Are Libra Men and Women Loyal Partners? (Will they Cheat?)

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People from every sign cheat, but those born under certain signs may commit more infidelity than others.

Where does Libra fall on the spectrum? Are they more or less loyal than other signs?

Is their natural ability to charm and tease innocent or a prelude to disloyal acts?

In this post, we dive deep into this flirtatious and romantic sign’s traits and discover their penchant for loyalty (or lack thereof).

Let’s dive in.

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What traits make Libra loyal?

Their belief in true, committed love. Venus-ruled Libra is romantic and entirely relationship-focused. They love coupling and strive to make their committed relationships as strong as possible.

Being the Zodiac’s sign of relationships, loyalty is an essential component of their committed romantic ideals. They want to do everything they can to support their partnership against all odds.

If they feel they’ve found their true love, they’re usually loyal to an extreme degree. If Libra believes they’ve found true love, they will often stay loyal even if the relationship is toxic.

Their passion for balance, fairness, and respect. Libra strives for balance in all things. They want to be sweet, gentle, kind, and beautiful, and be surrounded by people who are the same.

Most Librans are experts in balancing all aspects of their life. They pride themselves on creating love stories that can last for a lifetime.

They hate when things aren’t fair and when people get hurt. And they especially hate it when they’re the ones that caused harm to another.

These peace-seeking ideations make it less likely that a Libra will cheat on a partner.

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What can make Libra disloyal?

How they respond to unmet intimacy needs and a lack of chemistry. As mentioned, balance is important to Libra. Their symbol is the scales, after all. Life is a constant teeter-totter to these people.

If a Libra cheats, it’s almost always going to be a result of having unmet needs in their relationship.

Libras can be bad at picking the right partner sometimes. They can have rose-colored glasses and fall for the wrong partner.

Once they’re involved, they can struggle to confront the reality of their situation. They’re not good at confrontation and tend to be big people pleasers.

As a result, they can find themselves stuck in a situation that’s unsatisfying. And they may feel unable (or unwilling) to use their words to get out of it.

Chemistry is essential for Librans in relationship. Any lack of chemistry makes them struggle a lot. Physical chemistry is important, but mental and emotional chemistry are essential for them, too.

They can’t detach well from a lack of relational chemistry, as they need to feel wanted to feel balanced.

Many Librans that feel trapped in a relationship that they know won’t last. And they may decide to get their unmet intimacy needs met behind their partner’s back.

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When they act from a sense of being wronged. Obsessed with balance and justice, some Librans will cheat in an attempt to balance the scales after they’ve been wronged or mistreated by a partner.

They rationalize sacrificing loyalty and emotion by making a decision based on fairness. It’s petty and an eye-for-an-eye behavior, but it happens.

Their highly flirtatious, sociable nature. Social butterfly Libra is a huge flirt. They tend to keep their flirtatious nature even within committed relationships.

Flirtatiousness is built into their persona and is usually harmless. But sometimes they get carried away, and their typically innocent flirtations can catch them (and their partner) off guard. This gets them into a lot of trouble in their relationships.

It doesn’t help that they put themselves in situations that can cause them to stray. Libra loves to socialize and attend parties and events, which increases the likelihood that they’ll meet someone who leads them into unfaithful behavior.

Their partnership indecision. Libras tend to fall hard and commit wholeheartedly to partners when they feel they’ve found true love.

But they can also remain stuck on the fence for a long time with partners that don’t completely wow them. They have high standards and hate to make the wrong choice about anything in life.

They like to think long and hard, weighing every possible outcome of the relationship.

They want to be faithful and decisive, they really do. But questioning whether the person they’re with is the one is common for them.

The longer they resist going all-in, the higher the likelihood that they’ll commit infidelity.

And the more potential partners that are around for them to choose from, the more likely their indecision may lead to straying.

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Libras is one of the most romantic, partner-oriented signs in the zodiac. They’re typically quite loyal, as a result.

If your Libra partner feels attracted, loved, and supported, then you can rest easy knowing that they’ll stay loyal to you.

But the sign of balance can sometimes become the most unbalanced of them all.

Their darker traits of vanity, pleasure-seeking, indecision, and manipulativeness can lead them toward cheating.

They’ll usually feel guilty if they cheat, but due to their fear of conflict and confrontation, they may do their best to hide it. They may even rationalize that their behavior is in the best interest of both themselves and their partner.

Libra’s aren’t the best liars, though. So if you suspect a Libra partner is cheating, confront them about it. Once cornered, they’ll typically be honest about any infidelities.

And remember, there’s far more to astrology than sun signs.

To get the best read on a partner’s potential for infidelity, look at their other planetary placements and aspects.

This includes their moon (emotional needs/reactions), Venus (how they are in love and relationships), their 5th and 7th houses, and certain aspects; in particular, those involving Moon, Venus, Saturn, Neptune, and Pluto.

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