Are Aquarius Men and Women Loyal Partners? (Do they Cheat?)

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Are Aquarius people loyal?

Aquarius people are tricky. Some are sometimes extremely loyal and other times entirely erratic and disloyal. 

Of course, you have to look at a person’s whole chart to know the full extent of their loyalty.

But there’s a lot you can learn about someone based on their sun sign traits alone.

Aquarius energy has a number of contradicting astrological influences:

  • Aquarius is ruled by Saturn (traditional ruler) and Uranus (modern ruler). Saturn is steady and stable. It contributes to stability and loyalty. Uranus is chaotic, frenetic, and rebellious. Uranus energy craves stimulation, excitement, and novelty.
  • Aquarius is a fixed air sign. Fixed signs are some of the most consistent in relationships. The fixed modality makes them feel more stable with consistent routines and patterns. But air energy is flittering and changeable. It’s highly mental and can make someone detached and aloof.

These contradicting aspects turn Aquarius into something of a wild card. But they can be understood. You just need to develop a good understanding.

In this post we’re going to dive deep into the sign of Aquarius and dissect their relationship to the theme of loyalty.

Let’s dive in.

What traits make Aquarius Loyal?

Their fixed sign nature. 

Aquarius is one of four fixed signs, the other three being Taurus, Leo, and Scorpio. All of these signs have decent levels of loyalty related to their fixed nature.

Aquarius might commit less often and less easily than the other fixed zodiac signs, but when they do commit, they tend to do it hard. Sometimes they can even be too loyal. But typically, they are quite peaceful and easy when committed. 

They like the stability of a worthwhile relationship and will put a lot of effort into keeping things good with their partner.

Their best-friend-and-teammate love style.

If they are with a partner they feel is their best friend, then yes, they are very loyal.

Aquarius people make a point to build a strong BFF type bond with their partner. They may not be the most emotionally intimate or romantic zodiac sign, but they like being thoroughly involved in your life the way a best friend would.

They want to be your fun goofy pall, your intellectual muse, your closest support system, your biggest personal advocate, your philosophizing therapist… and above all, your number one fan. 

This quality gives Aquarius a deep sense honor and meaning towards committed relationships.

Their blunt honesty.

Their natural idealism make them prefer openness and honesty in all things. Aquarius are very good at hiding personal things, but they tend to be honest about their feelings in regard to relationships.

When there’s a situation that could lead an Aquarius into another’s arms (i.e loss of attraction or interest in another), then they’ll typically just let their partner know in a blunt way, even if it hurts them.

This can suck, especially if they tell you in a cool, detached way that feels uncaring. But it’s still much better of them to do this than to go behind your back and cheat.

What traits can make an Aquarius disloyal?

Their propensity for emotional detachment. 

Aquarius people have a unique ability to stay emotionally detached and independent in relationships. When in excess, this detachment can lead them to only be superficial with people. 

This detachment can make it hard for them to develop a strong bond and loyalty with someone. 

Their intense independence needs.

Aquarians, like Sagittarians, need lots of independence and freedom to feel satisfied in life. 

Gone to excess, this need can make them only be loyal to one person – themselves. They might refuse to devote themselves to one person, and even when they do, they might fear at an unconscious level becoming trapped or constrained.

They might rebel against this by straying to another relationship that makes them feel less confined. 

Their wavering and inconsistent side.

Aquarius is a fixed sign, which gives a penchant for loyalty. But they’re also an air sign, which adds a dash of unpredictability and flakiness.

The modern ruling planet of Aquarius is Uranus, which is the planet of spontaneity and sudden change. 

It can be incredibly hard to tell where an Aquarius person is headed in life. They rarely even know where their impulses will lead them.

They usually accept the volatility of their nature, even if it leads them towards sabotaging a loyal partnership that gave them security and familiarity.

Novelty and new horizons always have a pull on them. It doesn’t mean they’ll cheat, but it does make them hard to grasp onto.

Their selectiveness in love. 

Aquarius people are idealists and want the most out of a relationship if they’re going to commit to it. 

Aquarians do love the idea of finding a loyal soulmate, but they want to make sure they’re giving themselves to the right person and not throwing their loyalty away. 

For them to feel like being faithful to someone, they need to feel that the person they’re with is constantly proving their worth of deservedness of being faithful to.

Their susceptibility to mental seduction. 

Aquarians are very mentally driven creatures. They tend to be sapiosexuals (an orientation that values mental intelligence strongly, sometimes over physical attraction). They’re also very social, flirtatious, and easily excitable.

If someone who’s incredibly sharp-minded crosses their path and excites their mind and senses, Aquarius can be totally swept away by them and might stray from an existing partnership.

Their love of novelty and excitement. 

Aquarians can get bored fast without stimulation. They are infamous hedonists and many Aquarian men have been labeled as libidinous playboys. They’re very unconventional in all ways, love included.

Usually they’re aware enough of this trait that they won’t commit to someone unless they’re serious about them, but some Aquarians can be careless and will convey loyalty to someone while knowing in the back of their mind that they’re likely to flitter away on a whim.

How to keep an Aquarian loyal to you

Be as authentic as possible. Aquarius people want to surround themselves with honest, open, and authentic people. To keep them hooked on you, be your own person and show that you’re willing to go against the grain of the masses.

Connect with them on a mental and spiritual level. Aquarius are detached on some levels, but they feel strongly about spiritual connection. They want to connect with their heart to someone who shares their beliefs and energetic style.

Be their best friend. Friendship is the key to an Aquarius’s heart. Being good friends is a foundational component to sustaining a love relationships with them. 

Show them that you love their authentic expression, quirks and all. Be able to keep up with their uniqueness and always express support and understanding for them. Have patience for their ways, and they’ll return the favor tenfold.

Give them plenty of space and independence. Aquarius people thrive with a long leash in partnership and they wither when their freedom is constricted. They’ll grow resentful quickly if they feel their partner is jealous and controlling. They need a partner who’s okay with them vanishing from time to time, whether that’s into their mind or out into the world on an independent adventure.

Give him plenty of space and independence. very independent, expects a lot of freedom, space and trust, and also offers all of that generously and effortlessly to their partner; if they aren’t offered a lot of space and personal independence from their relationship, the gusts of resentment are like spikes of cold, dead air; if they feel you have downplayed or ridiculed their loving causes or projects, it’s all over for you, and they won’t look back; etc.

Be an independent person. Aquarius people live for themselves, not for the sake of others. Even when you’re in a commited relationship with an Aquarius they need you to be independent and able to live for yourself. Codependence is not their jam.


If an Aquarius makes it known that they’re feeling loyal to you, you should probably believe them. These freedom-loving people do not take commitment lightly. 

I hope you’re able to find a loving commitment with an Aquarius. It’s such an adventure to be with this eccentric sun sign.

Remember that you can’t gauge a person based on their Sun sign alone, though. There are so many other important parts of a person’s astrology chart that need to be factored in when assessing their personality.

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