Are Leos Loyal Partners? (Will they Be Faithful or not?)

are leos faithful
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Leo is the Zodiac’s Fixed fire sign and the only one ruled by the Sun. People born under this sign are spirited, charismatic, and possess an infectious love of life.

Leos are one of the most loyal signs in the zodiac. They’re big-time lovers who delight in romance and everything to do with it. If you’re after loyalty, you will likely be in luck with Leo.

A healthy Leo overflows with passion, creativity, drama, and romance. They make wonderful life partners with their fierce loyalty, protectiveness, and encouragement.

But not every Leo is loyal. Some are, in fact, serial cheaters. This post will cover what leads a Leo to cheat (and what to look out for if you suspect one might be unfaithful).

Remember that when working to determine a partner or potential partner’s loyalty, it’s best to look at more than just their Sun sign. The Sun sign is vital, but it is only a portion of our astrology charts, and many traits of an unfaithful character can lurk in other areas of a person’s chart. 

With that said, let’s dive in.

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What qualities make Leo loyal?

Their Fixed-sign modality. There are three modalities (Cardinal, Fixed, and Mutable). Leo is one of the four Fixed signs, and Fixed signs are typically the most loyal.

Being a Fixed sign, Leo is gifted with the patience, fortitude, endurance, work ethic, and tenacity to achieve their goals in life. And a loving, committed relationship is one of their highest goals.

They may be flirtatious, but Leos rarely finds it appealing to flitter from one lover to another. Once Leo finds someone they consider worthy of commitment, they’ll double down on the relationship. Their stick-to-it-iveness is rooted in the belief that if they work hard, they can get what they need from a singular focus in love.

Their romanticism. Leo is one of the most romantic signs in the zodiac. They believe in true love and seek a perfect, fanciful romantic union. They want to find that special person to be with for life.

With such high romanticism, they can struggle with rose-tinted views at times. But once they find the qualities they’re after in a lover, they tend to fall entirely in love and become thoroughly loyal and devoted.

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Their passion. As a fire sign, Leo is incredibly hot with passion and desire. They’re fierce foes and fierce mates. When they fall in love, their relationship fire burns bright and hot. 

They put their all into their relationships by pumping passion and joy into every aspect of their love dynamic. 

Their protectiveness and possessiveness. Leo is represented by the lion/lioness, and the people born under this sign are watchful protectors of their tribe. They will do whatever it takes to ensure their loved ones are safe and cared for.

Leo’s unwavering protective instinct means they’ll fight to the death to protect those they love. This, of course, adds to their penchant for loyalty. 

Their giving nature. Leo is a warm sign, and a healthy Leo will be one of the nicest, sweetest, and most supportive people in your life. They’re the type to give you the shirt off their back.

He wants to give the people around him good feelings, not hurt their feelings or esteem through an affair. While they can be egoic, they understand the pain of a bruised ego or low self-esteem. This gives them empathy to know how much cheating hurts.

Their prideful stubbornness. Lastly, Leo is downright stubborn. They won’t budge on their ideals on a whim, especially if it could wound their strong sense of pride. This protects them from cheating impulses that can creep up on a whim or well up over time. 

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Qualities that can make Leo disloyal

Even the most loyalty-leaning signs can cheat. And Leo is no exception. Below you’ll find the main aspects of Leo’s personality which can lead them to cheat on their partner(s).

Their self-obsession. Leos can be fantastic, devoted lovers, but they can also become lost in self-focus and narcissism, leading them to cheat. Leo has a large ego, and if their partner doesn’t make them feel like the center of the universe, the more conceited Leo could stray, looking for someone else who can better fan the flames of their egocentrism.

Their keen hunger for romantic attention. Leo needs to feel appreciated in a relationship. They also have a large appetite for appreciation, which many partners can fail to fulfill. Suppose a Leo thinks that their love and affection aren’t being appreciated enough. In that case, they’re liable to fill that void of romantic attention from another lover behind the scenes, especially if someone else is swooning over them.

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When they feel like they’ve settled. This is a big one. Leo won’t settle for anything less than perfection regarding love relationships. They want pleasure and beauty in all forms from their romantic interest, and they’ll spend tremendous amounts of time and energy searching for their idea of perfection in a mate.

Their idealism can cause them to bounce from one attractive partner to the next. If their needs aren’t met in a committed relationship, they can prove flighty and fickle, sometimes to the point of cheating. 

If a partner can’t keep up with their intelligent, fast-paced, high-energy life and sexual appetite, then they might want to be on the lookout for straying behavior.

When they’re feeling vindictive. Leo is incredibly prideful and often takes an eye for an eye approach when wronged. These people will often react to hurts by wanting to hurt you similarly. They are very emotional, and when cheated on by their partner, you can expect them to cheat back. 

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While Leos can and do cheat at times, you can feel secure that the sign is overall one of the most committed. They tend to stick to their partner’s side through thick and thin with unrelenting devotion.

Watch out for narcissism and high egotism, though. Leos can be either incredibly giving and conscientious or downright destructive and toxically self-centered.

If you give them the affection and loyalty they crave, you can expect a solid Leo to be in it for the long haul. Remember only to expect loyalty if you’ve vocalized a firm commitment. They tend to play the field until one has been made.

Suppose your relationship with Leo isn’t meant to be. In that case, you can usually expect them to make a graceful (or perhaps slightly dramatic) exit from your relationship rather than through underhanded ways like cheating.

And one last time – give your Leo attention, and they’ll be yours forever! They hate to feel neglected and ignored. And they LOVE to be showered with affection and gifts.

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