5 Simple Ways to Make a Cancer Man Miss you like Crazy

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So you’re hoping to get a Cancer guy missing you, huh?

You’re likely in one of the following situations:

  • You want to stir his attraction and hook him into a relationship
  • You’re already in a relationship with him but haven’t felt seen or appreciated lately, so want to spice things up
  • You’ve had a recent argument and he’s offish and withdrawn, so you want to get him thinking about you again
  • You’ve recently broken up and you want to get his attention on you again (and regret losing you)

No matter your situation, if you follow the tips in this article he will be missing (and chasing) you in no time.

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1. Be sure your life is awesome and intriguing

To really get him to miss you when you’re apart, be sure to be a complete woman.

Cancer guys love to share experiences with their partners, but at the same time, he wants you to have a life outside of him.

Prioritize yourself, first. Have an independent and full life outside of your relationship with him. Fill your schedule. Do cool things. Learn new hobbies. Chase your goals. Your Cancer man will respect your independence and will want to be around you to soak up that fun, self-loving energy.

Have a ton of fun without him. This is part of prioritizing yourself. Yes, I know you miss him and want him to miss you, too. But you don’t need him or the attention he gives you to have a good time. Go out with your friends, or by yourself even, and create fun experiences.

To really make him miss you, post about your experiences on your social channels (just be authentic and don’t exaggerate them for effect). You can even hint at having potential interest in a guy you’ve been socializing with.

A tinge of jealousy will not only make your Cancer man miss you, it makes him want to chase you and compete for your attention.

Highlight your high points when you talk to him. One of the big plusses of getting your Cancer man to miss you by having fun on your own is that you’ll have a lot of stuff to share with him when you talk or meet up.

He loves to talk and share experiences. So make sure to tell him about all the cool things you did. He’ll listen intently and will likely feel some FOMO for missing out on sharing those experiences with you.

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2. Be sure to have deep emotional exchanges when you’re together

If you want your Cancer man to miss you when you’re apart, make it count when you’re together.

Make your time together count by fully engaging his powerful emotional nature.

Create a safe place for his emotions to come out. Cancer men really open up when they feel safe. Make him feel seen, taken care of, and safe. Be entirely accepting and nudge him to freely express himself. If he feels cared for and accepted in your presence, you’ll feel like a breath of fresh air and he will miss you like mad when you’re gone.

Share your deep secrets and encourage him to share his. Deep, intimate sharing is the lifeblood of Cancer male relationships. If you’re able to really open up together in an intimate way by sharing things that you don’t with many people, he’ll feel an intense bond with you.

Be good in bed. If you can rock his world between sheets, he’ll certainly miss you. Be sure to know what he likes sexually. You can learn about Cancer men’s sexual tastes in my post on the subject.

Do these things well, and he’ll feel utterly enthralled by you (and disconnected when you’re apart). He will miss you adamantly and will work hard to get you close to him again.

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3. Limit your contact and availability with him

Perhaps the most potent maneuver to get a Cancer man missing you is to limit his access to you by not being available all the time. He can’t miss you if you’re always with him or always available. You give him no room to. If you want him to miss you, give him room to miss you.

By limiting your availability to him, he’ll start to feel pangs of longing for you and will chase you to feel more intimate. Cancer men love to connect and feel needed, so you’ll play into his desires and will trigger his natural urge to try to claim you.

Resist constant communication. To get him missing you, you really want him to feel your absence. He won’t miss you if you talk to him all the time, or if you immediately respond to his texts every time he sends them.

Take breaks from initiating calls or texts. By stopping yourself from leaning into him, he’ll start to miss the attention you gave him and will want to lean into you.

Drop off social media intermittently. Earlier I mentioned keeping him intrigued by sharing your fun activities on social media. Sometimes, though, you want to completely disappear. This will also make him take note, and he’ll wonder what you’re up to.

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End your conversations and meetups on a high note. You can even end them abruptly if the timing feels right. Never let a conversation drag on and on. Always leave more to be said, so he’s excited for the next time you talk to each other. You want him to keep wanting more. Never hang up if things are tense or heavy. Stir the conversation to a lighter, playful note, then quickly end it.

Don’t always say yes to hanging out with him. Especially if he wants to connect on short notice. Show you value your time and that he can’t get you to join him on a whim. If he wants to link up with you, he should make plans with you in advance and take your time seriously. You’ll raise your value by not always being available. He has to work to get higher priority access to you. Note, this works best if you already have plans with other friends or plans of your own.

Keep busy so you’re not thinking about him all the time. You want him pining for you, not the other way around. So follow step 1 of this post well and make your life fun and engaging. Remember, actually keep busy. Don’t just feign unavailability to create an effect on him.

I know it can be hard to not reach out to him when you miss him yourself. But constant communication just won’t help him to miss you. So stop calling and texting as much. Remember, Being unavailable some of the time is going to massively increase the likelihood that he’ll want to chase you. And men do not like to chase what is easily caught.

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4. Captivate him with a mysterious persona

All men (and women) love mystery, especially with romantic partners.

To get him missing you and wanting to be around you all the time, be like a puzzle that he just can’t quite figure out.

  • Don’t put everything on the table. Don’t tell him exactly what you’re looking for from him. Don’t over-explain everything you’ve done or are doing. try to leave specific details out to make him curious. You want him to be intrigued and a bit puzzled about you. If you tell him everything up front, you leave nothing to be explored or imagined. Reveal yourself slowly, better yet, make him work to learn about you.
  • Be a bit contradictory. To keep him on his toes, show a paradoxical quality to your nature. Maybe you’re overall really sweet and gentle, you can show a little bit of a harsh, cruel side. Maybe you’re analytical and heady, you can occasionally show a whimsical, spiritual bend to your nature. You can try alternating between intensity and a bit of aloofness. Displaying this kind of unpredictability can drive him wild for you.
  • Enhance your mystery with strategic absences. This plays on earlier points about limiting your contact with him. If he’s used to seeing you a certain time or place, catch him off guard by suddenly being absent. Conversely, you can show up suddenly at a time when he doesn’t expect you.

All of this mystery and unpredictability will make you stand out to him. You’ll constantly be on his mind as he wonders what you’ll do (or where you’ll be) next. When you’re on his mind like this, he won’t be able to resist missing you when you’re gone.

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5. Leave behind little pieces of memorability to get him thinking of you

This is a classic strategy to keep you on his mind and get him missing you.

When you spend time together, take the opportunity to leave something behind that he’ll notice. It could be your hairclip, your coffee mug, your toothpaste, etc.

Be sure to make sure that what you leave behind reflects the level and intimacy of your relationship. You don’t want to leave too many things behind to make it seem like you’re moving (or hinting at) moving in with him, especially when you haven’t been with him for very long.

On the other hand, Cancer men are nesters and want to find a partner he can nest with. So he might actually miss you more when you’re gone if you start leaving a second wardrobe, your supplements, or toiletries at his place.

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There you have it, five solid ways to make the Cancer guy miss you.

The tips here are pretty straightforward but can require some discipline. Especially the ones that seem a bit counterintuitive, like stepping away from him to get him wanting you. But it works, trust me.

What do you think of them? Do you have any tips of your own to make a Cancer man miss you? Let us know below.

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25 thoughts on “5 Simple Ways to Make a Cancer Man Miss you like Crazy”

  1. I recently broke up with my cancer man, who is a hard core biker. Last weekend, I discovered that he had another female with him at his house. I abruptly withdrew and stopped communication. He tries to send me text messages on how my day is. I would answer with one word, would he miss not talking with me? Do you think that he’s talking to his close buddies about this? Thank you

    1. Hi
      My Cancer is a bicker as well yes all hard core bickers talk about there girls and old ladies
      It’s ok c. Torres now I know more about Cancer Man it’s a big help but I don’t think it was the Cancer in him that was cheating it was the biker in him that was cheating

  2. I’m pretty sad. I just met this Cancer man for a week. He seemed like he was interested & told me he wanted to take things slow & see where it will evolve.. on our 3rd date, we were hanging out & all of a sudden he gets a call from his boss to come in in 2 hours. I was kinda bothered & he noticed. He cut me off after & told me he wasn’t emotionally available & just want to have fun. He completely changed up on me . Like I feel I messed up but what can I do? I don’t want him to think i want him to choose me over his work . When it’s not true… I really thought I had a connection going on with him.

    1. The worst thing to do is make them feel like their doing something wrong when it comes to something like work. Just keep dating him and show him you support him being a hard worker, but don’t be too available. Show him you have work ethic as well.

  3. I started talking to a cancer man in oct on the 17th 2021 it’s now Jan 27 2022 and at first he was acting like he liked me and wanted to see me he used to call me everyday he even said he wanted me and wanted to take things slow now he doesn’t call me everyday he doesn’t ask to see me anymore but he still texts me everyday but when I ask him if he wants to be with me he says he doesn’t know and that I’m pressuring him ! What should I do ? I want him to like me but I don’t know if he’s playing games ?

    1. Hey, Samantha. If he’s saying that if feels like you’re pressuring him, take a step back with the commitment vibe. It seems like he’s enjoying talking to you, but needs things to go slower. Just have fun with him.

  4. so I’ve been seeing this cancer man, i met him 3 months ago and we were friends and on 28th dec i confessed my feelings in frint of him and he didn’t respond the way i wanted too , he said he can’t ever lose me and will be by my side but we didn’t start dating yet and hold hands and go on long walks together and on food dates ,i always ask for his hand to hold and he always gives that to me , never resisted. i feel like he doesn’t feel for me , what should i do , on the other hand he told his also secrets to me and i am so confused

    1. Cancers are very emotional. You really have to take it slow with them and have patience. I mean plenty of patience. The slightest thing can cause their mood to shift.

  5. Okay so like I had this serious relationship with a cancer man but I didn’t trust him due to the fact he was close to another girl and I was hearing rumours but they did have some connections tho, so like I still love him but I was withdrawing but he still kept on coming, begging and stuff and he made me know his family and so close to them especially his mum so like recently because I didn’t want to accept anymore
    He always begged and I will come back to him but after this I didn’t want to feel so soft so I didn’t budge so now I had to think about everything
    He stopped texting, calling or pleading
    First he said he wanted space to make himself better for me that he still loves me
    Then he is like he doesn’t want to date me anymore, he doesn’t want a relationship anymore but he will be sending me gifts and stuff, but he doesn’t want me again but that till we see he will know if he still wants me or not and that the reason y he is still talking to me is that he is still giving me another chance
    I don’t really know what all that means
    I still want him and love him but because I made him feel like shit, I don’t know if he is using it has pay back and if he still wants me
    I don’t know if we will still come back together, I am scared of losing him
    Don’t know if I should keep on texting him and stuff because if I do he won’t reply
    What should I do?

  6. So I like this cancer man but at the time he was asking me out I was with someone tho, so recently when I broke up with guy I was with….. I was still talking to the cancer man we were still vibing tho, then he told me didn’t want a relationship, he wasn’t ready for any relationship
    So like he was still calling and texting making it seem we can still be together, he showed he still like me and stuff
    So after everything we were still flirting then next day I heard he’s in a relationship now
    It got me so down
    He’s annoyed at me just because I showed our text to his friend
    He and one of this other friend then came to me then pleaded and said he didn’t plan on dating the girl
    It just happened between the girl and him
    But I know he feels guilty
    We do just pass and not greet
    I also pass his friends tho
    He looks at me and just walks away
    So I don’t know what to do
    Or how to behave towards him or something
    Does he feel guilty
    Or does he likes me tho

    How can I pay him back
    How can I make him miss me and regret ever losing me or something

  7. I am a Libra and I had a Cancer man who was obsessed with me, I liked all the attention he gave me but he was far too needy and jealous. I broke up with after two months together and broke his heart, he then started to ignore me and that gave me the space I needed to I realize how much I really do love and miss him. I know I hurt him but will I ever be able to get him back and if so what do I need to do?

    1. Hi, Fran. Sorry to hear how things went. Keep reading about how to attract/re-attract his attention. One thing to note, though, is that you might only miss him because you don’t have him anymore. If he’s overly needy and jealous, you might find yourself annoyed by him once again if you actually get back together.

  8. I dated a cancer for a year and ruined it. We fought alot, I was too needy and controlling, I wanted all his attention and I didn’t like his friends and wasn’t discreet about it either. After a year of arguments, lying, broken trust and near breakups he finally ended it and said that he still loves me but we’re toxic. I was devastated and spent all day crying and begging. He said he doesn’t want to never see me again and says I can come stay at his house anytime I want. He still kissed me and hugged me as he was breaking up with me. He’s said who knows what the future holds for us. Its been a day and Im trying to be light when he texts me. Is there any hope of him coming back if I play it cool and give him space? Im an aries.

    1. I wouldnt text him back right away, make plans for what you want to do! Make him wait on you 😝
      Idk I’m a Libra lady that’s what I would do. Because he broke off with you right? So let him see what it is without you. Idk kinda sounds like he’s being super nice but not interested. You deserve to find someone who wants you. I love Aries, crazy outrageous, say things others won’t but honest.

  9. Ive been dating a cancer man, every time we fight he would be guilty and hes the one to walk away, i would always go back and try and talk to him, this time we fought again, and i didnt do anythinf wrong aswell, it was his mistake for talking bad to me, he walked away again and i promised not to approach him until he approaches me. Am i right?

    1. Did that work? I’m on long distance relationship with this Cancer man and into a similar situation. He tried to shut on me again when he was playing distant already since few days. It was just yesterday when he finally called me after a chase of a week n just for some silly thing at the beginning of call itself he said, “Do not expect me to call you back anytime again..” (which he actually never does n it’s always been me who goes back and calm him down even if it’s none of my mistake). I don’t like this passive aggressive nature of his. He just lacks introspection.
      It was the first time when I spoke back saying, “Expect the same from me” n I’ve really cut it off since 2 days.. n i don’t know, but it’s really hurting me n making me worry if he’ll ever try to come back to me..

  10. I met a Cancerian man four years ago at his workplace. There was/probably still is a strong attraction between us which lasted the time he was here in London ie a few months. We both a very shy and didn’t even meet up outside his work.

    A few months later in 2019 I took a gamble and visited the Italian city where he lives. We did meet up – twice briefly. I had broken my leg so was confined ….. It was fine and we hugged four times at last. I also told him I would return a month later, May and he said make it June. I returned in June but he ignored a few text messages in that two month period save one whereupon he told me not to write any more messages and that the was going to delete my. number, which he did. I was devastated.

    To cut a long story short I posted a few replies to some of his Facebook posts and that was okay up until June, 2021 when it looks as if he has blocked me. I ignored him subsequently on Instagram fro a couple of months but now I’m passing the odd comment there.

    At Christmas 2000 I messaged him greetings and a week later he reciprocated! A month later I could tell on Instagram that there was a girl after him ….. and he seemed to like it. That probable relationship broke up in March this year.

    I decided to go on a short break again to his city a few days ago but I was wary ….. I sent him a text possibly on a withheld number merely telling him I would be in his city from the 18th. I decided to postpone the trip but haven’t told him. He has posted a photo out of the blue today on Instagram. I always press the like button but not this time. At lunchtime. I got an email notification from Instagram but it disappeared ….. Might have been him.

    I feel a little guilty for not telling him of my change of travel plans and I really don’t like playing games. However I’m mindful that my lack of action might work in m favour for once!

    1. Hey Simone,
      It’s really nice to see those signs and indicates like he’s looking for it.. But with the history of 4 long years and he’s never reciprocated well.. that’s not any Cancer man would do.. I’ve been myself with one since 10yrs. All the best

  11. Thanks ADVI. Yes Cancerian men I read like to communicate ….. He’s acting out of character and I suspect feeling guilty at what he has done. I know he likes me.

    An update from last night when I saw a photo of his “supposedly” newly born daughter! I’m shocked and devastated, As I think I said he split from his girlfriend in March so when that happened she would have been pregnant. She left him. They may not be together. The woman has a child aged 9 already, is 45 and has Rheumatoid Arthritis. He is 47. He hasn’t a regular income and likes his space.

    If he has a child then him returning to London is unlikely. I’m thinking of ‘phoning him or writing a letter but what form it should take. …..

    PS I’m much older but don’t look it so to hear “there are plenty of fish in the sea” isn’t applicable. He’s very “special”

    Thanks again and take care..

  12. I’ve read comments on the post and the child undoubtedly exists. I’m devastated,. Whether it can work for him, well time will tell.

  13. I emailed him a week ago, congratulating him on the birth of the baby, telling him I decided against going to Naples but I would still like to go again soon and that I needed us so much to make peace. I ended by “a hug to you and the little one” – so warm and non accusatory.

    No reply so far. The email didn’t bounce back so chances are he would have received (and read?) it.

  14. Hi there,
    This guy that I’ve known for years likes me and he is a cancer and I’m a Virgo. He lives in Texas and i live in LA. We came clean about having a crush on each other and feelings for each other. We use to text everyday and now he doesn’t make an effort to try to get to know me more. I asked him if he’s ever done a long distance relationship and he said no and that he would definitely try with me but it wouldn’t be normal relationship and it would require a lot of work. But also to see if our values aligned. I said of course.
    Idk what to do now bc he doesn’t text me as much as he use to. So what should I do??? I really like him. How do I keep him interested?

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