Who’s the Best Match for Aries? 5 Most Compatible Signs, Ranked

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Are you an Aries man or woman looking for your perfect match?

Or, are you wondering if your Aries crush is a good match for you?

In this post, we’ll be diving into the best matches for the Aries person. You’ll have an excellent understanding of the best Aries love matches by the end.

Which sign is the best match for Aries energy? Aries men and women are most compatible with the other fire signs; Leo and Sagittarius, and the air signs; Gemini and Aquarius.

These signs all make either a trine or sextile aspect to Aries, which creates harmony and ease in their relationship compatibility.

Libra (opposite sign) and Aries (same sign) can do well with Aries, too, but the dynamic tends to be more of a mixed bag. 

Before deep-diving into the compatibilities, remember that human relationships involve so much more than just the Sun signs!

For a reliable picture of compatibility, you must consider the whole astrological charts of both people. This includes other planetary placements (especially Moon, Venus, and Mars) and chart aspects and synastry.

With that said, let’s take a closer look at the Aries Sun sign compatibility matches in more detail.

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1. Aries + Sagittarius

Aries sagittarius best match love compatibility

Aries does well in relationship with both of their fire sign counterparts, but their connection with Sagittarius tops the charts due to their shared love of independence, freedom, and adventure.


How much fun they have. This fiery due is always up for a good time. Both signs crave adventure and pump tons of energy and enthusiasm into their pursuit of it. When together, they enable each other’s natural enthusiasm and constantly find themselves either planning or diving straight into some thrilling pursuit.

Their mental and energetic synergy. Sag and Aries’ chemistry is on point with tons of flirtatious energy, good humor, and well-paced dialogue. They magnetically feed off each other. They love being social, active, and living life on impulse. They both love activities with a healthy sense of competition and make great teammates.

Their sexual escapades. There’s a lot of fun waiting to happen for these two between the sheets. They both love sex and exuberant libidos to go with it. They’re both uninhibited, athletic, and exploratory in bed. Playful aggressiveness abounds and keeps things spicy. Overall, their sex life is harmonious, and there’s rarely a dull moment.

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Compromising on individual freedoms. If this relationship is going to work, Sag and Aries will both have to give up a degree of their personal freedom. These two are supremely independent and thrive when they have total autonomy. They’ll have to give up some autonomy if they want the relationship to last. Luckily, they make it worth each other’s while by making it so fun being tethered to one another.

A battle of wills. Both signs are very opinionated and love to dominate the dialogue. They can charge into arguments, and tempers can flare quickly. Mutable Sagittarius may have to learn to allow fixed-sign Aries to lead the way sometimes. And Aries must relent to Sagittarius’s wisdom at times.

Commitment. Neither sign rushes into a commitment. Aries will likely want to commit first and can quickly grow impatient if Sagittarius drags their feet, which they often do. As long as independence is fostered, Sagittarius will eventually give in to commitment. 

Although this good-natured partnership has fantastic potential and wins the best match award, the Sagittarius and Aries combination is not the top choice for marriage potential. 

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2. Aries + Leo

leo aries best match love compatibility

Next up, we have the second fire sign pairing on the list. This can be an intimidating power couple with huge worldly potential that packs nearly as much punch as the first.


They burst at the seams with energy. As a double-fire sign pairing, Aries and Leo fuel each other’s natural penchant for activity, adventurousness, and ambition. 

Their explosive sexual charisma. Aries and Leo are physically ardent lovers who enjoy great passion and play in the bedroom. Aries brings initiative and inventiveness, while Leo pipes in passion and romance. Whether it’s foreplay, roleplay, or dominance play, these two can expect to share some spicy hot times between the sheets.

Their investment, care, and nurturance. Aries loves how protective and attentive Leo is, and Leo loves that Aries is so enthusiastic, inventive, and resourceful with their approach to loving Leo. Aries loves to chase and will often commit quickly, satisfying Leo’s love of attention and devotion. Fixed sign Leo has a ton of staying power, and their steady will can keep Aries balanced.


Encounters with jealousy and neediness. While both signs love their independence, each can suffer from bouts of jealousy and codependence within a love relationship. They both have flirtatious natures but don’t like the feeling of seeing their partner’s flirtatious side. 

A fight for dominance. Both signs like to lead and be in control. Fixed sign Leo might be a bit controlling for Cardinal Aries taste. They’ll both likely have to temper their stubborn wills and learn to compromise. They can’t allow pride and egotism to rule their union, or they’ll burn each other out. They should always be on the lookout for flaring tempers and learn how to keep their egos soothed.

If these two can learn to share the spotlight, there’s no limit to how much this intensely compatible match can achieve. But, if they cannot manage ego clashes, their dynamic will still make for a hot affair, but not a lasting relationship.

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3. Aries + Gemini

aries gemini best match in love compatibility

Now we’re moving into the next high compatibility element group; the Air signs. Aries can harmonize particularly well with the playful, frenetic, and logical Air sign, Gemini. It creates an ideal combination of fun and expansion.


How they balance each other out. Airy Gemini is intellectually stimulating and keeps restless Aries intrigued and invested through meaningful conversation and debate. At the same time, physically enthusiastic Aries keeps Gemini grounded in action and activity. This makes for a vibrant dynamic full of complex activity.

Aries can lead comfortably. With fire sign Aries matching up with a non-fire sign, the balance of leadership settles into a nice rhythm. Aries can indulge their natural desire to be in charge, and chameleon-like Gemini is more than comfortable adjusting and letting Aries lead the way. Both sides benefit greatly, as Aries feels in control, and Gemini enjoys the experiences that Aries initiates.

They share a lighthearted approach to life and relationships. Gemini and Aries put play on a pedestal. They focus on the fun and easygoing side of life and rarely allow themselves to get bogged down by melancholy or inaction. While they can waver between being thick and thin-skinned, they get over disagreements quickly and will rarely hold onto grudges. They also both have endless energy and can easily keep up with each other’s adventurous spirits. 

Their sexual chemistry. These two enjoy infinite sexual variety. Sexual energy flows freely between them, and they’ll be inexhaustibly experimental with each other between the sheets. They can expect to enjoy each other both mentally and physically for hours on end. 

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Different emotional temperatures. When it comes to bonding, Aries is intense and passionate. They’re highly involved and enthusiastic lovers that love to be in the center of their partner’s world. On the other hand, Gemini can be a bit aloof and distant at times. Aries may have to accept that Gemini isn’t always going to want to be as intensely involved as them. 

Fidelity anxiety. Aries people are also known for their bouts of jealousy. They don’t like it when their partner is highly flirtatious and gregarious with members of the opposite sex. Gemini is one of the zodiac’s more playful and flirty signs, and they cast a wide social net. Aries may push Gemini through some loyalty tests, which could make Gemini feel claustrophobic. They’ll need to get on the same page about their relationship goals. If Gemini isn’t as into the relationship as Aries is, they should be honest and not lead Aries on.

So long as they balance their differences, this relationship can foster abundant shared and personal growth. It’s a lovely dynamic built on friendship, intellectual stimulation, individual freedoms, and the constant pursuit of fun. 

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4. Aries + Aquarius

aquarius aries best match love zodiac astrology

Next up, we have Aquarius – another fantastic Air sign match for fiery Aries.

These two have so much to offer each other and share a lot of harmonious traits. They’re both highly independent, freethinking, fun, and expressive. They’re a tremendous intellectual match, and both have a lot of enthusiasm for sharing and discussing new ideas.


Their shared rebellious natures. Both Aries and Aquarius act on their whims and don’t rely on approval from anyone else to push forward on their independent plans. They’re put at ease with each other because they allow one another to share whatever outrageous, crazy idea that comes to mind. There’s never a dull moment with these two.

Lighthearted. Aries and Aquarius both approach romance in a lighthearted way. Aquarius is certainly more laid back than Aries, which sometimes annoys intense Aries, but mainly intrigues them. At the same time, Aquarius thoroughly enjoys the warmth of Aries’s romantic intensity, so long as it doesn’t infringe on their freedoms. A big plus for these two is that they let go of upsets and quarrels quickly instead of letting them fester.

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Contrasting personality differences. While their differences are often stimulating, there can be a lack of consistency felt between these two over the long haul. Aries is fiery, highly personally-oriented, and Aquarius is cool and group-oriented. Aries might lament that Aquarius is too detached for them after spending a lot of time and energy trying to arouse Aquarius’s vigor and passion. And Aquarius might feel that Aries is too hot-headed and emotional for their liking. 

Stubbornness. Another potential obstacle for the Aries-Aquarius coupling is their stubbornness. Both signs are known to dig in when disagreed with or argued against. Both are intensely individualistic, and there can be issues of control that come up between them. In heated arguments, it’s more likely going to be Aquarius that lets Aries have their way.

Struggles with physical intimacy. There’s good communication and trust here, but there can be struggles emotionally connecting in the realm of physical passion, which can make each feel unloved. 

If Aries and Aquarius can meet in the middle, this Air and fire combo can make a highly stimulating and fulfilling match that’s never boring. If they’re highly in tune, they can connect well emotionally and playfully prod and joke with each other all day long without getting upset. 

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5. Aries + Libra

aries best match in love libra

Our last match, Aries-Libra, is interesting because these signs are opposite each other in the Zodiac wheel. Opposite signs polarize each other. There’s a magnetic attraction felt between them, but also opposing natures which can either make things challenging or exciting.


They balance each other out. These two have many opposing personality traits and approaches to life. For example, Libra likes to weigh decisions patiently, and Aries likes to take action impulsively. As such, Aries can benefit at times from Libra’s patient, carefully-weighed approach to decision-making. At the same time, indecisive Libra can benefit from Aries’s act first and ask questions later impulsively. 

They have a lot of fun together. Aries and Libra vibe well together on the day-to-day. Their polarity always keeps things exciting and interesting. They both love to travel and explore together. Libra is highly supportive and encouraging of Aries, and Aries responds by leading Libra on many fun adventures. 

Physical attraction. There’s a raw physical attraction between Aries and Libra as opposite signs. This can make for exciting sexual and romantic exchanges that keep each on their toes.

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Communications breakdowns. Librans are sensitive to any harshness or imbalance in relationships, and Aries can be pretty rash, straightforward, and excessively blunt with their communication style. There’s a risk that Aries nature could be fundamentally too rough for peace-loving Libras tastes.

Too many differences. While the polarity of this match can make things exciting, sometimes it can get in the way of a lasting connection. The initial tension pulls them in and produces passion but can ultimately result in opposing desires, misunderstandings, and drama.

In an ideal situation, this can be an excellent coupling. Aries brings passion and drama, while Libra provides harmony and romance. Aries takes charge, while Libra happily lets Aries take the lead. There can be a ton of growth through such a dynamic, and an unbreakable bond can be built. But if the flames of desire stutter, and there’s little desire to grow together, a growing sense of fundamental conflict may drive them apart.

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There you have it; the best compatibility matches in the zodiac for Aries men and women.

An honorable mention is, of course, the sign of Aries itself. The Aries + Aries match can work, though there’s likely to be a lot of fiery energy and quarrels. It is also difficult for two people of the same sun sign to fulfill each other sincerely.

What did you think of the signs on this list? Have you had one of these relationship dynamics before? Let us know your experience in the comments below.

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