodiac. Moon in Aries and Moon in Libra may be attracted to each other at first due to seeming similarities. Later on, after they will get a chance to get to know each other on a deeper personal level, these two may feel rejected because of strong differences.

The Earth sign Moons Taurus, Capricorn, Virgo, and the Water sign Moons Pisces, and Cancer are likely to not be well-compatible with Lunar Aries due to completely different adaptation and emotional mechanisms that underlie their personalities. The Scorpio Moon could be interesting, and at the same time, a challenging match with the Aries Moon. Both signs are ruled by Mars, which makes them alike in terms of very passionate nature and extreme emotional expressions.

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  1. Hi Loren. Born with a natal moon in Aires, I started reading your article focusing on Aires moon pros and cons. It is very good until the close of the fourth paragraph under “Aries Moon Compatibility Suggestions,” where you conclude by referencing the moon in Leo’s sense of humor. Then, the following two paragraphs develop the moon in Leo even MORESO, which I’m sure you didn’t intend! After all, the entire article, and this section specifically, is about moon in Aires compatibility with other moon signs. Read it again. I’m sure you don’t want to leave it that way! I don’t know who proofreads your articles, but I’d love to have the job!

    1. Thank you, Deb. You’re absolutely right in catching those mistakes. I appreciate it. This is one of the older articles on my site, and one of the few I did not write myself. I hadn’t got the chance to go back and thoroughly proofread it. So thank you:)

  2. I can say after reading this I am very impatient and I do things before acting which is totally crazy but I’m trying to learn self control and patients. It’s just a natural thing for us but we have to control it.

  3. Waiting for Moon in Gemini, or i couldn’t find at least – would also be very much interested in combinations with the Sun sign but i understand its a lot of work

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