Are Scorpio Men and Women Loyal in Romance (Will they Cheat?)

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People tend to be wildly opinionated about Scorpio, and those opinions usually vary greatly. This is part of why Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs.

When it comes to loyalty and fidelity, Scorpio truly does satisfy the stereotype of being loyal; often to a fault. 

Scorpio is very black and white with their beliefs and affections. When they find true love, these people go all in and dedicate their whole self to that person. Once committed, they will do everything they can to develop and preserve the sanctity of their union. 

Since Scorpios are naturally guarded and self-protective, trust is essential to them in all forms of relationships. A lover or close friend needs to prove with equal enthusiasm to Scorpio that they are loyal and trustworthy, too. Otherwise, Scorpio won’t be able to trust enough to open his heart up.

Once mutual trust is secured, Scorpio will have their partner’s back through thick and thin. Scorpios tend to stick to romantic partnerships and platonic friendships (the few they have) for the long haul.

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Part of the reason that Scorpio is so fixated on loyalty is due to their insecurity. Scorp can be very anxious about their attachments and are prone to suspicion and jealousy. 

As a result, it can be easy for Scorpio to feel let down and disillusioned by others. Scorpios can fear disloyalty to the point of legitimate paranoia. If a Scorpio suddenly becomes cold and distant, it’s often due to them feeling threatened or out of control of the relationship. Innocent flirtation on the part of their partner can trigger such a dramatic response.

It’s important to note that Scorpios won’t be their most loyal self unless they’re truly in love with their partner. Scorpio sees things in black and white terms, and if they’re not 100% into their current relationship, it’s likely that their potent wandering eye will kick in. 

The best way to tell if a Scorpio is committed enough for deep loyalty is to ask them. When in love, they’re direct about it. If they’re being hard to read about their affections. by conveying mixed messages, then watch out, because this Scorpio is clearly on the fence about you. Note, this doesn’t mean they won’t be possessive over you, but it does mean that their loyalty could be in question.

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What leads a Scorpio partner to cheat?

While Scorpios are naturally loyal and faithful when they’ve found “the one”, they can cheat if they’ve been hurt or are overall low-vibe.

Here are the main reasons a Scorpio will cheat:

They feel betrayed. If a Scorpio let their walls down and gave their confidence to a partner who lets them down, watch out. No matter how devoted a Scorpio was, if they’ve been betrayed, love can turn to hatred fast. They’ll go from defending you steadfastly to plotting your demise. Their vindictive streak can easily cause them to smite you by cheating on you before breaking things off – especially if you cheated on them while together. Many Scorpios really believes in payback before cutting someone off. But usually, a wronged Scorpio partner will simply drop all feelings for you and go no contact or will plot revenge in another way.

Weak bonds. Sometimes a Scorpio will cheat because they never really fell hard enough for their partner, or their love fizzled out quickly. Scorpio has really high needs and expectations relationally. If you’re not his ideal, he might inch his way out of the relationship through cheating. With that said, most Scorpios are direct and will break things off before resuming the hunt for their soul mate.

A Weak resolve. A bored and disloyal Scorpio with a wandering eye will have no qualms about going behind a partner’s back to cheat(often quite successfully, for a while at least). There is a low-vibe potential for all signs, and the lowest Scorpios can be particularly vindictive and traumatizing to their unlucky partners.

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Scorpio can be very honest and straightforward, or totally secretive and sly. Most Scorpios value their morals and close intimate ties enough to not play games or cheat on partners that don’t satisfy them enough.

And a Scorpio that’s truly head-over-heels in love; they just won’t cheat (unless they’re truly self-destructive). Scorpio values and instinctively protect their close connections too much to put them in such jeopardy.

When a Scorpio finds their match, they are highly attached and supportive lovers to be with. They’re committed, loving, supportive, principled, and obsessed with cultivating security within the relationship.

If you have a Scorpio lover, savor every ounce of open emotionality that they show you – and if they say with conviction that they love you, believe it. 

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