Are Aries Men and Women Loyal (Will they End Up Cheating?)

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Loren E. Elara

Loren E. Elara

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Let’s start off by saying that people from every sign can be disloyal. But, some Sun signs are more prone to infidelity than others.

When it comes to Aries, they’re direct people who value trust and honesty. This makes them less likely to cheat than some other star signs.

In this post, we’ll dive into how willing Aries might be to cheat on a partner, and what their values are that would keep them from cheating.

Let’s dive in.

First off, some people think that these people cheat often because Aries is defined by impulsivity. Yes, Aries is compulsive and not always fond of long-term commitments. But, this take overlooks some other Aries traits that add a counterbalance to their wandering energy.

Aries may prefer novelty and short-term hookups, but they’re typically clear about their intentions. If they don’t want commitment, they’ll usually make it clear to their partner.

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What about when Aries is in a long-term relationship? The same can usually be said. They’ll be honest about their feelings.

It may surprise some, but Aries tends to be very committed when in love. They may be a free-bird at heart, but they do take love seriously when they find it. And they expect their partner to take it seriously, too. Loyalty is high on their list of relationship priorities.

Aries tend to keep a close circle of people whom they trust, and they’re quite devoted to them. Aries doesn’t go into relationships half-heartedly. Once committed, they’re faithful friends and lovers. 

If they feel a spark has been lost, they’ll let their partners know before going behind their back looking for love elsewhere. Aries will have an honest conversation with you rather than start seeing the other lover behind your back.

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Love vs lust

While loyal in love, Aries is certainly prone to promiscuously outside of it. When it comes to casual dating or friendship, Aries takes a casual approach.

They are being faithful to themselves, in this way. As Aries is an adventurous sign, and when they don’t have solid commitments to others, they enjoy indulging their commitment to themselves in finding adventure, fun, and romance. 

If no concrete commitment has been made with a lover, then it’s game on for romantic adventuring. 

But, when lust turns to love, Aries can swiftly switch to a committed stance.

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What causes Aries to Cheat or be Disloyal??

While Aries people usually choose a direct approach to communicating their affections (or lack thereof), some will instead go behind a partner’s back and cheat.

Here are some of the reasons that might lead an Aries person might turn to cheat on a partner:

They’re not fully committed. As mentioned, Aries people can be promiscuous and evasive when not fully committed to someone. If your Aries feels that your connection is more casual, there’s a likelihood that they’ll stray. You might feel that you were committed, hence feeling cheated on, but they might have a different idea. It’s good to ask where you stand with them. 

They feel that you’re not fully committed. Again, the same idea applies. Even if you feel devoted to an Aries, if there isn’t an explicit commitment between you, they may stray. To get your Aries to commit, show that you are completely faithful to them. If their feelings for you are strong, they’ll want to show commitment back.

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They feel betrayed. Trust is big for Aries, and they’re prone to feelings of jealousy. They love to be flirtatious, but if a partner gets super flirtatious with others, it can trigger the Aries deep-seated jealousy and they might react by cheating to get back at their partner for feeling slighted.

Feeling claustrophobic in the relationship. Aries people are entirely capable of committing, but they need to feel freedom within their relationship. Independence and self-reliance are important traits to this sign, and a co-dependent or needy partner can push Aries away, possible towards cheating. But again, usually, Aries will be honest if they feel that their partner is too cloying for them, and will cut things off before looking for affection elsewhere.

Lost spark. A bored Aries can be a wandering Aries. They will be loyal to a partner with who they love and share a strong connection, but if the relationship is obviously failing and trailing off, there’s a chance that they’ll lose their loyalty and will start pursuing a new fling before officially ending yours.

Impulsivity. Yes, Aries may be one of the more loyal people in the Zodiac. But they’re also notoriously impulsive and conquest-oriented. They’re certainly vulnerable to someone baiting them into infidelity. 

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Trust and loyalty are important to Aries, and they take friendship and partnership seriously.

They might not be the most loyal sign in the zodiac, but they’re trusting people who are mostly transparent. 

As long as you’re being honest, clear, and communicative with your Aries and are on the same page together, it’s unlikely that they’ll go behind your back and betray your trust.

If you encounter an Aries that’s been disloyal in the past, watch out. The evolved Aries stick to their code of conduct and won’t cheat, but the undisciplined ones fall prey to their impulses, deny their higher values, and look for opportunities to self-gratify and get ahead at the expense of others. It’s best to avoid these people.

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